Get Generous And Share Mac iCal Calendar

Felling generous? Then why not share your iCal calendar with a love one. It may not be the most romantic gesture but it is certainly a useful and practical one.

With a hectic lifestyle activating Mac iCal to remind you of important dates, such as a birthday, dentist appointment, work conference, wedding etc (the list is endless) can save a lot of mad dashing around frantically trying to make the deadline and awkward future meetings with unhappy offended brides.

If you have just one Mac amongst a household, competing for the handy iCal features can cause serious arguments. Thankfully now you can share. Yay!

Mac icalIt is very easy to setup and share your iCal calendar, here’s the way to do it…

1.) Begin by opening your iCal calendar, the icon is usually nestled in your iDock, if not you will find it stowed away in your Applications folder.
2.) Next step is to decide which calendar you are willing to share.
3.) At the top of the iCal toolbar select the tab ‘Calendar’
4.) A menu will pop up, scroll through and highlight ‘Publish..’
5.) Now fill out the small form that will appear in the new window.
6.) Finally click Publish. Clever iCal then displays the web address URLs which enables you to view your personal schedule online and allow you to either visit the page instantly or alternatively post an email to person or persons to whom you would like to share your calendar.

Never Forget a Birthday with Mac iCal!

I hate forgetting a birthday, whether you send a prezzie, card, text, email or simple FaceBook “howdy”, it’s essential to remember it if you want to keep relationships sweet. Otherwise you may find it extremely awkward to look the birthday pal in the eye again. Or worse – imagine if you forgot your significant others birthday! That would certainly leave you out in the cold… eek.

Luckily Mac OS X has armed us with a nifty tool ensuring we never forget another birthday again.

The infamous Mac Address Book teamed with iCal can create a personalized Birthday calendar for you. Reminding you of the important dates in advance to make sure you have enough time to pick out the coolest card or gift.

Like most Apple tools and Apps, Address Book and Mac iCal are easy to use. Here’s how..

1.) Start by pulling up your Address Book, it should be located in your iDock.
2.) Next , assuming you have already filled out your friends and families contact details, go to the person you would like to add a birthday reminder.
3.) Simply pull down the Card menu and just select the dialog ‘Birthday’ from the Add Field tab.

how to use mac ical
As Address Book and Mac iCal can work in conjunction with each other, this data will automatically show up on your calendar, reminding you if the special occasion in advance. To ensure the dates go up automatically you first have to activate the communication in iCal.

To make sure everything will work in Mac iCal…

1.) open up iCal (also typically found in your iDock, otherwise it is hiding in your Applications folder.)
2.) Then select ‘Preferences’ from your calendars menu.
3.) Finally mark the checkbox next to the Show Birthdays, which is positioned under the General tab.