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Apples OS X Yosemite Features Review

As you would of heard I’m sure, the new release of OS X Yosemite is nearly upon us! With Autumn rapidly approaching what can we expect from the new Apple software release?

What we are all wondering is will Yosemite be a worthy successor the the highly reviewed OS X Mavericks? and most importantly, will OS X Yosemite also be a freebie?

Bellow I have compiled a list of the new exciting features we can expect from OS X Yosemite, but do the Apple geniuses have anything extra up their sleeves they’re not telling us… We’ll have to wait and see… But for now, here are the fancy features that are a certain.


OS X Yosemite – Redesigned Interface

Lets be honest we love it when an Apple release a completely new design element! and you won’t be disappointed with Yosemite’s sleek and sophisticated upgrade!

Apple have totally redesigned the look and feel of the software ‘app by app’ and ‘feature by feature’.

OS X yosemite


What can we expect from OS X Yosemites Interface?

  • Ultra thin toolbars for a sense of space.
  • ‘Traffic light’ toolbar buttons upgraded for a slimmer look and with incorporated new features, Close, Minimize and Full screen.
  • The faithful Mac Dock has also had an upgrade. It will now be as Apple put it ‘Iconic and Cleaner’. Ditching the shiny 3D icons we can come so accustomed to. Instead Apple have gone back to basics and picked a flatter more retro graphic feel for their app icons.
  • Interested in the new OS X Font, well you’ve got it! Yosemite’s font has also had an revamp. It is now Mac wide and is supposed to enhance the Mac experience. You’ll notice the new fresh typeface in app windows, menu bars etc.
  • You’ll be happy to know the App’s have been thoughtfully changed in this upgrade. The ones most effected are Safari, Mail, iMessages and plenty more. They don’t just look sleeker, they work a whole lot better too!
  • Notification centre feels more mature and extremely well designed, with more clear and precise structure – we’re all in for a treat.
  • Good old ‘Spotlight’ had a well needed facelift as well. Instead of just popping up in the right hand corner, spotlight appears centre screen and uses sources from Wiki, yes Wiki, and allows you too read documents, send emails and even make a phone call (more on the call feature to come)…


OS X Yosemites Super App Power!

Ooh yes the most beloved App’s are now more power packed then ever! Apple claims they’re more capable and work more efficiently than ever before.

So what changes can we expect?

OS X Yosemite featuresSafari

We already know Safari is the worlds fastest web browser, but it’s just got a whole lot speedier! With the newly improved Javascript Nitro Engine support, it’s now an advanced way to surf the web.

The toolbar is streamline giving you more leeway to see what you are actually viewing, and most importantly it’s been redesigned incredibly well. The toolbar has been integrated with the much needed instant search feature at our fingertips. As if we didn’t already love Safari!

OS X Yosemite overviewMail

A feature I can personally say I’ve been waiting for is to send ridiculously large attachments via mail, and be confident they’ve sent… Apple has answered my prayers and now lets us do this easily. Yosemite Mail is now faster and more efficient than any other OS X upgrade.

OS X Yosemite reviewMessages

If you have an iPhone, you can now send and receive both iMessage and SMS! Dare I say it, but what’s topping up again? Not only will this save on the pennies, but it is massively convenient at the same time!

You can also forget WhatsApp, iMessage now incorporates the same voice message features. Mac Messages and iChat aim to be your one stop shop.

OS X Yosemite appsiCloud

Now store any type of documents/files and easily access them from any device. With the new iCloud drive Apple makes it easy peasy to organize and store precious files to your hearts content.



Mac and iOS ‘The Perfect Couple’ with OS X Yosemite

The perfect couple Mac and iOS are more connected than ever before. Talk about a harmonious relationship. This coupling brings us upgrade features including:

OS X Yosemite phonePhone

Make and receive calls on your Mac. OMG! Perfect if you’re browsing or working on your Mac and your iPhone is nowhere to be seen.


OS X Yosemite new featuresSMS

The feature we’re used too is sending and receiving iMessages on your Mac. Now, OS X Yosemite allows us to send and receive, read and reply with both iMessage and SMS! and the crazy thing is you don’t even need to pick up your iPhone.


Mac OS X YosemiteHandoff

This little clever OS X Yosemite feature makes your Mac remember the last thing you were doing on your iOS device and vice versa. So you can literally just pick up from where you left off on any device. Pretty cool eh?!


Apple OS X YosemiteHotspot Magic

Click on the hotspot feature on your iPhone and with a couple of clicks on your Mac you can get online in no time.

So there you have it, a brief OS X Yosemite feature overview, now to have an inkling of what Apple’s latest system creation holds for us.


Download OS X Yosemite Now… SERIOUSLY!

If you are a self confessed mega Mac Nerdy and just can’t simply wait until Autumn to download OS X Yosemite, then why not become a Apples Beta Program member…? With only a few left until the big unveiling, Apple are completing the final touches to their new pride and joy system update. To ensure it really is the best to date, they have invited the first one million Beta Program members to test drive OS X Yosemite and in return for constructive feedback.

If you would love to find out more on how you can download OS X Yosemite right now, check out our article ‘How o Test Drive Apples OS X Yosemite Pre-Release’.



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Hi I'm Sophie, Chief Author at I'm a self proclaimed Mac Nerd and try and make it my job to know the latest tips and tricks for my readers. So whether you are a budding Mac geek, or a full blown enthusiast, I hope my guides can get you through smoothly 🙂

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Hi I'm Sophie, Chief Author at I'm a self proclaimed Mac Nerd and try and make it my job to know the latest tips and tricks for my readers. So whether you are a budding Mac geek, or a full blown enthusiast, I hope my guides can get you through smoothly :)