How to Set Up Mac Spaces on OS X Mavericks

 As a matter of fact you automatically have Mac spaces set up on your computer when you get it. If you press your F3 button, you will instantly be able to see which windows you have open.

Mac Spaces on OS X Mavericks

To Add a new space mover your cursor to the top right of you desktop screen. Hold your cursor there for a few moments until a plus sign + appears. Click to add a new space. You will see them form a row at the top of the screen.

add mac spaces

To Delete a space just hover your cursor over the one you wish to remove until a little black cross appears. Click on this and the space will disappear for good.

delete mac spaces

To rearrange the spaces just treat them like apps. Click, hold and drag move and them drop them in the desired place.

 How to Customise Mac Spaces on OS X Mavericks

If you wish to customise your spaces further you may need to pay a visit to your Mission Control, follow these steps to get there…

 1.) The first step is to click on the mini Apple icon lurking in the top left of your tool bar.

2.) A drop down dialogued menu will appear. Go ahead and select ‘System Preferences’.

3.) From the pop up window select the little back square icon titled ‘Mission Control”.

4.) Inside the Mission Control window you will be presented with some check box options, as shown in the picture. Go ahead and mark or unmarked which ever option suit your needs.

Interesting note – You may know already that you can have several different desktops on your Mac, perhaps one for pleasure and one for work. Each of these desktops can have their own set of spaces. To get to them simply press the F3 button whenever you are on one of the desktops.

mac misson control

‘Mac Spaces’ Learn everything you need to know…

Mac Spaces on OS X Mavericks

Utilizing Mac spaces are a fantastic way to reduce clutter on your desktop. This will not only give your Mac some much needed feng shui, but can also help your Mac to perform quicker.

If you are anything like me then you have probably let your files gather up so dense you can’t even remember the last time you saw you desktop wallpaper. If so you definitely need this feature to keep to make your life easier. Alternatively if you already a clever neat freak then you will love how Mac spaces can help organise your windows and make your Apple experience even more of a joy.

Mac Spaces on OS X Mavericks

What are Mac Spaces? – Why are they so great….

Mac spaces allows you to group any application windows according to the way you work or use your computer. It enables you to easily switch between the windows in an instant. For example whenever you use your internet browser you can allocate it to open up in space one, your Mac mail in space two, calendar in space 3 etc. Preventing you for for ever pulling up the wrong window from the doc and getting all jumbled up.

Does OS X Mavericks have Mac Spaces Still?

Now there is good and bad news where Mac spaces are concerned… The bad news is since the OS X Mavericks update he term Spaces has disappeared as a separate section. Which can be rather confusing if you are use to the old versions. Now you have to organise your windows through Mission Control.

However on the bright side, once you understand how the new Mac spaces works it is actually better then Lions or Leopards version.

Mac Spaces Learn Everything you Need to Know…