Instantly Set Mac iChat Profile Image With Photo Booth

So you read the previous post about setting up your Mac iChat account and adding a new buddy to gossip with, now you need a snazzy profile pick!

Instead of trawling through last years Christmas snaps trying to find a picture where you don’t look like Rudolf whilst recovering from that nasty cold, you can take one instantly using your built-in iSight camera.

To ensure you don’t get that embarassing deer caught in head lights look as you wait anxiously for the shutter to got off, amongst its many useful features iSight can take 4 continuous shots, allowing you to pick the best out of the bunch.

mac photo Booth iChat

Here’s how to take a beautiful profile photo with iSight…

1.) You’ve guess it, lets begin by activating your built in camera by double clicking on your Photo Booth icon in your Dock (or applications folder).

2.) Next you will want to decide on what type of snap shot your would like to take by clicking on the sample. There are so many funny, albeit not always flattering effects to select from.

3.) Now all that’s left to do is pose nicely, say cheese and click the Camera button to take your shot.

Once snapped Photo Booth automatically saves the image as a thumbnail at the bottom of the window. Select it to open it full size for a closer inspection.

Mac ichat

So you have just taken a glamorous pic, here is how to set your iChat buddy icon…

1.) This is spookily simple. Select the thumbnail image you have just taken in photo booth by clicking to highlight.

2.) Next go ahead and click on the Buddy Picture icon. That’s it!

Like magic your Photo Both makes a copy of the image, automatically opens up iChat and displays the image in your Buddy picture Window. To add slight adjustments you can resize the picture using the slider. Once perfected just click set and “Hey Presto” you are done.

How To Add Buddy On Mac iChat

Now instead of downloading a software that takes up precious memory space and then creating accounts on other chat sites, with Apple Mac iChat you are just one click away from getting all the latest gossip from your closest pals.

Unlike some chat programs, Mac OS X inbuilt version is very versatile. Whether you only have time for a simple text chat, have no make up on and just want to take part in a audio catch up, want a private chat with just one other person or want to talk to a whole group mates, you can do all this a more with Mac iChat.

Now you got the juicy, albeit brief details, I bet you want to get your iChat hooked up and ready to dial. Here’s how…

1.) If you have not done so already start by setting up your iChat account.
2.) To do this load up your iChat app by double clicking on the named icon in your Dock.
3.) Next follow the instructions from the dialog box that appears.

Now you should have created yourself an account, next step is to add some buddies…

Add Buddy To Mac iChat
How to add a friend to your iChat Buddy list

1.) Browse for the Buddy Menu, once located click ‘Add Buddy’. Alternatively you can select the + sign found at the bottom of your Buddy list window.

2.) Next type the name of your new friends account into the empty ‘Account Name’ field.

3.) Follow this by selecting the type of account your new buddy has from the pop-up menu that appears.

4.) Now you need to choose which group you’d like your Buddy to belong too.

5.) Finish off the process by typing in your buddy’s first and last name in the appropriate boxes.

6.) Finally press the ‘Add Button’.

That’s all! Now you and your buddy are free to dial and chat whenever the mood takes over. You will know when to call as your Buddy’s status indicator icon (displayed next to their name) will light up when they are online. To ring and start a chat, simply go ahead and double click on their account name.