MacKeeper Data Encryptor

Those who don’t want or can’t understand how to use tools included in Apple’s OS X may consider utilizing third-party software as an option.

There are many different applications out there, however, it is rather difficult to find the one with comprehensible interface, sufficient functionality and, you know, something more inside. Fortunately, a program we have used while writing a post about cleaning up RAM earlier this month has what we need. The app is called MacKeeper Data Encryptor.

Once you open MacKeeper for the first time, you won’t see this tool at once as it is hidden under Advanced Tools included in the package. However, once you finally get down to it, you will notice a quick guide with the instructions and recommendations.

Right after you click Set Up Data Encryptor, you will need to create a password to get access to this section of MacKeeper. We have chosen the password earlier, so we’ll Log In to Data Encryptor instead.

MacKeeper Data Encryptor

Once you log in with your password, you get an opportunity to Add files to the encryption list.


Log in to MacKeeper Data Encryptor

Let’s choose the folder we have already seen in this article.

Add files to the MacKeeper Data Encryption list

Clicking on the Encrypt button and choosing the desirable encryption method and password initiates the process that may take a while depending on the size of folder to encrypt, amount of RAM installed, age and condition of your Mac, its operating system etc.

Clicking on the Encrypt button will start the process

After the end of the process, you will need to hit the Hide button in order to prevent others from accessing your data.

Locate Lost Items allows to scan for hidden files

Locate Lost Items allows to scan a specific folder for hidden files in case one forgets their location. However, even this feature won’t help if you forget your password, so make sure you store it in a secure place.

This is how you can protect your computer and files on it from unauthorized access and data thefts. Let us know what you think about our tutorial in the comments section below.

Mackeeper’s – Geek On Demand

Dubbed 911 for your Mac, Mackeeper seems to have thought of everything to keep you and your computer afloat. All of their 12 specifically designed maintenance apps have been split into ‘Five’ mighty categories: Mac Cleaner, Optimization, Antivirus & Security, Data control and Geek on Demand.

What if I could tell you that you could have your very own Mac tech wizard that could get you out of any sticky problem on hand 24/7….

Geek on demand‘Geek On Demand’is an awesome feature unique to MacKepper. With it you literally have, well….. a geek on demand.

No matter what the problem is – mac running slow, issues with software, hardware, Mac OS, Windows – what ever! You can easily get professional help to get you back on your feet running smoothly in no time.

Next time you face a confusing issue or heaven forbid, a slow Mac, you can schedule a phone call at what ever time is most convenient for you and are guaranteed receive a call at that time. A person for MacKeeper’s customer service team will be on hand to answer your questions and solve any issues you may have on the spot.

It doesn’t just have to be tech help, you can even ask these guys for their advice on which ipod is best to get. They really know their stuff, and that is exactly what you want at your beck and call to ensure that you never face Why Is My Mac Running Slow ever again.

Mackeeper’s Mac Antivirus / Security Apps

The award winning Mackeeper has 12 individually created apps split into five categories: Mac Cleaner, Optimization, Antivirus & Security, Data control and Geek on Demand.

Not only fights against Mac running slow but also disastrous viruses and greedily thieving mitts.

It is true that in comparison to Window’s the Mac has hardly any threats, but they do exist and there are enough of them to be worried…

As the popularity of the all mighty Mac computers rocket in demand, so does the scale of nasty threats. Norton and Kaspersky have already created internet security for Mac OS, and Apple themselves even recommend installing antivirus software to be on the safe side.

Mac security advice

So in order to fight off any nasty invasions that come as a serious danger to Mac security and performance making you stress ‘why is my mac running slow‘, we need to be one step ahead.

Luckily, one of the may features the MacKeeper provides is an mac antivirus and great anti theft program.

Mac antivirus software‘Internet Security’ – Keeps your important private files and personal information 100% secure.

Your Mac with be fully protected from both Mac OS and Windows threats, giving you a reason to take a deep sigh of relief.

On the Market there are already other antivirus software’s beside Mackeeper, but not all of them offer protection against Windows viruses as well. Plus, they don’t offer any of the other cleaning and optimizing tools…

If we were to compare prices, the statue of victory would undoubtedly go to MacKeeper.

As we have already seen, it has a hell of a lot more features than just a simple Antivirus, but costs far less than for example, ProtectMac and VirusBarrier.

For a more detailed overview on MacKeeper’s Antivirus  Software app click here


Mac Anti theft‘Anti Theft’ – This is another must have feature that gets me very excited.
Unfortunately, where ever we are in the world, there will always be people who want to get their greedy thieving mitts on our property.

If this happens after you have installed MacKeeper, you will be finding yourself turning in a very red face thief, as you can actually pin point in the world were your Mac is located.

The Anti-Theft tool is very simple to use. If your Mac gets stolen, once it has gone online, you will be sent a location report, which you can then hand to the police.
Plus you will also get a phone call from customer support with detailed instructions about the report, to ensure you get all the answers and evidence you need to get your Mac back.

Mac security

Finally, all lucky iSight owners can also enjoy seeing photos of the thief, caught red handed using your computer. This snapshot feature will automatically be activated once you report the theft.

There are other anti theft solutions for Mac available, such as Undercover and WatchMac, but these only offer half of What MacKeeper has available.
For example, they come with the humorous and handy snapshot feature, but shockingly not one of them offer the location report. Which is undeniably the most important feature if you want to recover your stolen computer.

So on top of some pretty cool Mac running slow optimization features, MacKeeper also comes with rock solid security.

For a more detailed overview on MacKeeper’s Anti Theft and Mac Security app click here

Mackeeper’s Data Control Apps

The multi-Award Scooping MacKeeper has no less than 12 specially designed tools split into ‘Five’ categories to maintain your beloved Mac and keep it in tip top condition: Mac Cleaner, Optimization, Antivirus & Security, Data control and Geek on Demand.

The section Data Control is all about equipping you with major organizational and time saving tools that will allow you and your machine to work fast and efficiently.

Data Encryptor‘Data Encryptor’ – Like you i’m sure, I prefer to keep all of my personal information rock solid secure, this tool does exactly that.

Light magic you can tightly hide away all your personal files from nosey eyes, ideal if you share your computer.

This feature totally conceals your private files and offers not one, but two levels of encryption. First step is creating protection though a personal password, then it stops them from being easily picked up though Finder or Terminal.

However, if you find yourself loosing the hidden items, Data Encryption will help you search for them with out causing my Mac is running slow.

When I compared MacKeeper’s Data Encryptor with other similar systems, I didn’t immediately spot any differences.

But the closer I investigated, a different picture started to emerged…
For example, the programs FireVault conflicted with Time machine, and Knox didn’t have the clever feature of being able to hide and disguise you important information on your hard drive – and in any other system, they could be easily accessed via Terminal.

Mackeeper Data Control‘Files recovery’ – Now unfortunately it can not bring back your lost car keys or a runaway cat, but at least it can fully restore your lost files.

As we have already discovered, when you delete files from the trash, they don’t disappear forever, they just become over-writable.

To uncover lost or deleted files, scan your hard drive with Undelete. Once the scan is finished a list of recently deleted files will appear and at your selection, can be brought back to life.

Unfortunately sometimes this can be a rather lengthy process, buy with Mackeeper’s Undelete, you can use the filter to sieve though and locate files you need.

Mac Backup Software‘Backup’ – With the similar these as the Undelete tool, Backup has the power to restore your entire computer.

This is a vital tool to have on board just incase anything goes wrong and you need to go back in time to fix it.

Backup can create reserve copies of all your important files and schedule updates.
Scheduling is a fantastic feature, because now you don’t have to stress or waste time manually updating you files.

No more copy paste routines every Sunday evening like in the old days.
Before I discovered the many wonders of MacKeeper, I used to back up my data using Time Machine, as it is already built into a Mac OS X.

However, Time Machine only creates file copies on on your computer but MacKeeper has the capabilities of supporting external devices. This allows you to back up information that is on flash drives or any other devices, excellent!

With this awesome mini software you need ever panic if you get trapped in a gooey technical bog.

Mackeeper Apps‘Shredder’ – The speediest and most effective method to say bye-bye to unwanted files and folders once and for all and free up echoing corridors of space. Warning, Only use this great app if you are completely satisfied you don’t want to salvage them, great for a thorough spring clean.

To use the shredder, just simply pick up what ever you want to dispose of an drop them into the shredder. Click shred, and that’s it!

Shredding and getting rid of all the dusty clutter files will do wonders you any Mac running slow.

Speed Up Mac – Optimization

These three apps are so simple yet so effective for preventing your Mac running slow.

MacKeeper, branded 911 for your Mac, has created ‘Five’ great categories to keep our Macs internally in pristine condition, these are: Mac Cleaner, Optimization, Antivirus & Security, Data control and Geek on Demand.

However it is the Mac cleaner and the optimization tools that get me most excited. Above all the other 3 categories these specifically designed apps all have the speed of your Mac in mind and are prefect to getting it back to peak performance.

The Award winning optimization section consists of three mini software’s…

Mac Optimization ‘Update Tracker’ – This tool is vital to help keep your Mac up-to-date, ultimately making your experience much faster. Update tracker keeps an eye on all of your apps and promptly alerts you whenever you fall behind.

With this feature you can swiftly get updates for all apps in one place, instead of having to open them and check them all individually. Which is a mammoth task.

This cleaver software knows when to send the alarm bells and adopts a useful colour coding system. Apps are marked with either a red dot, showing you it is out of date, or with green, which are the apps that have already been updated and optimized.

You can even separate your favourite apps to give them most attentions. This popular ones will be labeled with a yellow dot, so you can find them easily.

mackeeper login items‘Login Items’ – I love this tool as it dramatically boosts your login speed. Perfect for someone like me who is very impatient and hate fretting why is my mac running slow and waiting around for the computer to load.

This tool also allows you to throw apps into the automatic login list so that they will open as soon as you turn on your Mac, saving a huge amount of time.

On the contrary, you can delete apps from this list to prevent them from opening on the spot if you don’t use them that often, again preventing Mac running slow.

Make Mac Fast‘Default Apps’ – This tool can efficiently link certain apps to specific file types, so they will always open compatible programs.

Once again this will save you a lot of time, as files are often opened with wrong apps, and it can be very annoying.

Mackeeper’s Mac Internet Security

internet securityOn top of Mackeeper’s Award Winning Antivirus software comes a great Mac ‘Internet Security’ app.

Keeping yourself and kids safe online is extremely important nowadays. Although the world wide web is an incredible place and a tool we would suffer without, it can make yourself and the ones you love very vulnerable.

While an effective Mac Antivirus app is perfect for scaring off nasty Mac viruses and malicious Malware, Mackeeper’s internet security for Mac is vital for safe browsing is perfect for keeping all your private details and crucially your children out of harms way.

With 30,000 newborn Apple Mac targeted virus being detect each day, it is evident there are literally thousands of greedy criminal mitts posed to pinch your identity or raid your financial accounts. These hackers often used dodgy sites or bug emails to brake into your computer and private data but with ZeoBit’s Mackeeper Internet Security feature anything suspicious will be instantly blocked.

Mac Internet security

As well as protecting your files from virus invasion, this feature will prevent disturbing pornographic sites and images from accidentally popping up whilst your or your child is surfing the web.

Unlike many similar apps, Mackeeper’s internet security is built with a Real-Time Safe Browsing feature. This is a vital element if you don’t want draggy slow loading speeds. It allows you to zip your way through the web carefree knowing that all infected cunning sites are blocked automatically.

To add a little extra security for content peace of mind, this tool gives you the ability to manually block certain sites you don’t want your children to have access too by conveniently creating your own list of potentially dangerous and banned websites.

Topping the charts in this area as well, Mackeeper’s Mac internet security weapon is fully compatible and ready and rearing to work on all major Mac browsers – Safari, Chrome and FireFox.

With Mackeeper’s Antivirus software and top Internet Security app protecting you, your child and prized Mac around the clock 24/7, you we be sleeping as sound as a snoozing sloth chilling in the sun.

MacKeeper Mac AntiVirus Software

Mac Antivirus SoftwareShoving rival competitors such as Norton and Kespersky far to the side, Mackeeper’s Award Winning Mac Antivirus software is voted one of the best in the world by leading tech companies.

With no less than 30,000 new Apple Mac target devilish malware and viruses being tracked down daily it is essential that we safeguard our precious machines, personal details and vitally financial info and keep them safe and secure from impending invasion.

With Mackeeper’s professional Antivirus software your prized (not to mention expensive) Mac will be fully protected from all forms of nasty viruses and ensure your computer and personal information is 100% secured and safe.

Forget stressing over demanding and confusing configurations, this world class security app is very user friendly, beginner friendly and clear. Once Mackeeper’s 911 toolbox is downloaded and installed, its leading Anti virus tool will automatically launch. Securing your entire Mac 24/7 as well as sheltering all your additional actions and commands from the word go.

Mackeeper’s dedicated Mac Anti virus software defends your computer against any malicious security threats and protects from:

  • Mac OS and Windows viruses
Identity theft
  • Phishing attacks
  • Passing on viruses to friends
  • Fraud websites
  • Unsafe downloads
  • Threats from external devices
  • E-mail threats
  • Spyware
  • Malware
  • Trojans

As you can see from the above list, this tool is mighty enough to battle against Mac OS threats but is even strong enough to war off Microsoft Window viruses as well. Not only does this help you sleep a little sounder at night, but it means you have the added freedom of using a Windows format on your Apple computer. Making this anti virus for Mac particularly attractive to Parallels desktop users.

A very important monumental feature you should always look for when picking any Antivirus is an up-to-date ‘virus database’. It is crucial to have this as it ensures your machine is protected from even the the latest newborn viruses. With thousands developed and firing your way everyday there’s no point in investing in a safety software without this element. And guess what – Mackeeper has one!

Another massive benefit this app provides is its ‘real-time protection’ feature. This handy advantage stops your Macs performance and speed from being compromised. The in-built Mac OS engine keeps your computer zippy fast and working at optimum pace while it simultaneously sniffs out and warns off rouge viruses.

Finally Mackeeper’s virus protection is way ahead of the game as it is already compatible with Apple’s Mountain Lion asystem well as previous backdrops and it fully optimized for all major internet browsers, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.


Price: MacKeeper’s entire 16 app toolbox, inclusive of its impressive Mac Antivirus Software, comes in at a very modest $39.95 lifetime license and a ‘365 Day Money Back Guarantee’ if for whatever reason you change your mind.

Which is a less then half the price of Kaspersky Mac virus scan which stands at $59.95 annual fee and Norton’s eye popping $79.99 yearly price tag.