How to Use Mac OS X Text Edit

As you might have already heard by now, but Mac’s Text Edit is the perfect companion, reliable, handy and intelligent.

When you start using this handy little tool you’ll be surprised at how often you’ll need it for everyday tasks!

Text Edit intelligently helps you set up many different types of documents for your needs. These can include page layouts, creating your own styles and imports graphics, music documents, films/movies etc. This beauty of an app will even check your grammar and spelling for you.

How to use Mac OS X Text Edit

Getting started – How to use Mac OS X Text Edit

1) Click to open up the Text Edit app with OSX Mavericks.

2) Start with writing what you please, if you find you’d like to change font of styles or add in set paragraphs – Go to options toolbar at the top of the Application to change the features.

3) Cleverly text edit will check you grammar and spelling as you type, the words will show up in red if not spelt correctly.

4) To add music, films or photos to the document just drag and drop whatever you want onto the document and it will automatically appear. You can then change the size, position etc.

5) Wondering how to create a bullet point list? no problem, at the top left of the toolbar there are options to choose for numbers, lettered and bullet points. When you have finished your list and want to stop the points, click the options again and check none and all will cease.

6) Can’t be bothered to type? Well from mountain lion onwards you can choose dictation and when you speak Text Edit will type. Pretty cool eh!

7) To create tables or graphs click Format in the toolbar and then check ‘table’.
Now select how many columns and rows you want, cell border thickness and more.

So there you have it, a brief overview of the Text Edit Mac OSX Feature. Seriously this is one very handle tool!