FASTEST Ways to Get Mac Dictionary Definitions!

It was always useful to have a Dictionary on hand. Apples built in Mac dictionary is a great feature to check your spellings and grab a quick definition and it is pretty easy to get to as well…


How to Find Your Mac Dictionary

Option 1.) Swipe your Mac trackpad with four fingers from left to right (obviously this only works if you are using a Mac laptop).

This will bring you to a secret desktop where you can pick and choose which apps you want on hand. Any apps from your calculator, local weather forecast, time and date calendar, sticky notes etc.

Mac Dictionary Definitions

If you do not already have your dictionary on this desktop simply click on the + button at the boom of the screen. All the eligible apps will appear. Then click on the dictionary icon. It will automatically be called up for duty on your hidden desktop.

Option 2.) You can navigate to your launchpad and filter through your many apps to find the dictionary. The easiest way to pull up your launchpad is by clicking ton the Launchpad icon in your Mac Doc. The icon looks like a space rocked stamped on a metal disk.

Mac Dictionary

Use Mac Spotlight to Get FASTER Mac Dictionary Definitions

What if I told you there was a faster way to get word definitions… interested? The answer is to use your Mac Spotlight!

You will find your built in Mac spotlight nestled at the top right hand side of your tool bar. It is marked by a little spyglass.

Spotlight Dictionary

To get a quick word definition just click on the spyglass to pull up the search field. Type in the word you wish to discover more about. A list of results will drop down. Scroll though until you see a little red book icon. Hover over this icon and the the definition of the word you searched will pop up, like shown in the image above.

To view the dictionary in full either go ahead and click on the result to highlight it or get techy and press your Command (⌘)-L keys.


How to See Mac Dictionary Definitions in a Document or Webpage

If you find yourself browsing through an article and stumble across an intriguing word you wish to know the definition too, do the following…

▪ Using your keypad tap Control and click on the word, or gently tap it using two fingers on your Mac trackpad. From the popup menu select “Look Up in Dictionary”.

Mac definition look up

▪ The fasted way is to lightly tap a word using three fingers on your trackpad.

▪ Select a word by highlighting it and then press Command (⌘)-Control-D on you keyboard.

How to Use Mac Dictionary ‘One Click’ – Tutorial

How to use Mac DictionaryHave you ever been reading through an article only to stumble across a word you don’t understand. You swiftly skim across it but as you read on you begin to realise that the word was paramount to understanding the rest of the article….?

Well I have, anyway with the latest softwares updates Mac OS X has creatively provided a solution to this sometimes embarrassing situation with their ‘One click Mac dictionary.’

One click dictionary allows you to instantly check the definition of any word by -you’ve guessed it- simple clicking on it.

Here are the simple steps on how to use Mac dictionary and activate your instant ‘one click’…

1.) So your reading an article on the internet and want to learn more about a word – call on the one click dictionary definitions! To bring it up simply hover your mouse courser over the word in question and right click.

2.) A mini drop down menu will appear, select the option ‘Look Up in Dictionary.’

3.) Your clever Mac OS X will immediately open your personal Dictionary and locate the exact meaning of the word highlighted.

So next time you are reading the news and you trip upon the word ‘Baffy’, with one right click you will discover that it is not a fictional character that beats up blood sucking angry vampires, but in fact a wooden deep-faced golf club used to give the golf ball some loft…