How to Use Your Mac Mouse (Trackpad)

How to Use Your Mac Mouse (Trackpad)While your keyboard is vitally important, your Mac mouse (also known as ‘Trackpad’ on Mac laptops) is the queen of controls.

Your mouse (trackpad) can help you do anything from choosing commands, manipulating items on your screen, or creating data such as pictures and text documents. The mouse is translated on your screen as a little arrow known as a cursor. Ultimately the main purpose of your mouse is to translate your finger movements onto the screen, telling your computer “See what I’m pointing at right now? That’s what I want to select.”

Back in the day a mouse typically had two buttons. One for right clicks and the other for left. For many many years now Apple Mac machines have a sleek all-in-one trackpad. On the original settings on trackpad you will need to click the bottom left. The rest of the square is for moving the cursor around the screen. However, you can actually change these settings so it can have a sensitive touch click that enables you to lightly tap anywhere on the trackpad to translate as a click. Although people tend  prefer to keep the original mouse settings as this option can be too sensitive to your touch and you might end up clicking open lots of things you don’t mean too.

Selecting an item on screen could not be simpler. Using your mouse makes the cursor hover over the item you wish to click and then press and release (click) the left mouse button.


Here’s how to master the basics of controlling your Mac with a Mouse/ Trackpad!


  • Clicking (also know as single-clicking): Move the mouse or fingers across your trackpad to move the cursor around your screen. Hover the cursor over the item (files, app, picture etc)  and press the left mouse button (or bottom left on your trackpad). Now you can completed a single click! Clicking is the most common activity you do with your mouse.
  • Double-clicking: Some things, such as a file or a program require a double click. To do this simply point your cursor at something, and then quickly click the left mouse button twice in rapid succession (this is a double-click it).
  • Dragging: If you wish to pick up an item, a file or window perhaps, then just click the left mouse button and hold down your cursor on the item in question. Whilst still holding the click down move your mouse (or your fingers across the trackpad). This is know and dragging. To dip the item at its designation just release the click.


How to do a right click on a Mac?

Sometimes you will find yourself needing to perform a right click on your mouse. Annoyingly many older mice  do not have a right mouse button. It is also confusing on how to do a right click on a Mac Trackpad…

Don’t fret it is actually quite simple! We are going to need our keyboard to help us do this. To simulate a right-click, just hold down the Control key and click the lone mouse button. On a trackpad hold down the same key and click (or hold down single trackpad button. Quite simple once you remember it 🙂

4 Vital Mac Trackpad Gestures For Safari

Apple Mac products and tools always aim to go above and beyond. Despite there being many great internet browsers around, Apple’s own creation Safari teamed up with the awesome Lion OS X multi-touch gestures makes it the best browser for Mac users.

Creating its own little language the new multi-touch commands allows you to scroll, tap and swipe your way around the world wide web almost effortlessly. No more boring time consuming scrolling up to tool bars and selecting from drop down menus – few!

If you already own a glossy iPad, iPod touch or iPhone then no doubt you will already be familiar with the codes.

If not here are the four key Multi-Touch Gestures to master…


Swipe to Navigate

mac multi touch gesturesInstead of having to click on the forward and back buttons to get to previous pages, like a magazine with a simple swipe action you can flick through webpages instantly. To do this just gently swipe two fingers across your track pad in the direction of the page you wish to revisit. Left – right to go back in time and bring up the last page you were on or right – left to go forward.


Pinch to Zoom

Mac trackpad safariI’ve cleared my desk, got a fresh pad of paper, a pen that actually woks and a hot cup of tea and sat down to work only to realize i’ve forgotten my glasses! Well with this pinch to to zoom gesture it wouldn’t even matter if you have sat on and shattered your reading glasses as you can instantly magnify and minimize text and images with this simple motion. Using your thumb and forefinger pinch together to minimize the content or open them up to to helpfully magnify.


Scrooling with Fingers

Mac trackpad gesturesThis is the hand gesture I without doubt use the most – scrolling. Clicking and holding the scroll bar as the side of the screen is thankfully now a thing of the past. Using two fingers. gently swipe them up or down on your trackpad to make browsing web pages much more natural.


Tap to Zoom in

Trackpad for safariAlternatively to pinching like crab you can instantly magnify any section of text with a double tap. Once hovered over the area you wish to see close up, using two fingers gently double tap in the center of your trackpad to home in on the area. To reset double tap once again to set the content back to the original size.