What is Mac OS X Yosemite EXACTLY?

What are Mac System Updates?

Every now and again the ingenious creators behind  Apple Mac machines release a new system update. While sure there are plenty of mini updates we are bombarded with alerts throughout the year (usually individual application updates), but Apples system updates are a fresh new overhaul for your enter Macs system. Many things can dramatically change, from big and small features such as your desktop graphics, to the way you navigate around your screen and applications. Even our keyboard and trackpad shortcuts are often confusingly switched up with every update.

Apple Mac OS X Yosemite

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What is Mac OS X Yosemite?

Apple latest system update OS X Yosemite, which was released in autumn 2014, is the tenth version (10.10) of the operating system for Apple computers. It was built to work on iMac computers, MacBooks, Mac Mini and Mac Pro. Through the previous nine versions of OS X, Macs system has been tweaked and refined making OS X Yosemite the best system Apple have ever created. Each stage has improved both the performance and functionality of Mac machines. You no doubt thought Apples most recent releases, OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Mavericks were awesome, well wait until your meet OS X Yosemite!

Not only has OS X Yosemite made Macs more user-friendly and easier to use with the new navigational shortcuts saving us oodles of time, Apples traditional shiny 3D graphics are now feeling a more flat retro vibe. OS X Yosemite also comes with tone on new apps features. You can check out all the changes here ‘Mac OS X Yosemite Features Overview!’


What does ‘OS X’ Stand for?

This is the abbreviation for ‘Macintosh Operating System X’ aka Ten. (Don’t ask me where the ten comes from…)When the OS X system was first introduced it was a major breakthrough for computers as it was focused on ease of use and stability, making Apple machines perfect for newbies and professionals in a hurry.

Macs OS X system in based on the UNIX programming language which basically aims to provide a very stable and secure operating environment. To boil it down… Macs OS X Yosemite is one of the most reliable and stable consumer operating systems ever designed, not to mention the most stylish one on the market!


Why is Mac OS X Yosemite so Much Better than the rest?

Way back when OS X Mountain Lion was introduced in 2012, it was pretty ground breaking stuff as it was starting to focus on the relationship between Apples mobile devices – iPhones, iPods and iPads etc and how they can sync and work together with a computer. This relationship with built even stronger with the introduction of OS X Mavericks, where you could amazingly send free messages from your Mac computer to an iPhone with iMessage. Wow! Now OS X Yosemite has gone even further with its two main focuses…

  • The way apps can be downloaded and installed. Instead of the more lengthily laborious process of downloading an application via a disc, OS X Yosemite now utilises the Mac App Store. Now you can simply download and app in a few easy clicks.
  • Options for navigating around pages and application from your trackpad or magic mouse have been majorly revamped. Instead of having to use a mouse or trackpad to carry out your cursor maneuvers, OS X Yosemite comes programmed with new Multi touch gestures that provide a range of super fast ways to access apps and webpages.

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OS X Yosemite is Also Amazing Because…

OS X Yosemite continues the evolution of Macs already amazing operating system by adding more brilliant features an  of course enhancing the ones that are already pretty perfect. This includes far better integration with Apples all important iCloud service, which makes it a lot easier to save irreplaceable files and photos and share them across your other connect devices instantly and automatically.

Best Programs to Read and Edit PDF Files on Mac

Why are PDF Files so Great…

PDF documents (also known as ‘Portable Document Format’ if you want to be really fancy) are one of the most popular ways to save files on both Microsoft Window and Apple Mac computers. One of the main reasons PDF files are the preferred choice is because they can save documents in a like for like way. For example if your document contains images, trendy graphics, swish typography and even hyperlinks (clickable web addresses), a PDF file will save it and keep the same format.


How to Read a PDF

Originally created by Adobe back in 1991, PDF files are now widely used on all types and brands of computers. So no matter if you created a PDF file on a Mac machine, a Windows user will still have no problem downloading and reading. You do however need a special program or application to read a PDF file on your machine. Your computer should come with an application already pre-installed, but if for some reasons it doesn’t, the app is not working or you have accidently deleted it during a vigorous hard drive clean, then you can download a new one from the web…

The web is inundated with so many different types of PDF readers and editors. But which one comes out on top and most importantly which good programs are free? Depending on your needs, such as editing (editing a PDF can sometimes be tricky), you might decide on a paid application.


Firstly lets look at the ‘FREE’ options and their pros and cons:


I’m an avid fan of Mac’s default application ‘Preview’. It is a fantastic free and easy way to read PDF’s, although the option for in-depth editing is unfortunately currently not available with this free App.

how to read a pdf on mac


  • Great for viewing/reading PDF’s for free!
  • Automatically installed on your Mac so no download needed. (If you have accidently deleted it then you can get a copy from Apples App store).
  • Also View images – edit size, rotate annotate etc
  • It’s Free!


  • Limited editing features like the paid programs
  • Mostly used as read and view
  • Lets have a little more in-depth look into Mac’s default PDF viewer Preview.

Preview opens PDF’s, Images and many other types of documents. It will allow for minimal editing which can be quite effective depending on your needs.

Were you aware that you can easily transfer (or drop) a PDF file into Microsoft word or a pages document? You basically drag the PDF into your open word document or even PowerPoint and it will then be imbedded. There are countless applications and programs where you can do this, if you are uncertain just give the drag and drop method a go and you might be surprised it worked 🙂


Adobe Acrobat Reader and Acrobat Pro

The cream of the crop at creating and editing PDF’s is ‘Adobe Acrobat Read and Acrobat Pro’. Despite is rather long mouthful of a title anyone who is a creator will want this application on their computer! The best part is that it doesn’t cost a penny for the basic version, if however you like the advanced options on apps you’ll have to splash the cash to have the Pro version however many users will agree it is worth it for the advanced editing features it offers.

read a pdf file

Pro’s for the Pro

  • Advanced Editing for your PDF’s
  • Create professional PDF’s


  • The Pro version is a paid App.

FaceTime in HD with Apple iPhone 6!

FaceTime is incredible! Whomever would have thought that we could one day speak face to face with a love one potentially thousands of miles apart. Well if you are sci-fi fanatic you are probably disappointed that we are not yet talking to life sized holograms and driving around in flying cars… But while we are a few years away from that fantasy, with outstanding Apples latest iPhone 6 we can at least FaceTime in HD!

iPhone 6 iSight is the best camera to ever grace a phone. It comes with a revamped f/2.2 aperture, a whopping 1.5 micron pixels and a 8MP super sensor with ‘focus pixels’. This super fast, highly sensitive autofocus feature means you will never miss a shot, so wave good bye to those embarrassingly ugly selfies where your eyes are half shut. With the new cinematic video stabilisation tool and the incredible ability to film in 1080p at 60 fps, you can film stunning home videos in HD! A mega added creative bonus is Apples Time-lapse feature. The pimped up iOS 8 takes care of all the hard work and allows you to point, shoot and film amazing films, whether it is just for 30 mins or 30 hours. So let your creative juices flow…

For more details into Apples iPhone 6 iSight features, check out our article ‘iPhone 6 iSight Camera FEATURES Review’.

On top of the new fab features listed above, the powerful iSight camera allows you to FaceTime in HD aka ‘High Definition’ WOWee!

iphone 6 FaceTime in HD


Shooting FaceTime in HD on iPhone 6!

Apple have managed to fit a powerful f/2.2 aperture into their clever discrete camera. This fancy aperture allows the lens to soak up loads of light (81% more light in fact), translating into beautifully lit and focused images.

Every phone camera I have ever come across, including the iPhones predecessors, have been a bit of a disappointment. They made it so difficult to capture a vaguely decent snapshot in a shadowy scenario, let alone have a personal FaceTime conversation. Most of my shots and conversations tend to be dark, grainy and blurry. But with the iPhone 6 by your side you will be able to see a loved one as clear as day!


Exposure Control

One reason FaceTime is now so lovely and clear is down to the ‘exposure control’. As you are utilising the in built iSight camera to record your calls you are reaping the all benefits, including the exposure controls. This allows you to either lighten or darken your video calls with a simple nudge.


Revamped Face Detection

With the fab tools ‘focus pixels’ and ‘cinematic video stabilisation’ teamed up, FaceTime produces quality shots and live videos – no more delayed burry edges. The iPhone 6 is faster at detecting and recognising faces. It has vastly improved blink detection and happy grins, resulting in great quality selfies and group snaps.


Better HDR photos and video

The iPhone 6 isight camera has been packed out with a powerful new sensor that enables us to snap HDR photos and make amazing mini moves. It helps capture serious a dynamic range that will instantly give any old snapshot a quality feel.


Boosted Burst Mode

I love burst mode, it’s a fun feature that lets you continuously snap photos – 10 images per second to be exact. Brilliant tool if you are trying to capture something with movement. Instead of having only a few basic pictures to choose from, burst mode allows you to speedily snap multiple images ensuring at least one snap will be genius.

While the iPhone 5 had a cool burst mode tool installed, the iPhone 6 now allows you to continuously snap on your front facing camera, so your can burst your selfies.

The burst tool has also matured and got a little more intelligent… it now has the ability to analyse the scenes. It will automatically compare sharpness, image clarity and even detect unattractive half shut eyes. It will save you oodles of time sieving through the countless burst frames as it can suggest which images from a certain sequence you may like best.


Timer Mode

Getting the perfect group shot can be very tricky indeed – Sally is always hitching up her woolly tights, Grace tends to align her bust for maximum impact while Aunt Pearl is always captured checking for sweat patches – not the most attractive image, certainly not one you would choose to frame.

With the iPhone 6 timer mode you can get a perfect image nearly every shot. You can give everyone enough time to get ready, pic from 3 seconds or 10 seconds. You can even take a snap is burst mode!

iPhone 6 iSight Camera FEATURES Review

Photographs are an incredible way to freeze frame and preserve happy memories. Having a decent camera on your phone will ensure you never miss a magic moment.

In the past phone cameras, (Apple iPhones included) have been pretty pants. They are often a bit grainy, blurred and dark. The shutter on my current Apple iPhone regularly delays, resulting in my subjects eyes being half shut 99% of the time – not a sexy look.

iPhone 6 and iphone 6 plus iSight camera

Thanks to Apples new iPhone 6 (their finest handset creation to date), dodgy unflattering selfies are a thing of the past. Both iPhone 6 and its bigger brother iPhone 6 plus, come with an awesome built-in iSight camera. On top the the original tried and tested Apple iSight camera perks, the iPhone 6 lens now comes with a impressive 1.5 micron pixels and a f/2.2 aperture which lets more light into your images. iPhone 6s iSight camera is a bit of gadget that you can finally rely on to capture those precious occasions in style.

On top of creating better than ever still photographs, the revamped iPhone 6 iSight camera makes it easy to shoot videos. Now packing extra features such as filming in 1080p HD at 60fps, 240-fps slo-mo and time-lapse video. You can also direct and shoot mini HD movies then sit back and watch your creations from the beauty of the large HD retina display.


iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus iSight Camera Features…


Pixels and Aperture

Alongside the pimped pixels (now proudly providing 1.5 micron pixels) there is a great f/2.2 aperture, which enables you to capture quality dark shadowy shots.


Focus pixels

Also added to iPhone 6s 8MP iSight camera is a super sensor with ‘Focus pixels’. This is a vastly improved auto focus face detection and exposure control feature. – So you can take great shots on auto!

iPhone 6 iSight camera


Shoot Videos in HD!

Not only does Apples iPhone 6 iSight camera take beautifully focused snapshots, it can also shoot videos in HD! Dust off your megaphone and unfold your directors chair and get ready to film in stunning 1080p at 60 fps. You can let your creative juices flow and experiment with dramatic slo-mo video and even create time-lapse movies. The inbuilt continuous autofocus allows you to relax and be comforted by the fact all of your footage should be in focus. I personally love the new cinematic video stabilisation tool, which keeps your shots still and steady, even if you are not.


Time-Lapse Video

iPhone 6 iSight Time-lapse video feature is amazing! iOS 8 juggles all the hard work and can snap images at dynamically selected intervals. To create these breathtaking pics, all you have to do is simply set up your iPhone 6 to snap what you want. Then swipe along the menu to select Time-lapse mode. Go ahead and tap the record button and let the camera roll for as long as you choose. The Time-lapse feature will help you generate fabulous movies whether your are recording for 20 minutes or 20 hours.

iPhone 6 camera features


FaceTime in HD!

With the upgraded sensitive f/2.2 aperture FaceTime now soaks up 81% more light. More light on top of the autofocus face detection and cinematic video stabilisation means FaceTime has never felt so real! Perfect when you want to see a loved one up close, not so perfect if you have a pimple…

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus – COMPARE

With the recent release of the of the brand new handset the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple have left us in somewhat of a dilemma… How do the two compare side by side and ultimately which one suits you?

apple iphone 6


Compare iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus…

Here is a quick devised spec check of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.



Firstly lets start off with the all important screen size. Does size really matter? Sorry but only you can answer this one folks.

iPhone 6 – 4.7 Inch display

iPhone 6 Plus – 5.5 Inch display

With nearly a whopping inch between them in screen size, you are likely to use each iPhone 6 in different ways. Ask yourself, ‘are you a person that prefers a discreet lightweight phone that you can easily slip into your pocket? Or an impressive large screen that allows you to comfortably read ebooks and catch up with the latest blockbusters on the way to work?’ I know which suits me best…

Lets face it they both have their pros and cons regarding size, but Apple needed to take the plunge and challenge the smartphone market and show them who’s still boss 🙂



iPhone 6 – 129 grams

6 Plus – 172 grams

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are bigger and heavier than their recent predecessor the iPhone 5s. However the good news is that the iPhone 6 is thinner by roughly .5mm – impressive.

As we are on the subject of weight how thin are the iPhone 6 and 6 plus?

iPhone 6 – 6.9mm

6 Plus – 7.1mm

iphone 6 design


Design and Colour

Both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus look the same (except one is larger of course). They are both made out of the same high quality materials. The iPhone has now ditched the all glass surround and have made the new models more clumsy proof (great news for me aka ‘Miss Butter Fingers’).

While the sultry smooth glass face remains, it blends seamlessly into the sleek metal body. Thankfully smashed iPhone backs will be a thing of the past – just dents and scratches from now on!

With newly rounded corners these set of iPhones won’t just be comfortable to hold, you won’t want to put it down!

Both models are available in three colours – silver, gold and space grey.



As we are aware the most vital things in life come down to price. So what exactly can we expect to pay for Apple’s latest models?

iPhone 6 – Starting from £539 this include 16gb and the price will increase if you decide you need more storage.

iPhone 6 Plus – £619 again this including the basic storage amount of 16gb, expect steeper prices the more you go up.


The All Important Specs…



We’ll start with resolution, although both come with Retina HD display, each are different in terms of resolution.

iPhone 6 – 1334 x 750p

6 Plus – 1920 x 1080p

Yes both vary in amounts, but you would expect the larger screen to be of higher resolution than it’s smaller counterpart. However each model will provide a spectacular to view.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus comparison


Battery Life

iPhone 6 – Up to 50hrs

iPhone 6 Plus – Up to 80 hrs


It’s all about the GPU

With gaming features a must have on the iPhone and speed being the contending factor, how do they compare against each other?

Well the iPhone 6 is up to 50x Faster but wait for it… the 6 Plus is 84x Faster. We are definitely getting the vibe the iPhone 6 Plus is more superior and advanced than it’s baby brother the iPhone 6.


Storage Capacity

Both models match each other in this race. Their storage capacities range from 16gb, 64gb and a massive 128 GB!! Higher storage than any other iPhone model, bare in mind the iPhone 5s stops at what nows seems a tiny 32gb, awww bless.



The built-in camera on both the iPhone 6 and bigger brother iPhone 6 Plus, is FANTASTIC!  They are identical in every way bar one… the iPhone 6 plus has the added bonus of ‘Optical image stabilisation’.

apple iphone 6 camera


Talk Time

iPhone 6 – Up to 14 hrs on 3G

6 Plus – Up to 24 hrs on 3G



iPhone 6 – Up to 10 days (250 hrs)

6 Plus – Up to 16 days (384 hrs)


Internet battery usage

iPhone 6 – Up to 10 hrs 3G, 11 hrs wifi and 10hrs on 4G LTE

6 Plus – 12 hrs wifi, 12 hrs 3G, 12 hrs 4G LTE (Up to)


Audio Playback Life

iPhone 6 – Up to 50 Hrs

6 Plus – Up to 80 hrs


Both iPhones contain the following features:

Full sRGB colour

Higher contrast, brightness and white balance

Zoom feature to view apps up close

New sideways feature, so you can turn apps on their side

Upgraded Polarizer

Built in Accelerometer, Barometer and Gyroscope

Bottom line is both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are incredible phones and you can’t go wrong picking either. While most of their features are the same, the difference between them are mostly down to taste i.e size. Delve deep inside for a moment and ask yourself ‘what iPhone elements are important to you,’ and all shall become clear.

Apple iPhone 6 Design and Features…

After the recent announcement of the iPhone 6 set to be released in September 2014, there is definitely an excited buzz in the air from us Apple geeks I can tell you!

Bellow are a few of the features we’ve been promised by Apple. How will they compare to their competitors and are we really in for a treat?…


Apple iPhone 6 – Bigger Equals Better?

Well finally Apple have taken notice of the current market and are now rivalling it’s competitors with a bigger and better smartphone (it’s about time)

apple iphone 6


How much bigger is the iPhone 6 than it’s predecessors?

Firstly you might be surprised to hear there are two handset releases of the iPhone 6… The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus!

The iPhone 6 boasts a 4.7 inch screen and the iPhone 6 Plus obtains a 5.5 inch display. Not sure if Apple are rivalling themselves by releasing two iPhones at the same time, but I guess time will tell if their marketing strategy has paid off.

Apart from screen size having an increase, the new iPhone 6 is also the thinest iPhone to date. Standard iPhone 6 will be 6.9mm and the Plus 7.1mm. Pretty darn slim by smartphone standards 🙂


A Design Made in Heaven

The new screen comes armed with an advanced Apple signature sexy design with super seamless glass smoothly bending into sleek metal. Every detail it seems has been carefully thought out and executed beautifully.

iphone 6 design


Apple iPhone 6 Display and Resolution…

As always what is usually anticipated in the handset upgrade is resolution increase… How much are we talking? Well lets see how this bares well on the eyes, the iPhone 6 comes in at a pretty good 1334 x 750, but the Plus comes in at a whooping 1920×1080!!

Now we can only imagine the awesomeness an iPhone with this amount of resolution looks like, eye candy for certain.

iphone 6 resolution

Screen Resolution and Features:

High performance, up to 84x Faster

Battery Life iPhone 6 up to 50hrs – iPhone Plus up to 80hrs!

Retina HD Display

Full sRGB colour

Higher contrast, brightness and white balance

Wider-angle viewing

Upgraded Polarizer

Larger canvas to make the most out of your iPhone

Built in Barometer, Accelerometer and Gyroscope

New Zoom feature for your Apps

Turn your display sideways I say, now you can view your home screen entirely differently.


More Powerful and Mighty

Apple claims their must have iPhone 6 is a powerhouse not to be reckoned with. Built on a 64-bit desktop-class architecture, the all new A8 chip is a powerful feature indeed. With more battery life than ever before, you can bet the iPhone 6 can do more and more for longer. It is better than ever.

games on iphone 6


iPhone 6 Camera ‘Snap Snap Snap!’

Did you know that most of us snap more pics with an iPhone than any other camera? Apple have heard and answered our pleas for a better and more advanced iSight camera and sensor, with fantastic focus pixels and a video upgrade to boot. This will include 1080p HD 60fps and the time-lapse feature mode.

apple iphone 6 camera

iPhone 6 CameraFeatures :

Faster autofocus

f/2.2 Aperture – 81% more light captured

1.5 micron Pixels

Large Retina HD Display

Improved Face Detection

Exposure Control

Time Mode

HDR Video

Burst Mode

iphone 6 camera


Security Is Key

One of my favorite new features Apple has graced the iPhone 6 with is the new fingertip security element. Highly modern and innovative, this new feature will allow you to access your iPhone by you only. You can also use your fingertip to purchase from iTunes, iBooks and the App Store without having to write in your password every time, Thank god!

iphone 6 security

So there you have it, an introduction into what is to come from the Apple masters in September.

OS X Yosemite Phone Feature – Make Calls From Your Mac

Computers, especially Apple Macs, are pretty darn amazing gadgets! You can do almost anything on them. From simple everyday essentials, such as homework, sending emails, organizing your treasured family photos to creating life changing possibilities like composing a chart topping music track or engineering a multi-million dollar app.

However, there has always been one gapping function missing… a phone feature.

Year sure, with the latest OS X Mavericks update we can now send free iMessages and the latest MacBook Pros allow us to message love ones from across the ocean with HD FaceTime, but it still wasn’t quite perfect… until now!

OS X Yosemite phone feature


Introducing OS X Yosemite ‘Phone’

In a bid to get us thoroughly addicted to Apples genus products, if you are a proud owner of both an iPhone and a Mac computer or  an iPad, the new mighty OS X Yosemite update allows them to work together. Yes, this means you can answer phone calls on your Mac!

This incredible new feature will only work with the latest Apple system updates OS X Yosemite and iOS 8. The separate devices that support these versions will now be able to instantly recognize one another whenever they close and you are signed into iCloud on both objects. This blossomed relationship means you can pick up and start something on one device, such as a text, and finish it off and send it from another.


OS X Yosemite Phone Feature  – Answer Calls on Your Mac

Well, I know phones used to be embarrassingly big back in the day, and old trends tend come back around, but I never thought I would see the day when I could hold my laptop up against my ear and yell ‘Hellooo!’. Ok, to be fair you don’t have to look like a loony and hold the Mac up like a cell phone. The creators at Apple are all about style and street cred, so taking a call on OS X Yosemites brilliant phone feature works just like taking one on Skype or FaceTime.


How Does OS X Yosemite Phone Feature Work?

If your Mac is equipped with Apples latest system update OS X Yosemite, your phone is pimped with iOS 8 and both products are logged into your iCloud accounts, then your fancy call feature is ready to go. You will be able to make and receive phones call from your computer.

OS X Yosemite call


Answering Calls On Your Mac

When your iPhone rings your Mac will receive a pop up notification displaying the callers name, number and profile picture. To answer the call just simply click the pop up and your Mac transforms into an instant speakerphone. Of course OS X Yosemite has made it easy to decline a call with one click. It also enables you to send a quick free iMessage perhaps reading a little something like this… “I’m eating dinner spk soon” or “I’m busy watching Glee, call u l8r x”.


Making Calls On Your Mac

Making a phone call from the luxury of your Mac is also super easy.

All you have to do is click on a phone number you have stored in either your Contacts, iMessage or Calendar, and your Mac will make the call out. You can even phone a business by clicking on their contact details in Safari.


OS X Yosemite phoneOS X Yosemite Phone feature Benefits

There are many benefits to this new ingenus phone feature…

    • You’re less likely to miss a call. Instead of frantically fumbling through endless rucksack pockets for your vibrating iPhone, you can just accept the call from your Mac.
    • You will no longer get a crocked neck holding a phone up against your ear.
    • You can easily chat while you type out your homework or surf the web.
    • You can make a call even if your iPhone has run out of battery
    • If your iPhone rings in your bedroom four flights of stairs away, you can cut out the mad dash by answering via your Mac in the kitchen (as long as the devices are connected to the same WiFi connection).
    • As the Macs OS X Yosemite system and your iPhones iOS 8 marries the two devices, there is nothing to set up. They will also work with your existing phone number, so nothing needs to change.

Just click and say ‘Howdy’!

Top Reasons Why Your Mac is Slow & How To Fix it!

There are many reasons why your Mac may be running slow, or why certain bothersome applications may be up to no good and negatively effect computers performance. Luckily, no matter how embarrassingly sluggish your machine is, a slow Mac is usually very easy to fix and can nearly always be done from the comfort of your sofa.

In order to fix a problem you have to identify the cause! Bellow is a lost of the top most notorious reasons your Mac is slow and of course how to fix it…


Over Crowded Disk Space

Snaillike processing speed can be caused by something as simple as an over crowded Disk Space. Your Mac Disk Space  it the place in which all of our saved and downloaded files are safely stored on our hard drive. If you are a self confessed hoarder, then you can easily check how much Disk Space you have already used up and how much you have left. You can even find out why type of data i.e. photos, that are taking up the most room.

For more info, check out our article….

If you know your disk space is at least over half full (anything over the half way point may cause a dip in performance) then you can easily free up gigabytes of important space by safely deleting old unwanted files, duplicates and much more manually or with a professional Mac Cleaner.

For more information on how a Mac Cleaner can do this on auto, take a look at our review ‘Best Mac Cleaner Software Comparison’.


Small RAM

 Slow issues may be a result of to little Random Access Memory aka ‘RAM’. If you notice that your Mac is running slow mostly when you have more than two programs or apps open simultaneously, then you may have insufficient RAM. You can easily upgrade your RAM either by yourself or with the help of a professional Mac expert. This can significantly boost your Macs speed and enable it to run heavy demanding programs such as Adobe Photoshop, alongside each other seamlessly.

For more information on RAM feel free to browse our article ‘How to Check Mac RAM Memory Space’.


A Rouge App Wreaking Havoc

Ask yourself when you first noticed your Macs performance dipping. Had you recently installed an app or software?

A frustratingly slow Mac could even be down to a single naughty app. Every app is made with code and just like a website, all it takes is for one of the thousands of digits to be incorrect to cause an array of terrible problems. Apple apps are nearly always perfectly crafted, so unless you have been tampering with one yourself it is unlikely to be one of those. Although a reputable app produce problems if something went wrong with the download.

If it is a rouge app wrecking havoc, then it is important you remove every bit of the apps files. Simply trashing it will still leave lots of traces files imbedded deep in your hard drive. For a safe and secure removal, I recommend allowing the help of  a Mac Uninstaller program.

If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of Mac Uninstallers, check our review article ‘How To Uninstall on Mac’.


Check for Software Updates

Most apps, wether it be products by Apple themselves or third party providers, your apps will receive updates. It is very important to update your apps whenever their is a newer version available. Not only will it potentially provide new exciting features, and help keep horrible hackers and bugs at bay, but it will also ensure the program is running at peek performance.

So if one or two of your apps are running slower than an obese ant carrying a heavy twig up the steep incline of their ant hill, then I would check to see if it needs an update.

You can easily Check for Apple updates using your App Store and for third party providers with an Update Tracker tool.

Tip – Save oodles of time by setting your Mac to receive update alerts in your System Preferences. That way, you will know whenever there is an update available and will never be out of date again.


A Nasty Virus Bug

Just like when we catch a nasty infectious cold, we also feel a bit sluggish and not up to peak performance. While Apple Macs have a better inbuilt immune system than other brands, they are not bullet proof. With the popularity of Macs rocketing every year, so is the number Apple targeted viruses. You can check to see if your Mac has a virus by downloading a free trial of a top Mac Antivirus software. I personally recommend Norton for Mac, Kasperky for Mac and Mackeeper. If they find a virtual critter, then either of these top programs should be able to safely eradicated it.


My Mac is Still Slow?!

If your Mac is still slow and you are really not sure what it could be caused by, then use this secret weapon… Activity Monitor.

Every Mac has an inbuilt Activity Monitor that allows you to see exactly how much processing power and memory is being used by live apps. So whenever your Mac begins to run slowly, go and take a peek at your activity monitor, it may well reveal the culprit… good luck! For mmore information, check out our article ‘How to Use Your Mac Activity Monitor’.

Apple AirPort Extreme Wifi – Is It Worth the Price?

Apple AirPort Extreme wifi

What follows below is a brief list of the great features on the newest Apple AirPort Extreme device.
is it really worth £150+? A lot of Apple fans are convinced but are you?

Up to 3 times faster wifi than the slightly older Airport Express model, surely we can only expect great things from the AirPort Extreme?


The new Apple Airport Extreme boasts a three stream 802.11ac range, taking wifi speed to new heights. With up to 1.3 Gbps, that’s over double of the previous standard set by Apple. Not bad eh! Equalling 3 times the wifi speed.
Not only is there a huge increase in wifi speed but twice the channel bandwidth, with 80MHz channels giving you more space to fly faster than ever before.

Apple AirPort Extreme will always go the extra mile to create a smooth connection as well, creating more harmony in the computer world 🙂

Another fantastic feature of the AirPort Extreme is that it raises the bar in standards and has simultaneous duel-band support. This means this beauty of a device transmits at frequencies 5GHz and 2.4GHz at the very same time.
Basically which ever wireless devices you choose to use, it will connect you to the best available band for ease and the fastest speed and performance that’s possible.

The AirPort Extreme boasts an extremely intelligent, and dynamic beamforming antenna array. The base station antennas will emit an powerful and stable wifi signal. The clever port knows where your devices are and airs the wifi signal to the devices you want, meaning wifi is cleaner, stronger and of course built for speed!

What size is the Apple AirPort Extreme WiFi?

Standing at just 6.6 inches tall and 3.85 inches wide, that’s roughly 17cm x 9cm this device won’t hard to store, and being 64% smaller footprint than the last model that’s a plus wouldn’t you say.

Where can I buy Apple AirPort Extreme?

Of course Apple’s website
Online electronic companies such as web Giant Amazon.
Your local electronic stores.
But sometimes it’s advisable to get if from Apple’s own website with a warranty! incase the little machine ever pack in…. Let’s hope not 🙂

Apple MacBook Retina Display – Pros & Cons?

Is the 13inch MacBook pro Retina really worth the extra few hundred bucks price tag over it’s little brother the 2012 standard MacBook pro on the market (if you can call it standard!?) So lets compare the Retina pro’s and cons and see if it is really worth the extra spondoolies.

MacBook Pro vs Retina Display

Retina Pro’s

  • Ultra high contrast resolution display, with a whooping (2560 x 1600) at 227 pixels per inch which supports millions of colours. Definitely a market leader in terms of resolution I say!
  • Super sleek and slim line, a lot Thinner than it’s rival (MacBook pro late 2012) at 1.9cm in height = 0.75 inch.
  • Faster in speed overall over it’s rival with a processor speed of 2.5GHz duel-core i5 with a turbo boost of up to 3.1GHz! woweee! and even higher if you purchase the 15 inch retina.
  • Memory, while the standard MacBook pro is pre installed with 4GB of memory the Retina is installed with 8GB! saving potentially a couple of hundred dollars if apple upgrade you to the 8GB.
  • 720p FaceTime HD Camera to see your loved ones and friends clear as day!
  • Two thunderbolt ports and a HDMI output.
  • SDXC mini card insertion
  • 802.11n Wi-Fi wireless networking for smoother connection.
  • We all know the amazing pro’s of this ultra sleek machine but what are the cons?


Retina Cons

  • One of the biggest disappointments that stuck out to me was that the retina 2013 does not come with a optical disc drive! I have heard a lot of peoples upset due to this lack of this feature. But a solution is you can have an external disc drive instead…
  • Although this beauty comes with an 8GB ram, you do not have the potential to upgrade to a higher ram such as a 16GB as recommended by apple. If ram is extremely important to you the iMac desktop computer goes to 16GB.
  • Apple has made it verrrry difficult indeed to remove the battery yourself, it’s kind of glued down! Meaning more of your hard earned cash goes to apple for their genius team to replace it at a higher cost.
  • We know the retina comes with a double thunderbolt port but What no firewire or ethernet outputs guys on this one!
  • In comparison to it’s big brother the MacBook pro Retina 15inch the graphics performance is lagging a bit behind and can struggle at times due to the high resolution display. tut tut.
  • A lot more extensive if you are comparing it to the MacBook pro late 2012 and the new 2013 MacBook air which is similar in size and features.



Do your homework, visit the Apple store for more info off the staff.
Look if size and resolution is the holy grail for you then then the Retina notebook just might be the one. If display and size and not top of your priorities then do consider the MacBook pro 2012 or maybe even the MacBook air! They are all fantastic notebooks with varying features, you just have to work out what’s most important for your needs 😀