What are Mavericks OS X Features?!

Mavericks OS XAs you have probably heard… The next big release Mavericks OS X is coming this autumn!! whoop whoop. Expect to be wowed as apple have rolled out not just a completely new name leaving the animals left in the wild, but an advanced new look and feel to using your Mac.
So what exactly can we expect from OS X Mavericks and what’s new?


What are Mavericks OS X Features?! Here are some of the BEST!



Oh yes, the awaited app that everyone seems to be talking about that will rival Google Maps, iMaps!
You may be thinking, what’s going to be the difference between Google vs Apple? Well only the fact that you can take full advantage of the Mac graphics for clear and crisp images. Not to mention gorgeous views such as flyover mode, which is a realistic 3D photo experience enabling you to ‘fly over your selected cities. iMaps will point out interesting places to visit, with contact details and reviews.
Another exciting feature is the point to point directions, with real time traffic info and updates. iMaps will offer alternative routes and when you’re ready to head off on your journey you can send the map to your iPhone for voice navigation all the way to your destination! pretty cool eh.


Yes iBooks will be finally making an appearance to the Mac club! With over 1.8 million books to read on iBooks you’ll never be at a loss at what to read again!
If you have already downloaded and purchased previous books on your iPhone, iPod and iPad, do not fear as they will automatically appear on your Mac too.


Good old Safari has even been included in the Mavericks update! with easier access to sharing tools while browsing, you can always keep updated with new content and so forth. Safari will now be faster than ever before for quality web browsing. Now with energy saving properties Safari will actually save your Mac battery! now that’s what i’m talking about!

Mavericks OSX Features


A fresh new out look on the calendar was needed and an update it’s definitely had! New powerful features such as an event inspector, local weather forecasting for locations entered on the calendar, and it will even calculated the time it will take you to get to your event.

Displays and Desktop

With now more flexibility in the way you want to organise and work, apple has heard your cry. Apple has made it so there is no primary or secondary display… each screen will come with it’s own tool bar and options, and no matter what screen you are working on the dock is automatically available to you. Open up full screen applications on each display and still have totally separate work spaces.

iCloud Keychain

constantly forgetting your passwords on the web, look no further as iCloud keychain has arrived folks! What does it do? Well remember your keywords of course! It stores usernames and passwords for websites you use on the devices you have approved, with a AES 256- bit encryption everything is kept up to date. This also applies to credit card info as well, so check out is made easier and faster.

So there you have it, an idea of the features you can expect from the new Mavericks OSX by Apple.

Mackeeper Review – What is Mackeeper?

mackeeper review overview

Before you take the time to read this MacKeeper Review I want to assure you that everyone at macnerdy.com have tried and tested Mackeeper. I personally have this software installed on all my Apple Mac’s and have taken the time to learn it’s features inside out, as well as it Pro’s and Con’s…


MacKeeper Review – Overview


mackeeper imageWinner of over 100 gold 5 Star Awards from top tech companies such as Tucows, Soft 32 and Softonic, MacKeeper is the ULTIMATE Mac Maintenance software. MacKeeper has been seen in Forbes, International Business Times and even has received OPSWAT Gold Certificate. MacKeeper has been recently known also for its security research center guided by Chris Vickery.

Famously branded ‘maintenance utility for Mac’ it is clear to see why. For me MacKeeper makes it very easy to manage my essential routine maintenance tasks with the luxury of doing it all from one software. I have found its ’17′ fully loaded and dedicated mini tools easy to use and have helped keep my prized computer safe from viruses and secure from thieves, clean, reliable and crucially – fast.

However, the Internet is already brimming with individual specialized Mac maintenance apps constructed by top leading companies. So why is this ‘all-in-one’ signature software stealing the limelight? What is MacKeeper exactly?

So What is MacKeeper?

On the surface it consists of FIVE dynamic categories: 24/7 Tech Support (also called “Human Inside”), Security, Cleaning, Optimisation and Data Control. In total it actually comprises of 17 features. Each exclusively designed to guarantee our Macs are always working at optimum performance, if not you have MacKeeper’s 24/7 customer support to turn to for technical help, which is always a comfort.

For convenience I have devised a comparison chart. Contrasting KromTechs creation to the ultimate leader in each section. Alternatively, if you are looking for more detailed analysis, I have also measured this software against all the top apps in each section – just check out our ‘Mac App Reviews’

Best Mac Cleaner Software

MacKeeper 17 Maintenance Tools for Your Mac

To kick off this MacKeeper review let’s have a look at their Security system. To be honest this category is one of the reasons I have Mackeeper installed on all my computers.

Antivirus / Anti-Theft

To Kick off this Mackeeper review lets looks their Security system. To be honest this category is one of the reasons I have Mackeeper installed on all my computers.

mackeeper internet security - antivirusMac Antivirus – Their bug battling Mac AntiVirus tool gives me peace as it safeguards my financial information (vital if you are an avid online shopper like me), protects me from identity fraud and secures the contents of my computers. An Essential feature as there are a frightening 25,000 Apple targeted viruses created everyday! Eek! So please get yourself a thorough Mac antivirus protection, Norton and Kaspersky are great too. Make sure you enabled Real-Time Safe Browsing feature, as it will keep safe your online presence.

mackeeper anti theftMac Anti-Theft- tool is brilliant. Incredibly this security app not only allows you to track down your stolen computer but also takes a snap shot of the thief caught red handed! It works pretty simple, just log in to your MacKeeper account, navigate to the Anti-Theft tab and click “Report stolen computer” to let MacKeeper know that your Mac has been stolen… Hopefully we will never need to use it but it’s nice to have special agent backup. READ MORE…


Mac Cleaner

If you have ever noticed your Mac slowing down and lagging in performance there is usually one culprit – clogged memory space. To me the Cleaning features are vital to own as they will guarantee your beloved Mac will always stay in peak condition. My vintage 2007 MacBook Pro may not look as gorgeous as my 2014 version but it works just as well! I’m very impressed with MacKeeper’s cleaning category. Inside you will find 6 dedicated tools:

mackeeper-memory-cleanerMemory Cleaner optimizes Mac’s Random Access Memory (RAM) where all data of the current session is stored. It means that the user’s computer stores all apps or files in one place for quick access, even if they have already been closed. If the RAM is overloaded, Memory Cleaner displays the current RAM status and cleans it up instantly.

I found Memory Cleaner really valuable because I like photography and regularly work with graphics-intensive apps. Literally with one button you can free up gigabytes of RAM and keep using your computer without rebooting it.

mackeeper fast cleanupFast Cleanup Safely scans your entire mac hunting useless data like caches, logs, language packs and binaries. Then deletes this chaos with one click.

mackeeper-duplicates-finderDuplicates Finder there are heaps of photos and documents kept on my Mac, some of them remained after several projects. I think that the fastest way to find the copies is to use Duplicate Finder. This tool scans for mischievous file clones, even the renamed ones – a detail that most mac cleaners overlook.

mackeeper file finderFiles Finder Allowing you to choose your search criteria, this feature detects file copies that take up space on your hard drive. It groups such identical files so that you can remove unnecessary duplicates.

mackeeper disk usageDisk Usage – Very handy as it displays which files are causing your Mac to run slow. The Colour code system allows you to see exactly which files are causing your mac to run slow.

mackeeper smart uninstallerSmart Uninstaller This apps makes me feel secure as prevents treasured personal files from getting deleted.



MacKeeeper’s carefully crafted Optimisation tools focus on keeping your Mac’s trademark snappy speed and ultimately help maximize the use for your time.

mackeeper update trackerUpdate Tracker – Useless to say that every Mac user should pay attention to updating the programs installed on the computer. Assuming that all software on your Mac is powered by Apple, it will be updated automatically by App Store service. But there are lots of third-party apps that should be updated manually, otherwise you will be constantly bothered by alerts. I use this once a week. It allows me to update all my apps (including third party creations) from one place.

mackeeper login itemsLogin Items – I use this to set my most used apps to automatically open. It boost laborious loading and login times.


mackeeper default appsDefault App – opener which sieves out the most appropriate apparatus to open an application, preventing you from having to locate it manually. READ MORE…


Data Control

Kromtech designed four very different apps to help ensure that all of your data is secured, efficient, safely backed-up and totally under your control.

mackeeper shredderShredder – Provides a through spring clean, removing every bit of useless data ensuring your free up maximum space.


mackeeper backupBackup – Macs Time machine is pretty good but if you are extra cautious then this a great tool as it creates very detailed reserve copies of your files and folders.


mackeeper file recoveryRecovery – Apps are vital tools to have in the maintenance box for when you find yourself In a sticky technical spot.


mackeeper data encryptorData Encryptor – Conceals your selected files with a chosen password and even prevents them from being located though Finder or Terminal. It works as a locker that protects loaded data by AES encryption. I was offered to choose the 128 or 256 key size — the most advanced standard available today. READ MORE…

Geek on Demand

Technical Mac assistance is a relatively untapped market but there are a handful of great services also known as ’24/7 Customer Support’. This is one of them. The considerable advantage of MacKeeper’s Geek on Demand over similar services is an ultimate assistance they provide regarding ANY software-related issue, even if the question is not about MacKeeper itself.

mackeeper geek on demandGeek on Demand – is exactly what it says on the tin –  24/7 support via  Email, Live Chat and even over the Phone on their toll free US, UK and Australian numbers. READ MORE…


Mackeeper Review – Pros and Cons

Mackeeper Pros and Cons

How to Uninstall MacKeeper?

There is a lot of false information that MacKeeper is difficult to uninstall. Some users may face such problems, though, in my opinion, improper uninstall process is the reason behind it. For example, dragging the icon to the Trash while the program is open is the most common mistake made by the users. I have MacKeeper on all of my Macs and uninstall process was not a problem at all.

I just followed these steps:

  1. First of all, I made sure that MacKeeper is properly shut down. To exit, click on the name of the program just to the right of the Apple icon at the top left of the screen and choose “Quit MacKeeper” in the drop-down menu. Be careful here, just clicking on the red cross X in the top right corner of the window never closes a program in Mac OS.
  2. Secondly, drag the icon to the Trash.
  3. And finally, I click “Uninstall MacKeeper” in the window that appears.

That’s it, and actually this way of uninstalling programs is pretty standard.

MacKeeper Review – Software Summary

I rate this software highly as a Mac maintenance software as it covers and protects all vital areas from one app for a good price. I have personally never had any trouble with MacKeeper and I have been using it for 3 years.

With MacKeeper on board you will never need to fret about a frustratingly slow system performance, lack of disk space for storage, stressful accidental file loss, Mac virus attacks or security breaches. And if you have any Mac questions or find yourself battling technical issues, be sure the 24/7 customer support will be on hand to guide you through.

Interesting note – Mackeeper was the first Mac cleaning software I used back in the day and it dug out and removed 34gb of space off my eldest Mac laptop. Very Impressive!

Download Mackeeper

Alternative to MacKeeper?

If you already have your Mac insured, a professional mac antivirus installed and don’t need any extra help with data control etc then you may just want to install a mac cleaner. There are a couple of great ones, read our Mac Cleaner Comparison Review here…

Mackeeper Scam – Read The Truth Here

Is MacKeeper Safe Or Really A Scam?

One question on all our lips – ‘is there a Mackeeper scam?’ and ultimately ‘is Mackeeper Safe?’

Naturally before pursuing any Mac software you want to check it is all cosha and avoid putting your beloved and expensive Mac at risk.

Since Mackeeper burst its way onto the scene, claiming to be the best thing for your Apple comp since sliced bread was for mums and pack lunches, it has been creating massive waves in the world of Mac softwares.

Despite jumping head first into a congested industry and battling fierce competition from other rival acclaimed Mac cleaners, Anti|Virus programs, Security softwares and other essential maintenance apps, KromTechs MacKeeper has been topping comparison charts and scooping countless awards ever since.

Effectively tackling 5 important areas: Cleaning, Speed Optimization, Security, Data Control and Technical Support and housing 16 personalized mini softwares, it is bound to get the nostrils of curiosity and doubt sniffing for the small print…

But the facts are, Mackeeper has been presented with countless prestigious 5 star awards from renowned Mac companies such as Enoda, Brothersoft, Tucows, Wareseeker,Wordpress to name a few. Branded ‘911 for your Mac’ by industry leading experts. Tagged for providing one of the best Antivirus apps in the world, and created by a company confident enough to provide a ‘FREE Trial’ and promise a ‘365 day Money Back Guarantee‘.MacKeeper Awards

With all this impressive history can there really be a Mackeeper Scam?

The best way to find out the answer to ‘is MacKeeper safe’ and decipher if a scam exists is to do some detective work. Dig though reviews, ask the right questions and better yet, try a free trial for a first hand experience.

Tip 1 – Read Mackeeper Reviews

To get a good overview of what KromTechs leading creation is about and what it offers you, I suggest reading an in-depth Mackeeper review. One that it covers all the nitty gritty bits of the program and compares it to all the top apps in the different fields are the best. This way you will know exactly what to expect Mackeeper will provide for Mac and money.

Maceeper is best known for its abilty to dramatically boost the processing speed of your Mac with its ‘Fast Cleanup’ tools. to see how its measaures up to the best clean softwares in the buisness click here – Compare top Mac Cleaners.

Tip 2 – Download A FREE Trial

Has your mother ever told you off for listening to idle gossip and rumours?

There is nothing like experiencing something first hand to be able to grasp a personal and accurate opinion.

Unlike some leading Mac softwares, Mackeeper ‘do’ offer a free trial download to let their customers get a taste of their program.

There is no need to pay attention to the conflicting arguments of other people, it will only give you a headache. Cut out the middle crowd and download a trial. That way you will instantly know whether a Mackeeper scam has any foundation.

By evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of this software, you can make an accurate verdict based on personal experience.

However, if the array of online praise and trial snippet doesn’t completely squash the nagging doubt that this software toolbox isn’t worth an investment, always be comforted by the fact that the full version is backed by ‘Geek on Demand’ – a customer support team that are available through live chat, email and over the phone ’24/7′. With a personal geek by your side you can easily put to rest any potential issues.

Tip 3 – MacKeeper parent company, Kromtech Alliance Corp., was accepted to Online Trust Alliance (OTA)

Scammers don’t fight against scammers, right? MacKeeper actually does. Kromtech Alliance Corp., an international IT investment and development company and parent company of MacKeeper is member of the Online Trust Alliance (OTA). It means that Kromtech is actively participating in OTA working committees designed to mitigate the increased threat of malicious advertising to consumers and help defend the integrity of interactive Internet advertising overall.  In other words, the MacKeeper team is actually doing its best to protect the customers from annoying and malicious ads.

Tip 4 – MacKeeper partners with security researcher Chris Vickery

Still not sure about MacKeeper’s security? Then you may be curious to know that MacKeeper launched the Analytical and Security Center headed by the white-hat security researcher Chris Vickery. Vickery also found the unprotected data and customer records of Hello Kitty, MLB, ATP, and Slipknot official online communities. As a member of the Online Trust Alliance, MacKeeper is committed to providing security and privacy for its users. Therefore, having such guys as Chris on board will help MacKeeper make your personal data safe and sound, and this is not a joke.

Tip 5 – MacKeeper is a regular PEPCOM and CES participant

MacKeeper actively participates in various events that are attended by thousands of software users from all over the world, such as PEPCOM and CES. It would be interesting for you to know that at PEPCOM 2016 MacKeeper has exclusively introduced Track My Mac (link to YouTube). Track My Mac a simple, user-friendly iPhone app with which you can lock and track your missing Mac. As you see, the MacKeeper team is in constant search of new ideas on how to make the life of Mac users happier and easier.

Tip 6 – MacKeeper has real customer feedback at ShopperApproved and Trustpilot

Not convinced yet? Then you have a unique chance to read and listen what other people say about MacKeeper. These are real people, just like you, with their own unbiased opinion and thoughts. Many of them are not very much tech savvy, but still they have something to say, and these opinions are most valuable.

A lot of reviews with very different customer feedback are available at the ShopperApproved and Trustpilot services. MacKeeper even has a YouTube video channel with lots of real customers video reviews.


Mac Running Slow?

If you are wondering ‘Why is my Mac Running Slow?’ the answer is really quite simple… Forgetting to spring clean your computer once in a while is a monumental mistake most of us do, myself included. The result is an excruciatingly slow Mac… Grrr! This usually results from nasty hidden junk files stored on our Mac, mass file duplicates and piles of system error reports, as well as many other annoying problems we can’t always see that need fixing to restore Apple’s signature speed. So Don’t worry, there is a simple solution to dramatically speed up performance… Give it a Scan and DEEP CLEAN with a Mac cleanup software.

Why A Mac Cleaner Software is Vital

A powerful and efficient cleaning program will rat out the pointless data hijacking vital space on your hard drive, cramped chaos resulting in an aggravating Mac running slow. Top Mac Cleaners on the market not only scan your entire hard drive but will also highlight which data is junk, duplicate and impressively which ones are cherished files. A few clicks allows you to fully optimize and secure your computer making programs and overall your Mac run miles quicker, but also ‘Free up’ corridors of extra space. Allowing you to continue what we all love doing, downloading and shelving the latest apps, games, music and films! To my shock Mackeeper scanned and removed over 36GB of junk from my computer on it’s first scan, and my MacBook Pro was only 9 months old!! :O  These were hidden files, duplicates, broken stored errors and other system problems that needed fast attention I wasn’t aware of. Detailed ‘COMPARISON‘ of The Most Effective Mac Cleaners On The Market at Present

mac running slow


 Why Is MacKeeper The Best?

Scooping endless prestigious five star Awards from top tech companies since it’s arrival in 2010, Mackeeper continues to dominate comparison charts for it’s first class performance and unbeatable price tag. KromTechs Mackeeper promises to keep your prized computer 100% secure, sparkly clean and reliable. Leaving rivals in the shadows, MacKeeper houses an array of unique and specially designed maintenance apps, split into five dynamic categories, Mac Cleaner, Optimization, Antivirus & Security, Data control and Geek on Demand.

Price: Mackeeper’s all inclusive maintenance bundle is priced at $39.95 for a subscription license and amazing 365 Day Money Back Guarantee.


The Five Powerful Categories…

Infamous Multi-Award Winning 911 Mac Cleaner Just like everything in this world, your home, your armpits, your dog etc – your computer must be cleaned regularly to ensure it runs at optimum performance and prevent you from stressing ‘why is my mac running slow?’ The process of cleaning is simply eliminating the ‘useless’ stuff that is clogging up your limited hard drive. Mackeeper (unlike some) knows exactly what to and what not to delete, so there is no need to stress about losing valuable files. MacKeeper’s cleaning toolbox has everything you need for a fast and efficient cleanup, so take a deep sigh, ignite these clever mini softwares and retrieve that signature snappy speed.

‘FFast Mac Cleanupast Cleanup’ – It safely and stress free scans the murky depths of your hard drive hunting down the dastardly junk files keeping your performance sluggish. It scans your laptop for caches, logs, language packs and binaries, using up to four utilities in one, and then clears this chaos with one click. This convenience is lacked by many competing apps.


Duplicate File FinderDuplicates Finder’ – On the ‘Most Wanted’ list of junk, is the mischievous file clones. They are notoriously hard to detect, so much so that it is identifying the duplicates that often make any other cleaning software’s fall short. KromTech identified this annoying issue and have designed this unique MacKeeper feature. The Duplicates Finder will scan your Mac’s hard drive for file copies, even the renamed ones, and give you a chance to dispose of them.


‘FiFiles Finderles Finder’ – Have you ever wasted away hours searching for a specific file on your MacBook? Well, this headache will be a distant memory as MacKeeper’s ‘Files Finder’ is quite a different tale. Even if you have misplaced the name of a file, this function allows you filter though the results by choosing the file type or extension and limit the search results by specific criteria. You can create your own search parameters as well saving ‘you’ a lot of time.


‘Disk Usage Is a cool tool that allows you to pull up a clear picture of all the files. This feature Mac Disk Usagewill also emphasize exactly which files need your attention. If a file is highlighted in green or yellow, there is nothing to worry about, but if you see orange and red, then you have identified yet another problem that is making your mac run slow.


Wise Uninstaller‘Wise Uninstaller’ – This is a great weapon and one of the reasons MacKeeper is so effective and guarantees to prevent your mac slowing down in the future. Unlike other cleaning softwares, the wise uninstaller knows exactly which data, pics etc are cherished and important and which files are forgotten and unneeded. Critically this feature also permanently wipes the jumble from your hard drive leaving caves of free space.


Optimization Features

Mac OptimizationThis category goes hand in hand with the Cleaner, ensuring you never fret ‘my mac is running slow’ again and guarantees our beloved Apple always has that fast snappy trademark speed. There are three niffty tools in this section, all will make life much easier… READ MORE…

Mac Security/ Antivirus

Mac AntivirusApple machines may be swisher, more expensive and have better graphics then Window computers, but they are not bullet proof from nasty invading threats and viruses. MacKeeper provides an exclusive, up-to-date Mac Antivirus and Security Software, so you can sleep easy knowing your machine and personal information is 100% securely protected. READ MORE…

Data Control

Mac Backup softwareAce these four simple apps and will have every part of your important data secured, efficient, safely backed-up and totally under your control. READ MORE…

Geek On Demand 24/7

my mac is running slowWant an Apple Mac technical wizard at your beck and call to get you out of any sticky or tricky problem and to ensure that you never face Why Is My Mac Running Slow ever again? With Geek on demand help is on hand 24/7. READ MORE…

Best Mac Cleaner Software – Comparison

Mac performance is one of the most topical issues for any user. Scattered file copies, uncontrolled RAM, outdated software, and ‘hidden’ junk files can lead to unsatisfying performance. Mac’s hard drive, especially in old Mac computers, is the first place to consider. Manual hard drive cleanup is a laborious task which is often not enough. That’s exactly when professional Mac cleaner software utilities for OS X step in to permanently remove these hidden memory-consuming files, free up gigabytes of space, and restore your Apple Mac’s signature snappy speed. Thankfully, there are plenty of elite Mac cleanup tools that are eager to return your beloved computer to a “like new” state in minutes!

Below are the Most Best Elite Mac Cleaner Software’s on the Market – Lets COMPARE…. 

Below I’ve devised a simple comparison chart for you to easily compare the features of each Mac cleanup tool. It will help you decide which software has the best value for money and, what’s more important, is most suitable for your needs.

maccleaning tools comparison


mackeeper rating

‘MacKeeper’ Software

Currently installed on my MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops, Kromtech’s MacKeeper is the favorite Mac cleaning software of MacNerdy.com. It dominates the Mac cleaner world and has understandably scooped over 100 gold 5-star awards from top tech companies, such as Tucows, Softonic, Brothersoft, etc. I can assure you that their ‘Fast Cleanup’ tool is definitely worth your attention.

MacKeeper “Human Inside” version was introduced at MacWorld 2014 as software and a 24/7 support service. For me, MacKeeper’s 17-app bundle is the ULTIMATE all-in-one Mac maintenance software. It devotes the entire category to Mac cleaning. MacKeeper’s professional tools have helped me to keep my computer safe, clean, reliable, and FAST.


MacKeepers ‘Mac Cleaner’ Features

mackeeper-memory-cleanerMemory Cleaner This tool quickly frees up memory and boosts performance of applications on your Mac. It can automatically recover available RAM in the background, whenever it gets “too low”… and without interrupting your work.

mackeeper fast cleanup Fast CleanupThis tool safely scans your entire Mac seeking useless data, such as dastardly binary files, language packs, cache and log files. It then presents its findings allowing you to pick and choose what to remove with one click.

mackeeper-duplicates-finderDuplicate Finder  – This tool provides a thorough scan for mischievous hidden file clones, even the renamed ones. This detail is overlooked by most Mac cleaner softwares. I’m always so shocked of how many duplicates I have accidentally hoarded.

mackeeper disk usage Disk Usage  – I find this tool very useful. It displays a clear map of all data that is contained on your hard drive. With its helpful color code system you can instantly see which files are affecting your Mac’s performance.

mackeeper smart uninstallerSmart Uninstaller  – This tool lets me know that my files are in safe hands. MacKeeper’s elite ‘Smart Uninstaller’ fiercely rivals independent Mac uninstallers on the market. It has the intelligence to know which files are useless and unwanted.

mackeeper shredder Shredder This tool makes this Mac clean up software extra effective as it permanently deletes your unwanted files ensuring that you free up maximum space.  

mackeeper file finder

Files Finder  – I’m always using this feature. It makes retrieving a lost file easy peasy, even if you have forgotten the name, as you can set your own search criteria.

Download Size: 384Kb   Requirements: OSX 10.5 of later To read about MacKeeper’s additional maintenance categories: Security, Data Control, Optimisation and Technical Support click here…

MacKeeper Summary

In recent experimentation the newly updated MacKeeper has proven to be a powerful application. It safely slimed down the contents of my Mac and DID optimize its performance!

With MacKeeper’s Mac cleaner software installed you will never need to stress over accidental file loss, shortage of disk space for storage, virus attacks, or disastrous security breaches. Plus if you find yourself wrestling technical issues or just have a quick question, be sure that the 24/7 customer support will be at hand to guide you through. In my opinion, MacKeeper is an absolute must-have app!

Interesting note – MacKeeper was the first Mac cleaner that I used and it dug out and removed 34gb of space off my laptop. Very impressive!

Price: $14.95 per month, MacKeeper’s entire 17-app maintenance bundle (inclusive of their Mac Cleaner category) is priced at $14.95 monthly subscription license with a generous 365-Day Money Back Guarantee. Available worldwide. If you subscribe for 24 months, the price will be $4.95 per month.


cleanmymac rating

‘CleanMyMac 3’ Software

Just like MacKeeper, CleanMyMac 3 is a combination of different cleaning functions in a single app, which is focused mainly on removing unneeded files on Mac. CleanMyMac is also permanently installed on my main machine. Being also a worthy winner of countless prestigious 5-star Editor’s and Readers Choice Awards, this Mac cleaner won’t let you down!

With all the top software review giants, such as Macworld, Tucows, CNET, CultofMac, etc. singing CleanMyMac’s praises from their virtual rooftops, in my experience, this Mac cleaner certainly delivers and lives up to what it preaches – “Clean up your Mac”.


CleanMyMac 3 Features

All functions in CleanMyMac 3 can be grouped as Cleaning, Maintenance, and Monitoring tools.

CleanMyMac3 Smart CleanUpSmart Cleanup – The Smart Cleanup function is a safe cleaning that reduces the risk of improperly deleted items. All files that are found during Smart Cleanup are offered to the user for review before removal.

CleanMyMac3 Photos JunkPhotos Junk – This tool searches your Photos library and deletes unneeded copies of images that are kept by Photos after you edit your pics.

CleanMyMac3 System JunkSystem Junk – This tool scans your entire Mac, every dark nook and cranny, freeing up corridors of space and dramatically boosting the performance of your Mac. With a few clicks you can clean up Mac and have data organized.

CleanMyMac3 Mail AttachmentsMail Attachments –  After the scan, the program removes local copies of mail attachments that are still available on your mail server.

CleanMyMac3 iTunes JunkiTunes Junk – This tool removes useless files in iTunes. Most people even do not realize how many outdated backups, broken downloads, and old firmware updates are stored on Mac.

CleanMyMac3 Trash BinsTrash Bins – CleanMyMac 3’s Trash Bins cleans up all the trashes on your Mac, not just the main Trash in your Dock.

CleanMyMac3 Large & Old Files ModuleLarge & Old Files Module – This tool brings your attention to forgotten large files, which may be causing your Mac to run slow.


CleanMyMac3 UninstallerUninstaller –   A superior and trustworthy uninstaller. It properly removes even bulky softwares and can locate all lurking trace files.

CleanMyMac3 MaintenanceMaintenance – With this tool the user will be able to perform different scheduled and manual maintenance tasks, such as rebuilding Launch Services, reindexing Spotlight, and verifying disk permissions.

CleanMyMac3 PrivacyPrivacy – This tool cleans up history, cache files, and cookies from browsers and chats.


CleanMyMac3 Extensions ModuleExtension Module – This tool allows you to review and remove apps with certain extensions, such as widgets, plugins, images, etc.

CleanMyMac3 ShredderShredder – This tool can erase private files without a trace. It makes me feel secure when shopping online (which is often).


Health and Monitoring

CleanMyMac3 Mac Healt AlertsThis tool shows the performance of your Mac as a nice diagram: processor and memory usage, battery charge cycles, etc, and even lets you free up RAM to reduce lag time on your Mac.

CleanMyMac Sleek DesignSleek Design – Besides all the tools, CleanMyMac is a beautifully crafted software. The typical polished and shiny Apple design makes it easy breezy to clean up Mac.

Download Size: 34MB  System Requirements: Intel, OS X 10.7 or later.

Cleanmymac pros & cons

CleanMyMac 3 Summary

I have personally had the previous CleanMyMac version installed on all my main Macs for over a year. After using it time and time again to declutter and speed up my computer, I have to agree with the software review top guns when they brandish CleanMyMac 3 as an awesome Mac cleaner. It is even better than the previous one!

Creators MacPaw have a 4 year impeccable reputation for delivering quality Apple Mac products with CleanMyMac2 as their biggest triumph to date. Backed by brilliant test results the team at MacNerdy.com are happy to recommend this fab Mac cleaner. It is a sure bet and and also a indispensable tool for Mac users who wish for fast straightforward, effective Mac Cleanup software that will keep their beloved Mac in peak condition and running like a dream

cleanmymac Awards

Price: $39.95  Although more expensive than some Mac Cleanup apps, CleanMyMac ranges from $39.95. 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.


‘DetoxMyMac’ Softwaredetoxmymac rating

Awarded top marks by Mac software industry leaders, such as Tucows, MacTrast, and Cnet.com, DetoxMyMac is worth sitting up straight for. It is a fully capable expert utility that is worthy of riding up near the front with leaders MacKeeper and CleanMyMac 3. That’s why it’s scoring an admirable third place in Mac Nerdy’s Mac cleaner comparison review. It is an easy-to-use solution that makes it a pleasure to clean, secure, and optimize your Mac while keeping it running as smooth as a lemon cheesecake, faster than a spooked ostrich, and error-free. Cased in an elegant interface, this Mac cleanup software scans over 32 detox options and sub-options, which makes it a very efficient and effective Mac cleaner utility.

DetoxMyMac Features

detoxmymac reviewDetox History archives Delete unused history files from all browsers.

detoxmymacDetox Unused Languages Removes useless language files from your installed apps.

detox my macDetox Trash & DownloadsInstantly and permanently deletes all unnecessary files from your software trash cans.

detoxmymac mac cleanerDetox Cache filesAims to remove all built up cache files to help optimize and speed up Mac.

detoxmymac reviews Detox App Leftovers – Can seriously boost performance by removing leftover data from previously uninstalled apps.  

detoxmymac featuresDetox Logs, Reports & More Frees up mega space by eliminating this data.

Download size: 6.3MB  System Requirements: OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8/10.5 PPC/Intel

Detoxmymac pros & cons

DetoxMyMac Summary

Although still in the shadows of high-flyers MacKeeper and CleanMyMac 3, Detoxmymac will still leave your computer in safe hands. With companies such as Tucows, Cnet.com, and MacTrast backing this app as well, this software certainly deserves a high spot in our Mac cleaner review. If you don’t mind forfeiting all extra maintenance apps and Mac cleanup facilities that Mackeeper and CleanMyMac 3 offer, plus fancy an extra $10 in your wallet, then you can’t really go wrong with DetoxMyMac.

Price: $24.95 (including free updates) but has a stress-free 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.


‘CleanApp’ Software

Mac Clean up App

Like the most competent Mac cleanup tools, CleanApp focuses on tracking down and removing universal binaries, language packages, and old files. Unlike Cocktail, CleanApp has a beneficial feature of uninstalling programs and tracing all different segments that are related to a previously uninstalled app. Like MacKeeper, CleanApp houses a useful ‘Mac Disk Utility’ that shows you exactly which files are carrying the most weight. However, their block graphics on this feature are in my opinion far more confusing than MacKeeper’s simple traffic light color coding system. Although on the surface CleanApp looks like an almost perfect Mac cleaner software, there are two glaring cons – it has an annoying and detrimental habit of not successfully removing all traces of programs and can often accidentally remove vital shared components between programs.

Price: $14.99 CleanApp ranges from $14.99 for one Apple Mac.


‘Cocktail’ Software

Cocktail Mac cleanup

Cocktail Mac Cleaner is a handy tool that allows you to take care of most essential Mac maintenance tasks. A small step up from Apple Mac’s built-in Terminal feature, Cocktail lets you do Mac cleanup, repair, and optimize certain parts of your computer smoothly. Despite its relatively easy format, this clean up Mac software supplies a somewhat uninspiring and plain user interface, and some of the updated ‘tweaks’ that the utility boasts about will be lost on most users.

Price: $19 For one computer Cocktail sells for a reasonable $19.


‘MacCleanse’ Software

MacCleanse claims to be a ‘powerful’ Mac cleanup tool that can purify your hard drive by safely uninstalling unwanted apps, slimming down universal binaries, and wiping unused language logs. However, it feels like the main direction of this Mac cleaner software is not to clean and optimize your internal computer but to protect and delete your presence online. Like CleanMyMac and Mackeeper, it can easily remove your browser history, chat logs, cookies, and website cache. MacCleanse delivers a secure fast deletion, but albeit pretty smart looking, their user interface is a little counterintuitive.

Price: $19.95 To clean up Mac with MacCleanse it’ll set you back $19.95 for one computer.

Best Mac AntiVirus Software – Comparison

Apple Mac’s may be far more powerful, hold an elite title and have an abundance of glossy graphics, but that does not make them bullet proof from nasty hazardous viral viruses.

Their once impenetrable inbuilt defense barriers were enough to protect your prized investment from infection but the recent explosion in Mac popularity has seen a tidal wave in Mac targeted viruses being set loose.

I personably swear by having the added protection of a specialized Mac Antivirus Software even if it does nothing but provide me peace of mind.

An Anti Virus for Mac work by hunting down and catching rogue viruses before they have time to strike. Preventing them from spreading and infecting your internal Mac or from hackers eavesdropping, taking control of your computer and stealing disastrous private, often financial information.

The more acute, precise and fast acting a Mac Antivirus Software is the better

Below I have comprised a list of the Best Mac Antivirus apps on the market for you to COMPARE….

Mac antivirus softwares


MacKeeper AntiVirus

Included in MacKeeper’s multi-Award Winning maintenance app bundle is a fully optimized Mac Antivirus Software. This program is certainly beginner friendly as there are no nasty confusing configurations to activate. Once downloaded the program is fully automatic and will secure and protect all actions you perform.

MacKeeper Antivirus is a specialized package that keeps nasty security threats at bay and provids around the clock protection from…

• Mac OS and Windows viruses
• Identity theft
• Phishing attacks
• Passing on viruses to friends
• Fraud websites
• Unsafe downloads
• Threats from external devices
• E-mail threats
• Mac spyware
• Mac malware

One personalized feature of MacKeeper antivirus is that it detects not only Mac OS threats but also Windows viruses, making it a particularly attractive asset to Parallels Desktop users.

A massive benefit of this anti virus for mac is the real-time protection from malicious malware. This advantage prevents your Macs speed and performance from being compromised as the antivirus program has a Mac OS-based engine, an essential feature to keep your computer working at optimum pace.

Finally MacKeeper antivirus is already fully compatible with the new Mac OS X Lion update, as well as previous Mac backdrops and is fully optimized for all browsers ie chrome, safari and Firefox.

Price: MacKeeper’s entire maintenance bundle, with the Mac Antivirus Software included is priced at $39.95  subscription license. However starting from the second year there is an additional $10 subscription fee for virus database updates, but that is optional.


Norton Mac Antivirus
Norton Mac AntiVirusLabeled as one of the best antivirus software brands for window computers Norton is trusted to provide a great service. Although they have only relatively recently branched out into Mac protection they no doubt offer a good service.

Similar to MacKeeper Norton’s Mac Antivirus Software aims to protect all of your Mac from viruses, spyware and other threats without slowing down your computer. Prevent criminals from sneaking determinative coding onto your machine and from thieving private information. They too also run thorough update checks to stay on top to of newborn viruses.

One current drawback of this software is that it does not support Mac OS X Lion yet so only older models will suit and there user interface is quite complicated.

Price: Norton Mac Antivirus starts from $79.99 a year.


Protect Mac
Protect Mac Anti virusThe defiant name gives away the fact that this product is specific for Mac computers only, however this has not stopped them from copying MacKeeper and deterring traditional Window viruses away. Despite being a rather young creation, Protect Mac Antivirus software does a does a good job in securing your Mac against the usual viruses, worms, trojans and spyware.
Getting one over on Nortoan and matching MacKeeper’s up to date attitude, protect Mac is also supports Mac OS X Lion.

Price: a mere $0.04s more expensive than Mackeeper’s Mac Antivirus Protect Mac tolls in at $39.99 a year including updates.


Virus Barrier x6
Virus BarrierDespite the webpage not conforming to the usual swishy graphics we have become so accustomed to with Mac products Virus Barrier x6 is a stable anti virus for Mac. Complete with the usual all important anti-malware protection teamed with firewall, network protection, anti-phishing, anti-spyware features Virus Barrier x6 strives to stay on top of all known network-based threats and known malware. Although it falls short when it comes to Antispam, parental control, backup and data protection.

Virus Barrier x6 is also cooperative with Mac OS X Lion.

Price: Placed at the more costly end of the scale, Virus Barrier x6 ranges from $59.95 a year inclusive of updates.


Kaspersky Mac Antivirus
KasperskyKaspersky Mac Antivirus Software already has an established reputation when it comes to windows protection and too have recently spread their wings to cover Mac safety as well. Just like MacKeeper Kaspersky has picked up an award for their antivirus system and is equally a safe bet to purchase for thorough Mac protection.

On top of the key features of scouting out Viruses, Trojans, worms and other malware, spyware and adware, they Include a web browser plugin that can easily detect fraud websites. Also suitable for Mac OS X Lion users.

Price: Matching Virus Barrier x6 price tag Kaspersky charges $59.95 a year including updates.



ClamXav Mac AntivirusA the bottom end of the scale (for two reasons) is ClamXav anti virus for Mac. Proudly a free Mac antivirus solution ClamXav is perfect for temporary protection. Although it peruses everything an average Mac Antivirus should it is a case of ‘you get what you pay for’ with this app. Like most freeware applications, it is rarely updates and will evidently let new viruses and malware slip through the net.

It currently supports Mac OS X Lion but has a few kinks to iron out it its performance.

Price: Mac AntiVirus ClamXav is a healthy $0.

Best Mac Antivirus Software – Summary

These apps are the Best Mac Antivirus softawares in the business. From the immediate price comparison despite the zero cost of ClamXav KromTechs MacKeeper has beat to the the post for most cost effective protection software. The high annual prices of Norton and Kaspersky Mac antivirus are quite forgivable as these solutions dominate the window world and have existed on the market for some time. However Nortons incompatibility with Mac latest Lion update frankly leaves them out in the cold.

MacKeeper’s toolbox of goodies, inclusive of the ‘Mac Antivirus’, stands tall at $39.95 for a subscription license. After it’s dedicated Antivirus feature was certified by VB100 as one of the top 10 antiviruses in the world, putting it on an equal term with Norton and Kaspersky, that price is now viewed as quite a bargain…

Best Mac Security Software – Comparison

With Apple Macs continually scooping top ranks for the best looking computer, having untouchable performance and a high flying designer price tag, they are undoubtedly irresistible to thieving mitts. We commonly shell out $$$ for inventive security features to safeguard our homes and cars from burglary, so why stretch further and protect our Macs from getting stolen with Mac Security Software ?

Thankfully numerous Mac anti-theft solutions have been engineered to keep greedy criminal master minds at bay – so lets delve a little further compare the most popular Mac Security Software on the market…


MacKeeper’s ‘Anti-Theft

MacKeeper continues to produce features fit to dominate every category field and their Mac Security Anti-Theft service is no exception.

KromTech have really thought of everything to keep a Mac out of harms way and packed it all into one compact app. If the worst happens and you find your Mac gets stolen MacKeeper’s ‘Anti-Theft’ solution immediately leaps into action. Within minutes it will pin-point the missing computers geographical position using wi-fi network details. A list of what to do next and a detailed location report is also provided via email, which you can present to the police to take action.

To make the retrieval of your treasured Mac even more solid and ensure justice will be carried out, is MacKeeper’s cooperation with the built in iSight feature. Once reported stolen this tool ignites and takes disguised snap shots of the villain as proof.

Mac security

A personal feature that helps this Mac security software stand out from the rest is MacKeeper’s dedicated 24/7 customer support. Once your Mac has been tracked down MacKeeper’s team will immediately be in touch day or night. Such instant response will enable you to act on the spot to get your Mac back ASAP.

Price: MacKeeper’s entire maintenance bundle, with the Mac Security Software inclusive is priced at $39.95 lifetime license.

Undercover Undercover Mac Security Software

With its high graphic logo of a shady looking fella Mac security software ‘Undercover’ sets the tone of a very professional app. This premier Apple security solution does take quite a beating from rivals and matches the innovative Mac security resource of MacKeeper’s multi-award wining feature. Optimized to be used on any Apple product, including your vulnerable iPhone, Undercover focuses mainly on recovery.

In addition to deciphering your stolen Mac’s location using WiFi, like MacKeeper, this software will also hunt down every movement of the criminal and take screen shots of them embarrassed and caught red handed. Including an amusing twist to the detection work Undercover has devised scary tactics to deter the burglar, such as darkening the screen and even making your Mac shout that it’s been pinched!

Price: Undercover provided Apple security for your Mac with a fee of $49.00.


WatchMac WatchMac Mac Anti-theft

Unlike an all round software such as MacKeeper’s Mac security and Undercover, WatchMac focuses on preventing a crime from taking place, sounding an alarm when suspecting foul play. It is a great tool if you want to catch any nosey collogues attempting to forge their way into your computer.

WatchMac monitors your Macs every move and stays on the look out for unusual goings on. Such as odd physical movements, battery replacements and possible security breach attempts – when someone tries to break your password code. After any fishy movements WatchMac wakes up and records the play of events. It will even take a picture of the scoundrel using your Mac’s iSight or FaceTime camera.

Price: WatchMac’s Mac security software starts from a reasonable $19.95.

Compare Mac Security Apps

Best Mac Security Software – Summary…

Undercover comes with a fairly hefty price tag attached but their tried and tested formula makes it a $40,95 well spent. WatchMac comes in at half the price but lacks vital Apple security tricks such as locating the stolen machine for successful retrieval, unlike undercover and MacKeeper. MacKeeper’s truly reliable app teamed with their unique 24/7 customer support makes MacKeeper a very tough contender in this category. With their multi-award winning maintenance package containing ’16’ other individual specialized apps all for the total price of $39.95 life time fee, MacKeeper is poised as the one to beat.

Best Duplicate File Finder Mac – Comparison

Cleaning your beloved Mac of Duplicates and junk files once-in-awhile is essential to protect your investment and keep your machine running at fast peak performance at all times. Whether you need to speed up an annoyingly slow Mac or just aiming to free up vital memory space to increase speed and storage, deleting old, useless, memory eating Duplicate files is definitely the way to go folks!

Below is a List of the Most Popular ‘Mac Duplicate File Finder’ for you to COMPARE…

Best Duplicate File Finder Mac

  MacKeeper Cleaning Software – Duplicate Winner! To make locating, junk or duplicate files an easy process and guaranteeing you reclaim gigabytes of space, Mackeeper’s Multi-Award Winning maintenance bundle provides two dedicated tools… Renowned as ‘911 For Your Mac’, Mackeeper contains 16 individual Mac maintenance apps all designed to keep your beloved computer safe from viruses and thieves, running lightening fast, ensure all your files are organized and vitally dramatically improve the lifespan of your Mac. These optimization apps are spilt into 5 popular categories; Mac Cleaner, Optimization, Security, Data Control and Geek on Demand. The cleaning section houses two very useful software’s Duplicates Finder and Files Finder. Mackeeper DuplicatesDuplicates Finder – This professional duplicate file finder Mac is extremely intensive at digging out clone files. Teamed with Mackeeper’s other highly developed cleaning features this section will swiftly scan your entire Mac, searching to the darkest depths to ensure you uncover every useless file and free up as much memory space as possible – on top of boosting your Macs performance and speed! Unlike rival Mac duplicate file finders, Mackeeper is skilled enough to hunt down and allow you to order and remove any type of data doubles yourself to stop accidents, including general files, music, video, photos etc ‘even’ if they have been renamed! Clever eh. Mackeeper File FinderFiles Finder – To simplify things Mackeeper have created a separate app to locate desired files and help you organise them. Uniquely it has Custom Presets enabling you to create your own filters for specific files, instantly narrowing down the search criteria allowing you always to locate the correct files. This tool also helps you track general, video, audio, photos, including archives and applications.

Price: Mackeeper’s entire maintenance bundle, inclusive of the whole ‘Cleaning’ category costs $39.95 for a subscription license plus 365 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Download Mackeeper

Easy Duplicate File Finder Mac easy duplicate file finder MacAlthough rather expensive for a one-off app, Easy Duplicate File Finder makes managing duplicate files easy. It has the ability to scan your Apple Macs hard drive and sieve out doubles, allowing you to then decide to keep, delete, rename or archive them. Crucially this duplicate file finder Mac is capable of sorting through not only general file copies but also images and photo files, mp3 and songs and even identical emails. Price: This costly Mac duplicate file finder starts from $39.90 for one computer and $54.85 with the ability to sort duplicate photos

HoudahSpot HundaSpotDespite not being able to categorize duplicate files, Houdah Spot is a pretty thorough Apple Mac file finder. Like Mackeeper’s dedicated File Finder app, this one is head and shoulders above Mac OS X in-built Spot light and Finder features. It enables you to quickly narrow your searches and create detailed quires to certify you pinpoint the exact file you want, tag files for easy retrieval and help with convenient filling. However this tool is not ideal for sifting out lurking duplicates or removing unwanted files to make excess memory space… Price: Perhaps a little overpriced compared with other duplicate file finder Mac, Houdah Spot is $30

Decloner DeclonerThis reliable duplicate file finder Mac is the cheapest option so far yet still harbors the intelligence to pickup wasteful twin files saved in different formats. Like Mackeeper, the developers boast a high degree of accuracy due to the SHA-1 algorithm – which accurately determines if files are identical. It’s bare uninspiring user interface is not what most Mac enthusiasts are accustomed too but it does the trick and allows you to safely scan your hard drive and delete uncovered clones in bulk. Two draw backs of this Mac duplicate file finder is its incredibly slow scanning rate and the fact you can not efficiently drag and drop your files into it. Also it ignores particular files and folders and data smaller than a certain size, resulting some duplicates being overlooked. Price: Delconer is reasonably priced at $19.95

Best Mac Encryption Software – Comparison

A ‘Mac Encryption Software’ is essential for keeping private, personal and financial files safe and locked up. If you often share your computer with friends, family even colleagues a Mac Data Encryption tool will give you peace of mind your personal and private information is effectively concealed from prying eyes…

This is a common problem and Mac OS X  do provide a pre-installed encryption tool called FileVault, but however the draw back is it can only encrypt your user folder boo hoo! Not very useful if you need to hide individual files and folders… Here is a list of the Most Popular ‘Mac Encryption’ Apps for you to COMPARE…

Mac encryption software

    MacKeeper’s Mac Encrption Software 
Unlike its data Encryption competition, MacKeeper’s Multi- Award Winning 16+ App maintenance bundle contains a unique approach to data protection… MacKeeper’s personalised data concealment software ‘Data Encryptor’ works using a complex two-level Mac encryption platform. With an optimized interface MacKeeper makes it easy to select which files and programs you want to safeguard and tags them with a double password ensuring the encryption is even safer. Nice! This feature is so thorough that it even prevents people from easily pulling up hidden files though Finder or Terminal, leaving you in total control. An additional data Backup tool also comes in the package so you need never fret about losing any important or treasures files and programs. It also support industry standard ES-128 and AES-256 making it the creme dela creme of Mac data security apps.

Price: MacKeeper’s entire 16 app maintenance bundle – inclusive of their Mac Data Encryptor – is priced at $39.95 subscription license with a very generous 365 Money Back Guarantee. Available worldwide and FREE Trial for newbies.

Mac encryption app

Knox Knox Mac Data EncryptorThis data protection app is easily integrated with Mac OS X FileVault. It is slightly less sophisticated than Espionage and MacKeeper’s tool but it still allows you to password secure vaults to hide your files. It also allows you to schedule automatic backups to safeguard your data. Price: Continuing a trend Knox Mac Encryption Software starts from $34.99.


Espionage Espionage Mac EncyrptorEspionage is a fully loaded Mac Encryption software. When installed it integrates itself with Finder. If an attempt is made to pull up a concealed file the user will be asked to provide a password. Espionage can allow you to disguise nearly all files, even emails, chat history and videos. There are no frills with this app it just comes with a very simple interface with a drag and drop function. Price: Espionage price starts from $34.95.


TrueCrypt TrueCryptTrueCrypt is a good freeware utility that is a great temporary Mac encryption tool. Like most fee apps you get what you pay for in quality but TrueCrypt is adequate to get some protection on your personal files. The interface lacks in user friendliness but it does include a written manual to get you over any hurdles. Similar to MacKeeper it contains the useful feature of successfully sheltering files even after someone falsely resets the entering password. Price: TrueCrypt has the nice price tag of $0.

 Best Mac Encryption Software – Summary

Specific to Mac encryption and Data management Espionage and MacKeeper are head and shoulders more advanced than the concealment features of Knox and Truecrypt. But it is worth bearing in mind that for $5 more MacKeeper contains an extra ’16’ handy dedicated Mac maintenance apps…

How To Uninstall On Mac – Best Mac Uninstaller?

If you want to breath life back into a tired Apple Mac and get it working at optimal speed once more, weeding out and permanently deleting old, forgotten files and software’s is the way to go. To do this successfully you’ll need to know ‘How to uninstall on Mac‘ – the correct way…

If you are planning on digging out unused apps and programs that are deviously sitting on your desktop taking up valuable space, what ever you do, do not trash them! This may sound like a rather odd suggestion but simply trashing a program only deletes surface files, leaving buckets of data hidden in the depths of your hard drive, sneakily using up precious memory.

Completely deleting an apps entire package also prevents stray data from causing further difficult to diagnose issues. To successfully remove any file, app or software effectively, a Mac Uninstaller Software is the best approach.


Here is a list of the Most Popular ‘Mac Uninstaller‘ Apps in the Business for you to COMPARE…

 How to uninstall on Mac



To safely and effectively uninstall programs on Mac our number one recommendation has to go to MacKeeper.

MacKeeper’s Multi-Award Winning bundle of ’16’ maintenance apps comes complete with a unique Mac uninstall software appropriately named ‘Wise Mac Uninstaller’.

The name is fitting as MacKeeper’s creation provides their customer with everything needed for a fast, effective and safe Uninstallation. So ‘How To Uninstall On Mac’ becomes a very easy quest!

Combined with many other personalised features – such as the 4 other specific Mac Cleaning apps, the ‘Wise Mac Uninstaller’ is accomplished enough to scan your entire hard drive sieving out all out of date, unused and neglected apps, widgets, software’s etc. It then will present its finding allowing you to pick and chooses which programs will be permanently deleted.

This feature is also intelligent enough to know which data is important and precious – an important asset that will prevent you from accidentally deleting work files or treasures photos.

All MacKeeper apps are teamed with a 24/7 customer support, which you can utilise with any Mac issue whether it’s ‘how to uninstall on Mac’ using Mackeeper or random other.

CON: Most expensive (but you do get 15 additional apps.)

Price: MacKeeper’s entire maintenance bundle, with the ‘Wise Mac Uninstaller’ included is priced at $39.95 subscription licence and ‘356 Day Money Back Guarantee’.

How to uninstall on Mac


Uninstall on Mac Appdelete is a handy lightweight app to uninstall programs on Mac. It is capable of removing most Applications on top of popular Widgets, Plugins, Preference Panes, and Screensavers including their associated files. AppDelete may not be as fast at leader Mackeeper but it too has the added bonus of sniffing out and deleting “orphaned” files – lonely components that are perhaps the remains of a past deleted app. However, AppDelete delivers what you would expect for the bargain basement price. It tends to annoyingly freeze a lot and is only really ideal to uninstall one or two programs from your Mac . If you have a lot of apps to remove or your Mac is several months old with a lot of trace files to locate, then a more substantial tool such as Mackeeper is recommended.

CON: Freezes a lot, Only suitable for suitable to uninstall one or two apps.

Price: AppDelete starts at the very reasonably price of $7.99 but there are some hidden costs and a customer is required to pay more for future updates.


best Mac UninstallerThe simple drag and drop nature of AppZapper makes it easy to uninstall programs on Mac. Like most specialised Mac Uninstaller apps this nifty gadget has the ability to remove most traces of unwanted software’s. If you only have one or two softwares you would like to uninstall then this app should be fine. However if your Mac is running slow or low on memory space a tool like Mackeeper that can efficiently delete all traces at the touch of a button is advised. As it will leave behind a large trail of freed up memory space and can dramatically boost speed.
Like Mackeeper a great addition to this Mac Uninstall Software is the recovery feature, which enables to conveniently restore accidentally deleted applications. However their customer support can sometime be a extremely slow as it is only offered via email

CON:  The latest version only works on Snow Leopard, Slow support and only really suitable to uninstall one or two apps.

Price: Also priced admirably Appzapper comes in at $12.95.



Uninstall programs on MacAppCleaner is a great freeware uninstaller for Mac OS if you just want to remove one or two pestering apps. However, the charitable price tag comes with limitations. It is only capable of deleting applications and is NOT yet evolved enough to delete common plugins, widgets and preference panes. They also have no customer support so if anything accidentally goes wrong (which it has been known to cause a bit of trouble) you are on you own pal.

CON: Can’t remove a lot of common programs, plugins etc, NO customer support, very slow and not 100% reliable.

Price: This Mac Uninstaller software is a nice big $0.

how to uninstall on mac


‘How to Uninstall on Mac?’ Best Mac Uninstaller – Summary

At first glance Appdelete, AppZapper and Appcleaner strike up a competitive bargain price against MacKeeper’s Wise Mac Uninstall software. Averaging at one fourth (baring costs for updates) of MacKeeper’s life time licences fee. However, if MacKeeper was a bundle of four maintenance apps then this math would measure up BUT the multi- Award Winning toolbox contains ’16’! Hmmm….