How to Use Mac Stacks Tutorial

How to Use Mac StacksOsx Mac Stacks is a super handy feature indeed. You’re probably here because you’d actually like to know what stacks actually are and do.

A stack is a Dock feature on your Mac that allows you direct access to a folder. When clicking a stack, all files in an app on the Dock open up in fan view to show you what is inside. How many items show are dependent on your set preference in system preferences (on the Dock).

The stacks will include your downloaded items from Mail, internet browsers (Firefox, chrome, safari) iMessages and so on.

To jazz up and customise your stacks you can do this by right clicking or ctrl clicking the stack (icon). Preferences to customise will pop up and these will include:

How to View Mac Stacks content? – this will give you options to:

List – this will show your content as a list, which can of course is usually the chosen preference of many Mac users.

Grid – Another handy viewing option, this will just show as a Grid stack instead.

Fan – The default option Fan is the most popular viewed mode for users and is usually left as the default unless changed by you.

Auto feature – OSX will decide what’s best for you and will automatically use the fan option, but this changes when lots of folders and files are added for easier viewing in the Grid mode.

Useful note to remember:

Fan is an easy option for say up to four of five folders, but when the amount sometimes exceeds that Grid is the best used feature for seeing every single file in that Stack, this is especially true for the ‘downloads’ file where lots of files accumulate. To keep your Mac running smooth and not getting clogged up remember to delete unwanted files from the downloads file every now and then. As you’ll be very surprised on the mountain of items in there!