Emailing a PDF File On Your Mac

PDF files are pretty amazing for quite a lot of reasons really, but my two favourite are…

a) They allow you to save a document as it is, this means a PDF can cope with multiple images, cool graphic headers and different font styles. You can even sew live clickable URLs links amongst your text, just like on a website – really cool huh!

b.) They are a great way to compress and break up long files. Mac PDF files can have multiple pages that you scroll through, just like an eBook, but can still fit into an email!

what is a pdf

Speaking of which, how do you go about emailing PDF file on your Mac..? Unlike the traditional steps – opening email account, composing message and attaching an file, you can skip this long process and Mail a PDF file straight from the application you are using!

As nearly all Mac apps and programs allow you to save a file in the popular PDF format, they also conveniently have a nifty ‘Mail PDF’ option. This fast track feature is built into the Mac OS X system, so whether you are surfing the web using Apples home grown internet browser Safari, working on a literary master piece in Word or crunching number in Excel, you will still be able to send a PDF email quickly, straight from the apps toolbar.


How to Mail a PDF on Mac

There are two very easy options you can explore…

emailing pdf on mac
Option 1 – Mail Mac PDF Directly from App

1) Obviously the first step to finish creating your PDF file. Check it over to make sure it is as you want it as once you have mailed it, you can’t make any corrections.

2.) Select the ‘File’ tab from the application you are in i.e. Word, Text, Excel,Photos shop etc.

3.) Scroll down the drop down menu and select ‘Print’ (sounds odd but please run with it).

4.) At the bottom left hand corner of the window you will see a blue button titled ‘PDF’. Click on this to reveal further options.

5.) Select ‘Mail PDF’.

6) A new email will automatically open.

7) Add details such as email address you want to send your PDF too, add a message and click the send button. Your email will now be sent!


Option 2 – Mail Mac PDF with Drag and Drop

1.) Again double check your PDF is ready to go public.

2) Now open up Mac Mail or another email program such as yahoo.

3) Drop your PDF into the email, yes it’s as simple as that! Or use a keyboard shortcut ( Cmd, Shift, A)

Tip: If for some reason this drag and drop option does not work, perhaps your email account is classically old school and doesn’t allow it, then you can attach the PDF to your message by clicking the attach button (looks like a little paperclip).

4) Send off your email.

Now you know just how quick and easy peasy it is to Mail a PDF on Mac, I know you will be wowing your buddies with your new impressive page turning documents and presentations.

How to Create an Email On OS X Yosemite Mac Mail

This is a step-by-step guide on ‘how to create an email on OS X Yosemite Mac Mail…’


How to Get to Inbox on Mac Mail

Obviously there first thing to do is actually open up you email. There are a few of ways to open a new message on Mac, select your favourite method from the list below.

Option 1 –  Open up your Mac mail app by clicking on the appropriate icon. Once inside click on the ‘File’ tab in the toolbar. Then from the drop down menu select the option ‘New Message’.

Option 2 – Type Cmd + N and a new message should automatically pop up

Option 3 – Select the option with a Pad and a Pen to create a new message

how to create on email mac mail


How to Create a Message on Mac Mail

When options 1 – 3 are used a new message will pop up. After reading your inundated inbox I bet you have a few emails you wish to type out and send yourself. Follow these simple tips on how to create an email on OS X Yosemite Mac mail…

To – Enter a recipients email address

Cc If you want to copy anyone in (so multiple people receive your email) just enter their email address

Bcc – Basically this option means when you copy someone else into the email the main To Recipient will not see who you have also sent the email too.

Subject Field – This is sometime brief to describe the email, such as ‘Holiday Pics’ etc. You can also decide the leave the subject field empty, it will just be describe to the recipient as ‘None’.

Main subject box – Underneath the small text fields described above you will notice the large empty box. This is where you cant type out your email. The box will increase in size the more you write. Just click on the space and start typing.


How to Send an Attachment on OS X Yosemite Mac Mail

You can send a many different types of files via Mac Mail. However, try to avoid attaching massive files to your messages as you may have a problem sending them. Generally 2 – 3MB is manageable.

Adding An Attachment:

If you know which file you want to attach to your email just ‘Drop’ the file into your email body and it will automatically upload and attach. Another option would be to click the ‘Paper Clip’ icon at the top of your message window. You will then be able to select the files from your computer you would like to attach, this can be just one or multiple items.

Receiving Email Attachments

This will I’m sure be many times when friends and family send you an email containing attachments, these can be written document files, photo’s PDF’s etc. Sometimes images will automatically show in the email body, but at times it is nessassary to download the file to open the attachment on your computer instead.

How do you know an email you have received contains attachments?

You will know because the paperclip icon will show in the subject field in your message and before you open it.

Saving an attachment to your computer

In your email there will be the paperclip icon near the top of your email, click the paperclip and some dropdown options will come up to save the attachments to your Mac.


How to Read Emails on Mac Mail

When you are in Mail, you can see all your emails listed in the middle of the Mail screen showing it’s title and who it’s from. Once you click that email it’s contents will appear on the right hand side of your window.

To quickly skim through your unread emails, use your up and down arrow keys on your keyboard to read.


Replying to an Email on OS X Yosemite Mac Mail

1) On the Mail toolbar , Click the Reply icon to reply to sender (in the shape of an arrow)

2) Automatically a new window will pop up so you can start writing to reply to sender.

3) Once you have finished your message click Send.

How to View Emails & Attachments In Mac Mail

One big benefit of having a Mac Mail account is that it will alert you to a new message automatically. Instead of having to log into you account every ten minuets or refreshing the page to check if an important message has arrived, with Mac Mail you can just sit back and relax and be content that this application will alert you first!

If a new message has arrived into your inbox, Mail informs you by displaying a red badge to the Mail icon in your Dock. If you wish, you can even add a sound alert – cool ay!

Once in Mac Mail you can easily check your new message by clicking on your inbox tab. Like in normal email services, a list of all your read and saved messages will appear, with a new message highlighted at the top of the list. Simply click on the message to open. If you wish to type a reply, go ahead and press the ‘Reply’ button that now appears in your messages toolbar.

How to View Emails & Attachments In Mac Mail

If your messaged has arrived with a file attached to save time you can give it an instant glance with’ ‘Quick Look’. This nifty tool makes previewing attached images, photos, files, even Microsoft office documents and PDF’s a breeze.
To make use of this handy tool go ahead and activate it by selecting the ‘Quick Look’ button that will appear on any email that sports and attachment.

If you are viewing an array of photos, Quick Look can even display them to you in a fun slide show. Either one by one, in a grid format or in tiled previews.

You can even save them directly you iPhotos application, all from Quick Look!

Add Attachments & Photos On Mac Mail

Sending over attachments such as files, documents and photos in an email is essential to know for work or even just jazzing up a personal message.

With Mac Mail, adding attachments is so much easier then with other email providers. Instead of clicking on add attachment, browse through an infinite number of files on your Mac to locate the correct one and then finally waiting for it to upload urgh! There is a much easier trick…
Add Photo in Mac Mail
How to add attachments and photos on Mac Mail

You will be so surprised at just how easy it is to upload an attachment – just drag and drop! It is more of less the same easy action of pulling an image off the internet and dropping it onto your desktop. You can simply click on an image or file and drag and drop it into you content area to upload and save it into your email.

To browse your files go ahead and click on the ‘Attach’ button, marked with a paperclip symbol. You will find it in the toolbar of your new message.

As Mail is an inbuilt Mac application, unlike other email providers it has the ability to communicated with other Apple programs. For example Mail has a handy ‘Photo Browser’ that enables you to easily pick out any photo neatly stored in your iPhoto and with one click in can be attached to your message. This specialized browser is hiding in the toolbar.

You also have the ability to customize your photos further. You can set an appropriate size by using the “Image Size” tool. You can locate this in the popup menu at the bottom of your new email message.

Adding a Fun Theme to your Email…

Amazingly, you can also add fun and dramatic themes to your messages, ensuring the recipient will open it up with a big fat smile on their face.

To do this click on the ‘Stationary’ button to the right of the toolbar and you will be able to pick from an array of funky, colorful Apple-created designs to instantly jazz up any text.

So hop off now and go have some attaching, customizing email fun!

How to Compose & Send Email on Mac Mail

Whether you are a newbie to Mac Mail or the glamorous world of email is totally new territory, let me instantly put your mind at rest by assuring you that composing and sending an email with Mac Mail is a breeze!

how to send an email on mac

Follow these few simple steps and you could be sending messages in seconds…

1.) Obviously the first step is to open Mac Mail. Do this by double clicking on the relevant icon in your dock or by opening the programs via your applications folder.

2.) To start writing, or in technical terms ‘composing’ a new email, begin by select the the ‘New Message’ button in the toolbar.

3.) A new window displaying various empty field will pop up – this is where you are going to type in the address of recipient and subject and importantly – your message.

4.) To add the recipients email address go ahead and type it into the field marked ‘To’. Take care to type it in correctly, one error and it will not send and deliver.

Conveniently if the recipients email address is already written and saved in your Address book, Mac mail will automatically fill it in as you begin to type, speeding up the process.

If like me you have a poor memory and can not even remember the first few letter of your friend email, you can browse for it by clicking the ‘Address’ button on the Mail toolbar. The address book app with then display all of your save contacts, enabling you to click on and set the desired recipient. You can even select multiple addresses if you wish to send a message in bulk.

5.) Now once you have successfully filed out the address, the next step is to add a subject. This my be something as informal as “Hi” or if it is work related write something like “Miar Perkins CV.” Type this information into the empty field titled “Subject”.

6.) Just incase you are wondering you do not have to fill out the sections marked “Cc” and “Bcc”. As long as you have the address, subject and body of the message filled out your are on your way.

7.) Now it is the fun part – writing your message! Just click your cursor on the empty space and start tapping away to your hearts content.

8.) So you’ve just completed the text, made sure there is no embarrassing mistakes, now all that is left to do is send it. To do this simply press on the ‘Send’ button that looks like a paper airplane.

That’s it, SENT!

How To Email Web Link On Mac Mail

So you’ve come across the coolest website ever, a new date for the end of the world or a piece of juicy celeb gossip you simply must share. Well Mac OS X allows you to send a web link almost instantly.

With other leading email services such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc sending a web link can be a lengthy and process. Usually involving copy and pasting, or writing an anchor text, highlighting and then inserting the link to create a html code… urgh!

Mac Mail makes it so much easier. A few clicks of your mouse and your friends will be filled in with your latest discovery.

Email link on Mac Mail

Take these simple steps to send a web link...

This method should work in all internet browsers but always works with Apples very own Safari.

1.) Start by highlighting the website address URL in the browsers address bar. You can do his by either clicking and dragging your cursor over the text to highlight it or by simply clicking on the box with one click.
2.) Next navigate your way to the browsers toolbar and click on the name ie Safari.
3.) A drop down dialog menu will appear. Scroll down and pick ‘Services’.
4.) In the next menu pick ‘Mail’ and then ‘Send Selection’ from the hierarchical menu that follows.

Mac OS X will automatically rev-up up Mail (if the app is not already open of course). It then composes a new email ready for you to fill out the required fields such as the recipients address, subject and perhaps a little message.

How to Email a PDF On Mac Mail – Stress Free

So you’ve landed yourself with a new and rather intimidating boss, they ask you to email over a PDF pronto. Panic stricken you fret ‘how on earth do I send a PDF document YIKES!’

First things first, clam down – a sweaty brows or stress rash isn’t attractive on anyone. Take a deep breath and follow these few simple, easy peasy steps….

Like most of their personalized features and tools, Mac OS X have created their Mail application to be as straightforward and uncomplicated as possible. You may not even know what a PDF is or does, but you will have it sent to your boss in no time.

email pdf mac
How to email a PDF with Mac Mail

1.) You do not have to have the Mail application open at the beginning as it will automatically open up.
2.) Oddly the next step to take is to click on ‘File’ in the toolbar, then from the drop down menu click on ‘Print’.
3.) A small window will open up, press the ‘PDF’ button
4.) Another drop down menu will form, choose ‘Mail PDF’.
5.) Now go ahead and enter the email address required, a subject is necessary and finally click Send.

Conveniently Apple have allowed you to email PDF from all applications. This feature is built into Mac OS X, so no matter if you want to create and email a PDF from your internet browser, when you are writing a Word document, crunching numbers with Excel or even working on a presentation in Keynote, etc you will always be able to send a PDF email easily and quickly.

How To Email A Photo On Mac Mail!

With Apple Mac OS X’s updated Mail app, sending an image or photograph has never been so insanely easy.

While other email account such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc see us still laboriously browsing, selecting image files then uploading them to an email, Mac’s simple drag and drop formula will certainly persuade you to convert.

So you have had a lovely day soaking up the sun on the beach and want to brag heavily to your friends about your day of luxury by sending an photograph of your new bronze glow, reclining on golden sands and clutching a refreshing luminous cocktail, then striking up envy had never been more easy.

email photo on mac mail
How To Email A Photo On Mac Mail – follow these few simply steps…

1.) Sieve through your pics in iPhoto for our most glamorous pose, select it by highlighting and clicking with your mouse.
2.) Holding the cursor down carefully drag the image over to your iDock.
3.) Next its the magic part… Simply drop the image onto your Mail application icon.
4.) Miraculously Mac OS X will instantly open up your mail (that is if it is not already open of course) and atomically create a new message with your image already enclosed – AMAZING!
5.) Now all you need to do is simply fill out the recipients address, perhaps and caption to image or friendly message and click send.

So simple!

It’s also easy to compose a message containing several photos. Just do the same as above, selecting, dragging and dropping the different images into your Mac mail and this cleaver application will order them into a single mail file so it can be sent in bulk.