Personalizing Your Mac in OS X Yosemite – Part 3

Well we are onto part 3 already! Well done to those of you that have started the challenge of personalizing your Mac. In this section of the articles we will be going through step by step how to Change Wake and Sleep setting on your computer and tweaking Dock settings. So here we go!

Lets start by looking into possibly adjusting Wake and Sleep settings. Did you know that you can set your Mac so that it will wake at certain times of the day you can even set your Mac so it will go to sleep and switch off, perfect parental training before you decide to have kids 😀


Set up Mac Wake and Sleep settings

1) To access Wake and Sleep options select System Preferences from you Dock (or go apple menu >System Preferences).

2) In the System Preferences menu click on Energy Saver

3) If you like, you can set your computer sleep times. Sleep mode is when your Mac goes to ‘sleep’ and the hard drive slows down for a rest, everything (apps etc) will still be live and running just on pause. Your Mac will use a little bit of battery power whilst in sleep mode but considerably less than when it is running as normal.

4) Click Schedule if you are interested in detailed shut down and start up times.

how to personalise mac os x Yosememite

Mac Power Nap Feature

The power nap feature is new to OS X Yosemite and is one handy little tool indeed. Even if your Mac is in sleep mode your computer can still preform updates for your reminders, emails and notes and check this… it will even preform backups!

To access the Power Nap feature it will be under Energy Saver in System Preferences.


Customising Your Mac Dock

Your Dock has several personalization options you can apply.


Modifying Dock Size

1) Open up System Prefrences on your Dock

2) Select Dock from the list of icons available

3) A menu will now pop up with clicked and un-clicked options

4) Use the first slider bar to alter the size of your Mac dock icons.

5) Once you are happy with a size, slide the curser named Magnification this will change how much your dock magnifies when you hover your curser over it. Go on give it a try 🙂

personalize mac os x yosemite


Changing Dock Position

1) Inside your Dock settings under the header ‘Position on Screen’ are three options named Left, Bottom, Right. Most Mac users have their Dock on the bottom of their screens as this the default position.


Other Dock Options include:

Scale or Genie effect – Basically when you minimise Windows on your Mac ‘Scale’ is the standard effect used to make the window drop. ‘Genie’ also glides down in a cool way, it’s hard to describe so select both and test it out with closing a App or a internet browser window.

Double click a title bar to minimise – Just another simple way to close down a window, more exciting than simply clicking the yellow minimise button.

Animate opening Applications – If you have this option activated, whenever you click to open an App it will bounce up and down. If deactivated the App will open but the icon will remain stationary.

Automatically hide and show the Dock – By default when you get your computer the Dock will be on view. I personally find that this can be quite distracting and takes up too much precious space on your display. If you activate ‘hide and show dock’ the Mac dock will momentary disappear. That is until you move your curser over to the bottom of your screen, it will then automatically pop up and then disappear again when you move your curser away.

Show indicators for open Applications – When you open an application it shows on your Dock with a little light underneath the item to remind you it’s open. Deactivate this option and no light will indicate the App is open.

How to Add and Remove Dock items on Mac

How to Remove Item from Mac Dock

This is a simple but useful tutorial on how to add and remove applications from your Mac Dock.

remove item from mac dock

As i’m sure you already know the Dock is located at the bottom of our Mac screens, popping up when we move our mouse down near the bottom of the screen.

If you need to remove an icon from the Dock, hover over the item and hold click, it should highlight but not open this should then allow you to move it off the Dock either to the trash or on the blank screen, then let it go. You will know it has worked because the icon will disappear in a puff of smoke.

By doing this it will not delete the app or files but just the icon from the Dock.


How to Add item to Mac Dock

To re-add the item or a new one. Go into your application folder, either by going to lauchpad and finding the item there or by going to Finder and opening a new finder window, you will then see Applications or the right hand side.

add item to mac dock

Once you can see the icon you want to add to the Dock use the same method by hovering of the item and hold click and drag onto the Dock, once you found the perfect spot to put it, the over Dock icons should move over for you to ‘drop’ it there.


How to Customize and Change Location of Mac Dock

To jazz up and customise your snazzy Dock go to system preferences (located on the right hand side of the Dock) – once in system preferences, near the top will be ‘Dock’ so click that.

Options will be to change the size of the Dock items from small to large and in-between.

Magnification, which adjusts the size when the Dock pops up.

You can also change the position of the Dock from the default bottom to the left or right hand side.

Other options allow you to change the window effect from Scale to Genie.

What most Mac users check is having the Dock ‘automatically hide and show the Dock’ so it doesn’t get in your way while working on browsing on your computer. So it’s basically invisible until you need it.

Another useful options to have is check ‘Minimise windows into application icon’ so if you’ve got lots of browser windows or files open they will just show the icon instead of individually clogging up the desktop and Dock.

How to Save & Open Up Web Page From Mac Dock!

One of the many features that make the elite Apple Mac computers stand apart from Microsoft machines is their iDock.

Just incase you are not familiar, the iDock is your cool pop-up icon library that is usually positioned at the bottom of your desktop. It is so useful as it allows you to open up all your favourite and most used applications with just one click (opposed to scrolling though endless menus, searching for the desired software.)

Interestingly it is not just softwares and apps such as iTunes, Safari, iPhoto, DVD player etc that you have neatly store in the iDock. It can also house your documents, folders and even bookmarks for your most visited web pages. Wow!

So instead of waiting for your internet browser to open, typing a keyword into the search engine and then pulling up the address, you can snuggly keep it ready and raring to go with just one click on your iDock.

 how to save to mac dock

Like setting up most Mac features, saving a website bookmark in to your iDock is a breeze. Here’s…

How to Save & Open Up Web Page From Mac Dock!

1.) Say you wanted to catch up on all the latest celeb gossip from your favourite online magazine, you would begin by navigating your way to their site.

2.) Next click on the little grey apple icon as the left side of the address bar. Holding the cursor down, drag the address down to your iDock. Decide where you would like to place it and drop it in by letting go of the mouse.

Clever Mac OS X automatically generate a locator icon with the name of the website, so it looks at home amongst the usual array of snazzy glossy Mac graphics in the iDock.

To visit the site simply click on the new icon. Your internet browser will then launch and immediately take you to the saved web address.

How to Remove Iocns From Mac Dock – Tutorial

Your Mac Dock is a great features that if used correctly can save buckets of time from being wasted. Just incase you are not sure, your Mac dock is the the handy icon library usually positioned at the bottom of your desktop.

Placing an app or software in your dock allows you to grab and open the program you want within seconds, preventing you from having to navigate through bottomless files and menus.

However, due to the dock being such a useful features it is easy to pack way too many apps into it, making it more cluttered and difficult to select and open the desires app. I personally have 20 of my favourite and most uses apps stored in mine, but any more at it would soon become a jumble.

If you fancy clearing out your Mac dock, removing apps and softwares you rarely use, you will be glad to hear it is extremely simple.

how to remove icons from mac dock

Here is How to Remove Applications from Mac Dock…

Although the drag and dropping movement to add new icons is a breeze, removing them is even easier. Simply grab the icon you wish to take away by clicking and holding down on your cursor. Next drag it off the dock. Release the mouse button and ‘puff’, the icon will vanish in virtual cloud of smoke.

Don’t worry, removing an icon from the dock dose not delete it off your Mac. It will be quietly nestled in your ‘Applications’ folder. To locate your applications folder click anywhere on your desktop background to pull up the correct tool bar (if you do not have any other programs open, such as internet, then you should already be on it.) Click on ‘File’. A drop down menu will appear, pick ‘New Finder Window.’ A window will open up showing all the different areas of your hard drive. Select the ‘Applications’ category and scroll through to find the removed program.

How to Add Icons To Mac Dock – Tutorial

How to add icons to mac dock For me the Apple Mac Icon Dock saves me so much time. To have all of my major programs and apps within constant reach makes navigating from important place to the next a breeze. Not to mention the snazzy shiny icons make the desktop look cool…

If you also enjoy the convenience the Mac dock brings and have recently discovered or installed a new app that you want to have easy access too, there are some simple steps to adding more applications.

There is no limit on how many programs you keep on your Dock, but obviously the more you have stored the more applications you have to bypass to pick the correct one. I have 20 installed on mine, which is a great amount to work with as it is not too over crowed.

Lets say you have downloaded a new internet browser that you want to have fast access to at all times.

There are two very easy ways to Add Icons onto your Mac Dock…

1.) So you are currently using the new browser, to save it into the Mac dock is to right-click on the browsers icon. A contextual menu should appear. Simply select ‘Keep in Dock’ and wallah, the icon will be stored in the handy dock library.

2.) The second method is my favourite. It incorporates Macs infamous drag and drop feature. Begin by hunting down the application, it will be lurking in your Applications folder. Once located, grab the icon by clicking and holding down your cursor. Drag the icon over to your Mac dock and drop it into place. That’s it!

You can use this second method to add several apps at one time. Just simply highlight and click the ones you want and pull them over to the dock. Remember, the key with the little Apple sign allows you to highlight multiple apps.

If you decide you want to reorder your dock icons, just click and drag them over to the desired position and drop then down.

Simple Steps To Customize Mac Icon Dock

Mac Dock If like me you love to browse and fiddle on the array of beautiful shiny machines in your local Apple Mac shop, you may have noticed that the Dock is usually positioned at the bottom of their desktops. (Just in case you don’t know, the Dock is the pop up library of app icons.)

I personally keep my Dock at the bottom as well, mainly through habit but there are several options to move it. Although the bottom of the screen it a handy and easily accessible place to keep your programs, softwares and apps, it can get in the way. Usually when I want to pick and drag the corner of a window, instead of selecting what I want the icons always annoyingly bounce around.

Mac OS X is aware that we love to customize things where ever possible and so have pull out the stops when it comes to your Mac icon Dock…

If you would like to remodel yours, including relocating it, here are the simple steps to take to customize your Mac OS X Dock:

1.) Embark on a short journey to the top left corner of your screen and click on the ‘Apple’ icon.
2.) A drop down menu will present, pick ‘Dock’.
3.) A dialog will open providing you access to all of the useful and fun customization features.

This next section allows you to:

  • Switch up the size of the Dock icons – make them more discreet or enlarge them for easier access.
  • Alternately you can experiment with the Magnification of the icons. You can have a mild enlargement or a comical whopper icon, or none at all.
  • Here you can indicate exactly which position on the Mac screen you would like the Dock to appear.
  • You can get really technical and pick the effect (Genie or Scale) used to minimize a window.
  • You are given the option to Animate the icons and make them bounce whenever you open them.
  • You can even choose to have the dock on show 24/7 or make Mac OS X hide it when not in use.

The choice is yours!