Mac Backup Software – Compare Top Apps

Out of all the essential maintenance apps available an efficient Mac Backup Software is certainly among the most valuable. An optimized backup tool will successfully safeguard your computer from simple issues such as accidently deleting important data to worst case senorio when a technical fault engulfs your beloved Mac.

Mac OS X have a pre-installed data backup tool – Time Machine, but its capabilities are very limited compared to specialized Mac Backup Softwares.

Without further ado lest see what the Most Popular Mac Backup Apps have to offer…Lets COMPARE!


Lurking amongst MacKeeper’s 16 Multi-Award Winning apps is their inventive Mac ‘Backup’ software. On top of incorporating all the essential features ChronoSync provides MacKeeper has gone one step further and accommodates scheduling and external devices support. In addition to all other special features that guarantee your Mac and treasures content is insured, you have the option top sync changes with reserve copies in specific time intervals and store them on either a USB Flash drive, FTP, External HDD, and ZeoDisk – so you never need to panic if you find yourself in a sticky technical spot.

Price: MacKeeper’s’ entire 16 app maintenance bundle (inclusive of their Mac Backup tool) is priced at $39.95 subscription license with 365 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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SuperDuper Mac BackupMac backup software SuperDuper is perfectly adequate at doing a system backup for Mac. Similar to Mac OS X inbuilt Time Machine, SuperDuper supports external storage media but benefits from a useful built-in scheduler preventing you from having to manually copy and save your data every day. One drawback of SuperDuper however is it lacks the ability to safeguard and restore large volumes of data.

The products website itself isn’t as highly graphic or flashy like most Apple Mac products and their simple interface reflects this. Despite this it is quite an easy Mac backup app to use as each stage is companioned with helpful dialog boxes to guide you through.
Like all these Mac backup softwares, SuperDuper is also fully compatible Macs latest upgrade Lion.
Price: SuperDuper prices starts from a reasonable $27.95.


Chrono Sync Backup appAt initial glance the information on ChronoSync’s Mac backup utility appears to be directed solely at Mac wizards and is likely to confuse new users leaving them medicating a headache.

However with their more appropriately designed user friendly interface it shouldn’t take too long for a new customer to become accustomed to ChronoSync’s features and run a backup for Mac.

This dedicated Mac backup software comes with several quality features to ensure your precious Mac and data is protected, such as synchronization, backups and bootable backups. An added bonus of installing ChronoSync is their archiving twist, which enables you to restore from a timeline of backups.
Price: ChronoSync is priced the highest ranging from $40.00.

Mac Backup Software Price Comparison

Mac Backup Software – Summary

Although all three Mac Backup softwares are striving for the same result there are some significant differences. Out of the three SuperDuper puts up the least impressive fight offering limited capabilities compared to MacKeeper and ChronoSync. MacKeeper stands out with its ability to create reserve copies both for your Macs storage volumes and external devices.
As for ChronoSync, it costs a tad more than its rivals but there’s not denying it – with ’15’ extra specialized Mac maintenance apps in its tool box, MacKeeper takes a beating on value for money.

As for ChronoSync, it costs as much as MacKeeper while doing even less than the latter.

Mac Data Recovery Software – Comparison

Just imagine you spent hours and hours researching, planning and writing a vital work document only to accidently trash it beyond reach, or worse still, how would you feel if you sat down to reminisce over years of treasures photos only to discover they are no longer installed on your hard drive.

Prevent that horrible sinking feeling from engulfing your gut by investing in a stable, reliable Mac Recovery Software. If anything disastrous strikes you will always be prepared for the worse.

Below is an overview of the most popular ‘Mac Data Recovery’ tools on the market for you to COMPARE…



Nestled within MacKeeper’s Multi-Award Winning ’16’ app maintenance toolbox is their specialist ‘Files Recovery’ feature.

On top of supporting recovery from data in external media devices such as Firewire & USB Disks and being able to retract information from complicated HFS, HFS+, NTFS and FAT file systems, this Mac recovery software is also capable of restoring data in all formats. Audio, video, photo, documents and even archives will all file extensions can be successfully recovered.

Teaming up with MacKeeper’s 16 other optimized and dedicated apps their Mac data recovery tool has the added benefit of being able to scan your entire hard drive. It can dig out all lost files from even the deepest darkest depths and helpfully display all discovered files, allowing you to preview them using Quick Look and restore those you need with just one click.

Price: MacKeeper’s’ entire maintenance bundle, with the ‘Mac Recovery Software’ included costs $39.95 for a subscription license with ‘365 Day Money Back Guarantee’.

VirtualLab MacVirtualLab
This Mac recovery software found fame supporting Windows computers but have recently branched out into the lucrative Apple Mac market. Unlike most Mac apps with their glossy graphics, VirtualLab displays a rather basic sales page and user interface, but overall it does house a good Mac data recovery system.

VirtualLab works with nearly all media types and is capable of restoring deleted files, Lost/Damaged Partitions, Formatted Disks, Hard Drives & RAID Systems, Photos & Flash Memory Cards and can even supports external devices such as Firewire & USB Disks.

Unfortunately this Mac data recovery tool does have a few floors: it can not work without substantial internet connection and offers slow technical support.

Price: One of the cheapest Mac data recovery softwares VirtualLab starts from $39.95.


Stellar Phoenix Stellar Phoenix
Much like VirtualLab, Stellar Phoenix specializes in Windows computers so their understanding of Macs may not be as sharp as committed Mac data recovery tools.

Once again Stellar Phoenix fails to deliver the impressive visuals and clever user interface of traditional Mac products but they are still easy to use and effective at retaining nearly all lost files.

Like most, this data recovery Mac solution is equipped to reinstate a lot of file types for HFS and FAT file systems. It can also redeem lost data on to external storage devices but falls behind its competitors by failing to support NTFS file systems.

Price: The most expensive Mac data recovery yet, Stellar Phoenix ranges from $49.99


TechTool Pro 6TechTool Pro 6
Similar to MacKeeepr, TechTool Pro 6 solely focuses on improving Macs and provides that wow convenient user interface. In some areas this Mac data recovery tool over delivers. On top of helping to rescue deleted files and lost data it has a smart Diagnostics and Repair feature and allows you to clone existing data – great if you switching to another Mac.
However these added elements don’t distract from the fact that it does not support the FAT and NTFS file systems, unlike other cheaper Mac recovery softwares.

Price: TechTool Pro 6 is tagged at a whopping $89.99


Mac Data RescueData Rescue
Don’t let the monstrous price tag fool you. Data Rescue is a good Mac data recovery system and is able to recover all types of files from your hard drive, including deleted, lost and damaged ones. It can resurrect digital picture and camera media and even allows you to reinstall your entire drive or just the files you need. But this is nothing new… While this application can revive HFS/HFS+ file systems, it is no good for FAT and NTFS file systems.

Unfortunately DataResuce lacks in the customer support department so only confident technical customers are advised to invest.

Price: Data Resuce for Mac is tagged at $99.


Mac Data Recovery Software – Summary

From the price comparison it becomes clear which Mac data Recovery softwares are worth our attention and which ones should be left in the cold.

Lets start with the elephant in the room – it’s beyond me why people should shell out extra for TechTool Pro 6 and Data Rescue when neither of them support file recovery from every platform.

VirtualLab’s price matches MacKeeper’s, but its dependency on Internet connection and renowned slow tech support prevents them from taking the lead.

Stella Phoenix is reasonably billed but still doesn’t offer as much as the latter.

MacKeeper’s Mac Recovery software puts up an impressive fight on value as within the one-off life time license price it also includes 16 additional specialized maintenance apps that are dedicated to ensuring your beloved Mac always runs at peak performance.

Mac Tech Support – Compare Apps

Fancy your very own Mac geek to guide you out of any sticky tricky technical spot? With the popularity of Apple Macs rapidly erupting, the past few years has seen an avalanche of stressed Mac customers panicking how to get themselves out of everyday confusing technical issues. Three cleaver programs have spotted this hole in the market and have dedicated their time to providing customers with step-by-step help to get your beloved computer and fretting nerves back on track.

Lets COMPARE the ‘Mac Tech Support’ contenders…


MacKeeper ‘Geek on Demand’MacKeeper Mac Tech support

With MacKeeper’s technical help system the clue in in the name, Geek On Demand’. To ensure you successfully get out of any stressful problem fast, MacKeeper can provide detailed guidance via a traditional email, a toll-free phone line and excitingly with 24/7 live chat support.

Whether your issue is MacKeeper related or not, Geek on Demand will supply you with a 24/7 personal Mac genius to help with any troubling query.
Depending on your preference and what you feel comfortable with, they can give expert technical assistance to you directly or additionally take the trouble out of your hands with gaining access through a remote desktop connection and fix it personally.

Mac tech support

Price: MacKeeper’s entire maintenance bundle, inclusive of ‘Geek on demand’ is priced at $39.95 lifetime licence and ‘365 Day Money Back Guarantee’.

AT&T Tech Support 360

At Apple Tech SupportAlthough mainly targeting small and large business AT&T Tech Support 360 are a US based subscription service that will strive to get you out of any technical spot of bother. Their aid includes PC and Apple Tech support, network and security setup, software installation and configuring your peripherals. They can also take a look at activating online data backup and provide server support.

Interestingly they remotely access your computer using desktop sharing technology, letting them tap into your personal system and fix the issues over the Internet.

AT&T Tech Support 360 state 24/7 support but that term applies loosely as you are usually required to schedule their apple tech support services well in advance or wait for the next available appointment – not ideal if your computer is literally packing up in front of you.

Price: AT&T Tech Support 360 customer care for Mac starts at a monthly subsciption fee of $24.00



AskDrTech Apple Tech SupportAgain AskDrTech are based in the US and Canada – not a great start if you are a resident of another country. Following the same pattern as At&T this apple tech support service offers help on any technical issue related to Windows, Mac OS or peripherals. They also work their magic by activating a remote desktop connection to login into your desktop and tackle the plaguing issue personally.
When it comes to Mac’s AskDrTech focus on fixing problems with Mac OS X Mail, general support, installation tips and advice on Mac downloads and updates.

Price: The cost is significantly higher than At&T and MacKeeper, AskDrTech has a fee of $37.00 per problem or alternatively a hefty $147.00 annually.


Mac Tech Support – Summary

AskDrTech exorbitant price of $37.00 per each service doesn’t make as big a splash as
MacKeeper and AT&T Mac technical assistant offers. MacKeeper’s’s Geek on Demand delivers customers will expert help on unlimited demands included in the $39.95 lifetime license. As for AT&T, they expect a monthly subscription fee of $25.95 and having to book your appointment slot in advance certainly has its draw backs and makes them quite useless for urgent cases…

Mac Update Tracking Software – Comparison

I’m sure you will agree that it’s quite infuriating having constant Mac update alerts popping up whenever you are in a rush or in the middle of an important assignment. Unfortunately to keep your Mac running at peak performance it is essential you pay attention to updating your apps.

Updating Apple powered apps is relatively easy as you can use the Appstore service. However they do not support third-party software updates and navigating your way to each individual app site wold certainly take the best part of a day – especially if you hold 50+ like me…

Installing an effective Mac Update Software will atomically ensure your apps are always injected with the latest version, guaranteeing your machine is always working at its best and saving you buckets of time doing it manually.

Here is an overview off the most popular ‘Mac Update Tracking’ tools for you to COMPARE…



‘Update tracker’ – Unlike the Mac update trackers above MacKeeper’s version displays a list of all apps installed on your computer labelled with a traffic light colour coding system. Green symbols up-to-date tools while red alerts you to outdated ones.

This map also allows you to organise programs in order of favourites, empowering you to have full control over which apps you prioritize for updates and usefully block updates for systems that are not frequently used – preventing their update from taking up any more of your Macs already limited memory space.

Mac Antivirus‘Mac Antivirus’ – Also included in MacKeeper’s Multi-Award Winning 16 bundle is a fully optimized ‘Mac Anti-virus software’. This (among other things) ensures you will not download any nasty viruses, spyware or malware during your updates.

With one click MacKeeper will automatically search and update all old apps securing your Mac is optimized and working a full pelt.

MacKeeper Login Items‘Login Items’ – In addition to the professional Mac Update Tracker MacKeeper houses two other specialized app to keep your computer working at peak performance.
Login items is a nifty tool to boost those usual laborious login times. It also allows you to easily edit and manage which applications, ie, internet, automatically startup upon login.

MacKeeper Update Tracker ‘Default App’ – The second bonus feature is MacKeeper’s Default App. This is a great time saving weapon as it prevents a lot of dithering when it comes to opening files. It helpfully allows you to define which applications will open each file type.

Price: MacKeeper’s entire 16 app maintenance bundle inclusive of their Update Tracker is priced at $39.95  subscription license with 365 Money Back Guarantee.

CNET TechTracker Plus
Tech Tracker Mac UpdateCNET TechTracker is a pretty good Mac Update software as it helps you to keep your apps fresh by scanning for updates all on one site. It also handily checks new updates for malicious spyware, so you never need worry a download will cause more damage then good.
Plus their app is powered by the CNET downloads catalog – making the download process pretty smooth.

Price: This Mac Update tracking tool ranges from $19.99 upwards.


MacUpdate Desktop
MacUpdateDespite their rather confusing interface this software also allows you to track updates from one source. It’s powered by MacUpdate software directory allowing you to cut out any middle man and sync your updates with MacUpdate’s Watch List. This enables you to download all updates with one click. However it doesn’t have the bonus feature of scanning each download for spyware…

Price: Access to MacUpdate desktop starts from $20.


Mac Update Tracking Software – Summary

If I was to personally picking an effective Mac Update software I would first eliminate MacUpdate desktop for the reason it does not ensure that all updates are virus free. Although CNET TechTracker is undoubtedly very effective in this specific category for $19 more I could get a further 16 vital maintenance apps with MacKeeper. Plus i’m fond of their user friendly interface, 24/7 customer support and the option of ordering priority updates – saving time and memory space.