How to Use a Calculator on Mac

Whether you are toting up your grocery list, your monthly bills or just counting up your fan mail a calculator always comes in handy.

There are a few simply ways to get mathematical on your Mac…


How to Use Mac Calculator Option 1

Use your nifty built in calculator device! You can access this feature in a few ways.

1.) The quickest is to quickly swipe four fingers along your Trackpad from left to right.

2.) Go to your Launch pad and click on the calculator icon. The easiest way to open up your Mac Launch pad by clicking on the icon (looks like a rocket in a silver disk) from your Dock.

how to use mac calculator

3.) Using Spotlight (the mini black spyglass symbol perched on the right side of your toolbar) Type keyword ‘Calculator into the search field) and a list of results will be presented.

How to Use Mac Calculator Option 2

If you fancy making your life a little more cryptic then you do not even have to use your Mac calculator feature. Instead to find the answer to a sum – you can use your Spotlight.

Interestingly you can simply type in a sum into your Spotlights search field, and the answer will pop up. This is because effectively as you type the numbers on your keypad, Spotlight automatically puts the digits into the calculator and then delivers you the result. Take note – you have to type the sum like 2+4 not two plus four. Only the numbers seem to work – pitty I know.

Mac calculator spotlight

Although the is not the traditional way to find out a mathematics equation, if you practice, tapping a sum into Spotlight can actually save some time and the hassle of locating your calculator first.


How to Use Mac Calculator Option 3

If you are surfing the internet wave and fancy crunching some big numbers, you could always make use of Googles technical brain.

Using the search bar just write out a sum like in Spotlight and press enter. Providing your internet connection is up to par, you will instantly get your answer.

TIP – I hate calculating percentages %. Instead of doing the long winded sum we were taught at school, you can simply ask Google. For example you could type in 100 – 10% then press the enter key to get your answer.

Mac calculator Google