How to Preview a Font in Mac Font Book

Once upon an time we were forced to remember a font style by name. Thankfully Macs have brought us into the light with their intelligent Font Book application. With its useful ‘Preview’ feature Font book allows you to see a sample of the text from any font you have stored.

Amazingly you can even have a sneeky peek and preview a font that you have not even installed in your font library yet, via a disc or download.


How to Preview a Mac font that is not yet Installed

If you would like to take a quick glance at a font to see if it fits the bill but can be bothered to go through the hassle of installing it, just double click on the fonts file to open it up. Instantly Mac font book will show you a preview. It doesn’t even need to be opened before hand as it will automatically boot up as soon as you click on the fonts file.

A small widow will pop up presenting you with a sample of the font. Providing the font offers the extras, you will even be able to see what the font looks like in Bold, italic, regular etc.

how to preview a font in font book

How to Install Mac Fonts from Preview

It is easy peasy to install Mac fonts from preview. Simply float your cursor down to the bottom of the window ad click on the big ‘Install Font’ button. As soon as you do, the font will install and find a new home lurking amongst your other stored designs in your Font Book library.


How to Preview an Installed Font in Mac Font Book

Is is also incredibly easy to preview an existing font from your Font Book.

First you obviously need to be inside your Font Book app. To do so just follow these files – file/new finder window/applications/font book

Now your Font Book is up and running you will be presented with a window displaying three columns.

1.) From the first column on the left click on ‘All fonts’. This will make your entire font library show up in the second column titled ‘Font’.

2.) Now using column number two scroll through the list, browsing for any font you like the look of.

3.) Once you have found one you like just click on it to highlight it. You should now see a sample preview of the font design in the large third column.


NOTE: You even have the opportunity to preview your font in different formats – Sample, Repertoire and Custom. To learn ‘How to View Font in Mac Font Book!’

How to Install a Font in Mac Font Book

There is an a big exciting world out their brimming with fabulous funky mac fonts. We are totally spoilt for choice. Whether you love spooky ghoulish ones, posh corporate types, cool graphic design or just have a soft spot for plain traditional fonts, I guarantee there is a type face out there to get you excited!

While it is easy to splash the cash and purchase many fonts, you can also find amazing quality font designs for FREE. I these are my two favourite fee font sites 1001 Free Fonts and Dafont as their downloads are reliable and trustworthy.

When you have finally gathered your favourite fonts you will need to learn ‘how to install them into your Font Book…’

9 times of your 10 your will download a fonts in a zip format which should show up in your downloads or on your desktop. To open up the zip file to retrieve the font folder just double click on it. This folder is what require to upload your new Mac font to your Font Book application.

how to install font on mac

How to Install a font to Mac Font Book – Step by Step

1.) To start off you need to have your Mac Font Book app open. To do so just follow these files – file/new finder window/applications/font book

2.) Once inside you will notice three columns. At the very bottom of the Font Book window you will see two mini boxes marked with a cross. Click on the second one the box underneath the Font column.

3.) Clicking this button will open up a new finder window. Go ahead select and open the new font folder you would like to install.

4.) Once you press the ‘Open‘ button Mac Font Book will check over and validate your new font files to make sure they are safe to upload.

5.) Font Books validation window will display all of the mini files that make up the new font. These vary depending on whether your font provide extras features such as Bold, and Italics etc.

6.) Put a check mark inside the ‘Select All fonts‘ box. Next press the exciting button marked ‘Install Checked‘.

7.) Now your Font Book will kick into life and begin installing your new font.

8.) Finally make sure it have uploaded correctly by checking it is stored in your Font library (column two).

How to Create a Smart Collection In Font Book

Create Smart Collections (OS X Mountain Lion)

If you are lucky enough to be working on Macs OS X Mountain Lion or higher then you are in for a fonty treat. Software updates come with exciting bonus features and in your Mac Font Books case, this is the ability to set ‘Smart Collections!’

Font Books Smart Collection is a fab handy feature that allows you to personalise the way you store your fonts. In turn making it much easier to find a theme of fonts, or fonts that fit your certain criteria. So instead of you having to trawl through your extensive font library locating the ones that are relevant to the new Smart Collection, Font book can do this for you on auto.

For example you may wish to set a custom Smart Collection that only houses fonts of a certain style type i.e. fixed width etc. Once you have entered your criteria, clever Font Book will automatically fill up your new custom smart collection with any font that matches that width. This will make it insanely easy to eliminate fonts that are not suitable for your projects needs.

So lets get straight to it and learn ‘How to easily create a Smart Collection In Font Book…’

How to create a smart collection

How to Create a Smart Collection In Font Book

1.) Once inside your Font Book Apps, click on ‘File’ from the toolbar.

2.) A drop down menu will appear, go ahead and pick ‘New Smart Collection’.

3.) You will be greeted by a pop up window. In here you will be able to set your criteria for the type and style of Mac fonts you would like to appear in your new font smart collection. Whilst you can add criteria’s you can also exclude them to narrow the smart collection down even further.

1.) If later on you find you have forgotten to set an important criteria don’t worry… you can easily amend this and add further criteria’s by pressing the “+” button. Obviously the “–” button will remove a benchmark.

2.) Before you finish up and ask Font Book to get to work creating your smart collection, remember to name your new collection as this will help keep your organised.

3.) Finally press on the OK button!

If you ever need to or just feel like switching up and editing your Font Book Smart Collection just follow these steps – From the toolbar click File > Edit Smart Collection.

create smart collection font book


Click here to to learn ‘How to Set a Normal Collection in Mac Font Book’

What Should You Do if a Mac Font isn’t Working?

If you learned How to validate Mac fonts in Font Book and it has brought to light some issues with the Font. A issue so tough that it frustratingly can not be fixed automatically by Font Books validation feature, then the next step is to remove and delete it.

How to Remove a Mac Font

If whilst validating a font has shone some light on errors within the font files that are not able to be fixed, you will want to remove them. Removing an affected font is s easy. Just click the little alert icon located at the bottom of the font validation window. After that you will be able to see a ‘Remove Checked’ option. This will remove any dodgy font files and will prevent them from affecting your Mac further.

If you are no longer running the Mac font validation feature and are worried you have missed the boat to disable and remove an effected font, don’t fret any further. You can disable a font easily…

1.) Highlight the problem font by clicking on its name in the ‘Font’ column.

2.) Next click on ‘File‘ in Font Books toolbar.

3.) From the drop down menu select ‘Remove (font name)’

What Should You Do if a Mac Font isn't Working?


How do you Replace an Affected Mac Font?

What happens if you are forced to delete and remove an affected font that you really need for your work or just love and can’t bare to be parted, then just re-install it. Make sure you download it from the original source and remember to only download and install fonts from trustworthy reliable sources. You can get so many great font styles for Mac for Free. These sites are my favourite – Dafont and 1001 Fonts.


What if the Mac Font still doesn’t Work?

If it is a newly downloaded font that is misbehaving and does not pass Font Books validation then check this list…

a.) Did you download the font from the original and genuine source. This could be the font creators website?

b.) Or did you at least download it from a renowned and reliable font site such as Dafont or 1001 Fonts?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to these questions then the next port of call will be to contact the creator of the font or the site you installed it from customer support. They should be able to provide further assistance, perhaps a link to an intact font file.


How to Validate Individual Mac Fonts in Font Book?

Font Books Validation process should automatically kick in whenever you attempt to install a new font anyway. However if you are starting to have trouble with one that already exists in your Font Books libuary you can simply call upon the validation feature and get it to give the fonts files a thorough check over.

What Should You do if a Mac Font isn't Working?

1.) Pinpoint the Font with the behavior problems. You can do this by either search though your ‘All fonts‘ collection. Alternatively if you now the name of the Font then I suggest using the search field located in the top right hand corner of the window.

2.) Once you have fount it, click on it to highlight.

3.) Finally click File in the toolbar and then scroll down and pick Validate File.

How to Validate Fonts in Mac Font Book

So you have just sourced the most amazing Font online. You eagerly install it into your Mac Font Book but wait, theres a problem… it’s not working as it should! In this case what should you do?

a.) Shout “Noooo!” at the top of your lungs and scare your elderly neighbours?
b.) Emergency dial Apple Care support and demand you speak to the manager?
C.) Simple click on the ‘Validate Font‘ button inside Mac Font Book?

Although option a.) does sound very attractive it is the lovely option c.) we need to go ahead with!

Font Books ‘Validate Font’ feature will scan through all of your Mac font files and will pin point any lurking issues, and if possible, repair them. So whether any of your fonts are refusing to show, don’t even work at all or one is just showing the slightest glimmer of an issue then make sure you take advantage of this useful Mac Font feature.

How to Validate Fonts in Mac Font Book

How to Validate ‘All’ Fonts in Mac Font Book

NOTE: If you would like to use the “Remove Checked” option described below, to make this more simple I suggest you login to your Mac as Administrator (if you are not already that is.) It is still possible to validate fonts as a Non-admin user but you’ll just be a bit more limited. You will only be able to delete and remove fonts from your personal Home folder.

1.) Before you begin and get into the nitty gritty stuff you need to be inside your Mac Font Book Application. Follow File/New Finder Window/ Applications/ Font Book to get there.

2.) Now you are inside select ‘All Fonts’ located at the top of the first ‘Collection’ font column.

3.) Next select File from the apps tool bar.

4.) A drop down menu will appear. Scroll down to pick Validate Fonts.

5.) Like magic ‘All’ you fonts will get checked over and validated on auto.


How to Validate a File in Font Book that has not yet been Installed

To sieve out the bad Mac fonts from the fully working ones you can actually validate them before you go to the hassle of installing them.

So for example you have stumbled across an amazing front that is perfect for your work, except its files come from a site you have never heard of and you are not 100% sure it is totally legit. Instead of installing it outright and potentially end up damaging your Mac with a virus (that is if you don’t have a Mac Antivirus Protection software) use its feature to check the files over first and validate it.
1.) Go ahead and click the File tab in your Font Books toolbar.

2.) A drop down menu will appear display various options. Pick Validate File.

3.) Next step is to select the location of your suspicious font file i.e. Desktop or Downloads.

4.) Select the font file by clicking on it. Once highlighted press the Open button.

5.) Voila! On Auto Font Book will get down to work and fine comb through the new font files, validating them and checking they are OK to install.

How to Remove Duplicate Fonts from Font Book

Having a vast library of anything – books, CDs, DVD’s etc is exciting – it is the same with Mac fonts!

You just never know when you are going to need a fancy luxury style, official corporate type, cool grunge design or even a dripping spooky font. So it is best to make sure you have a well stocked font collection in your Font book. That way you have always got the font you need for any occasion.

However, it is easy to get carried away and installed hundreds of fonts. With the ability to install as many fonts as you like you may find yourself harbouring countless useless fonts and a percentage of which will no doubt be duplicates!

Unlike trying to slim down and losing a few pounds in your late twenties, it is incredibly easy to trim the fat from your Mac Font Book library….

how to remove duplicate mac fonts

How to Remove Duplicate Fonts from Font Book

1.) So before you can clear out the duplicate fonts we need to be inside your Font Book Application. If you are not already, just follow these files to get you there – File/ New Finder Window/ Applications/ Font Book.

2.) Once inside the app you will be presented with the Font Book window displaying three columns. From the first column titled ‘Collections’ click on the text reading ‘All Fonts‘.

3.) You will noticed that all of your stored fonts will appear in the second ‘Font’ column.

Don’t worry I am not going to make your scroll though and pick out all the duplicate files manually. Instead we are going to make Font Book do this for us.

4.) From the toolbar select the tab marked ‘Edit‘.

5.) A drop down menu will appear. Browse through until you come across the option ‘Look for Enable Duplicates‘.

6.) Now you should be able to see that if you have any duplicate fonts they will be highlighted in the Fonts Column.

7.) For the last step you will now be presented with two options – Resolve Manually or Resolve Automatically. Go ahead and click which ever one is best for you. (If you are feeling lazy click Resolve automatically – I would 🙂

How to Disable a Font in Font Book

The Mac’s Foot Book application is so great and it allows you to really organise and personalise your font settings. You can even prevent a Font from being used in a certain app! Madness!

If you do for some reason wish to stop a font type being available to use in an Application, i.e. Mail, Text edit etc, but you don’t wish to remove it entirely there here is how to do it…


How to Disable a Font in Font Book

As this query is directly related to Fonts you will need to open your Font Book app.
To do this just follow these quick instructions – File/New Finder Window/Applications/Font Book.

Now we are inside Mac Font Book we can crack on and disable a font…

1.) Start off and click on the ‘All Fonts‘ category in the first column (this is the ‘Collection’ column.
2.) Highlight the name of the Font you wish to disable by clicking on it once.
3.) From the Font Books tool bar click on the ‘Edit‘ tab.
4.) From the drop down menu scroll down to select the option Disable “Font Name” Family.

Whilst browsing through your font library either in your Mac Font Book application or in another software i.e. Photoshop, you will noticed that any font name that is disabled will appear in grey text with the word ‘Off’ appearing next to it.

Take Note: System fonts (fonts that have been pre-installed and are original) can not be disabled.


How to Enable a Font in Mac Font Book

If you regret disabling a font and miss the ability to use it, don’t fret! You can simply restore it to its former working glory and enable it.

Simply follow the tips from 1 to 3 above but from the drop down Edit menu select choose Enable “Font Name” Family and it will restore.

how to disable fonts on mac font book

You can even disable and enable fonts in bulk from a collection. To do this simple highlight and click the name Collection in fist Font Book column. Then from the ‘Edit’ tab in the tool bar again just scroll through and choose Disable “Collection Name” or Enable “Collection Name”.

How to Remove a Font from Mac Font Book

There is nothing wrong with having a well stocked Mac Font Book library. Choice is the spice of life after all. However if you have discovered you have installed a duplicate font, or are just overwhelmed with the amount of styles and fancy trimming the fat, the listen up….

How to Remove a Font from Mac Font Book

How to Remove a Font from Mac Font Book

1.) First step – make sure you are inside your Mac Font Book.

Click on your main wallpaper to get original toolbar up

Select the ‘File‘ tab from the toolbar.

From the flop down menu pick ‘New Finder Window‘.

From the left side column select ‘Applications‘.

Scroll through all your stored apps until you come across your ‘Font Book‘.

Click on the icon and you’ll be inside ready and raring for the next step.


2.) From the first column select ‘All Fonts‘ to allow you to find the fonts you wish to remove.

3.) Using the second column scroll through and highlight the font you wish to delete by clicking on it.

4.) The next step is to chose ‘File‘ from the toolbar.

5.) From the menu pick Remove “Font Name”.

6.) Font Book with then automatically delete the fonts files from the apps library and put them in the trash.


Note: System Fonts (pre-installed Apple Fonts) cannot be removed from Font Book.

How to Set New Collection in Mac Font Book

If you spend a lot of time getting creative and using Mac fonts you may find yourself using certain fancy fonts often, but rarely give the time of day to others.

When you search for your fonts in the ‘All Fonts’ section the styles are displayed alphabetically. Now you may have a few fonts you love to use that are at totally different ends of the alphabet such as Arial and Time New Roman. Instead of constantly navigating your way up and down the scale, why not make life blissfully easy and put them in a font collection. So in the future when you reach out to use your favourite old font you can just click on your category and select it in no time.


How to Set New collection in Mac Font Book

To set your new custom font collection you obviously need to be inside your Foot Book application. Here’s some super quick instructions to get there – File/new finder window/ applications/font book.

Now we’re ready to set your collection up…

1.) First step is to select the ‘File‘ tab from Font Books toolbar.

2.) From the floppy down menu click on New Collection.

3.) Now type in the name of your new custom font collection i.e. Favourites.

4.) Click ‘All Fonts‘ to display your entire font library.

5.) Nows the fun bit – click and drag the font you wish to categories from the ‘Font column‘ into the name of your new collection sitting in the first ‘Collection column‘.


In the picture bellow you will see that some fonts getting dragged into a new collection titled  ‘Favourites’.

how to create a collection in font book

Click here for an easy Mac tutorial on ‘How to Create Smart Collections’.

How to view Font in Mac Font Book

It is important to get a good preview of your font to see if it matches your design ideas. After all, you would be a whole year older if your had to activate every font on your work to see what it looked like!

Luckily Mac Font Book will save this year of your life as it allows you to easily view any Mac font from your libuary. As usual there are several ways to preview a font and even better than that, Mac Font Book can display the text and styles in three different ways. This way you can just pick the method that works best for you.

How to view Font in Mac Font Book


Three Different Ways to Preview Fonts in Font Book

There are three handy ways to take a peek at a potential Mac font in Font Book, each with there unique benefits…

Sample is the default option. The selected font will be displayed in the third column and will just show a sample of letters and numbers. Or if it is a symbol font you are previewing it will just shows the standard symbols. Ideal if you are just quickly flicking though.

Repertoire delves a little deeper and as it will display all of the characters available in the font style. There maybe so many characters available that you’ll probably find yourself needing the scroll bar or zoom slider on the right hand side just to get to the bottom of the list.

Custom this is probably the best option if you have a word, title or slogan that you want to design. This option allows you to type in your phrase and it will display a preview of what your text would look like in that font style. You will then be able to flick through the fonts in your font book library and see what your writing would look like in each of them. Making it super easy to source the best one.

Note: If for some reasons your font preview is playing up and is not showing in the third column, just select the options Show Preview and Hide Font Info from the Preview menu in Font Book’s toolbar.