Using Mac OS X Yosemite Safari Internet Browser

Here a a few handy tips on how to use Apple’s very own Safari.

Apple’s latest software release OS X Yosemite also comes with a brand spanking new update on Safari. A few layout changes here and there but just as easy to use as ever…

Mac OS X Yosemite Safari Internet Browser


How to Change Safari Homepage

This is a pretty simple and effective change. If you are not a fan of the current default homepage lets change it!

1) Go to the safari Toolbar (at the top of your screen) and select File > then Preferences.

2) Select General, inside there will be options for Homepage, delete Apple’s current URL in the box and enter any homepage of your own choice (For example So now every time Safari is opened your selected homepage will come up instead of the default.


Activating Full Screen View On Safari

Safari by default usually pops up as a smaller screen than other internet browsers. Did you know most applications on your Mac can be made to full screen without losing any quality at all.

To select the full screen mode for browsing just follow these steps:

1) To make your safari screen full size, hit the ‘Green‘ button in the top left hand corner of your window. Alternatively go to File > Enter Full Screen.

2) To Get yourself out of full screen view on your keyboard click the ‘Esc’ button (Escape) the button is located at the very top left of your keyboard. Another option is View > Exit Full Screen.


Switching Between Pages on Safari

1) To instantly switch between two pages simply use ‘two’ fingers on your trackpad and swipe left to right. Very handy if you are reading the news online.

Zooming in and out:

1) On your trackpad using your two fingers Double Tap the trackpad.

2) A more controlled way of zooming is to stretch your fingers to zoom in and pinch fingers together to zoom out


Activating Private Browsing Mode

Safaris Private Browsing mode is perfect if you have a shared computer and you would like to do some secret birthday or christmas shopping. It doesn’t doesn’t track your movements or save your search history.

1) Open Safari and go to File > Preferences > and Search. It will list your current search engine (Google, Yahoo etc) there will be a drop down to change search engine, if you want to activate private browsing choose the DuckDuckGo for search, this is Apple’s very own search engine and is new with OS X Yosemite.

If you no longer want private search activated just follow the same steps and choose another search engine to browse on Safari.


Using Safari’s Reading List

Love reading on the web? With millions of interesting webpages and blogs the web is a readers paradise. Before OS X Yosemite, if you spotted an interesting article or a blog you fancied reading later you would have to save it as a bookmark, but now with the new update you can save items to a Reading List. Pages are now so much easier to find (saves trawling through hundreds of bookmarks) and avoids clutter.

How to Save Pages to Read Later

1) While in Safari go to Bookmarks > Add To Reading List or because we all love a shortcut type Cmd + Shift+ D

How to Use Safari Bookmarks

We have just covered Safari’s ‘Reading List’ which is quite similar to Bookmarks but in this article there will be information on adding your first bookmark, organising them and importing bookmarks.


What is a Safari Bookmark?

As the name implies it acts as a bookmark, so if you are browsing the internet one day or your friend gives you a link to their website you would like to save, Safari and most internet browsers will give you the option to bookmark that particular page. Your bookmarks will then be stored for future reference, you can create as many bookmarks as you please over the years and delete them accordingly.

So firstly how do you Add a bookmark in Safari?

1) When Safari is open on the top toolbar there will be a tab named Bookmarks.

2) When you are on an interesting webpage or website you would like to Bookmark click Bookmarks > Add Bookmark from the menu. Or for a shortcut type Cmd + D 

3) Once ‘Add Bookmark’ is clicked, an option called Favourites or Bookmark Menu will come up, select which one you’d like.

4) Go to the folder where you want to store the bookmark and the bookmark will be stored there.


How to Organise your Safari Bookmarks

The great thing about Safari Bookmarks is that a lot of other internet browser don’t have is an option to create individual folders and topics for your Bookmarks. If you are like me and a lot of people around the world, you’ll have hundreads of bookmarks accumulated over time. This is where organising comes into it’s own!

So follow these steps for organising your Safari Bookmarks:

1)  On your toolbar Stroll to Bookmarks and then select > Edit Bookmarks or for the short cut type Option + Cmd + B

2) Click the Bookmark Menu in the left hand side panel

3) If you want to add a new folder just click +

4) Give your folder a title so you will be able to identify the bookmarks within that folder

5) Next time you Bookmark a webpage you can select the correct folder to store it in.


How to Delete a Safari Bookmark Folder

1) Type in your keypad Option + Cmd + B

2) When you see the Bookmark you want to delete, use the delete key on your keyboard and an option will come up confirming you want to delete that link.


How to Import a Safari Bookmark

If you have been using another internet browser and would like to import those Bookmark from that browser into Safari, here’s just how to do it:

Mac safari Bookmarks

1) In the other internet browser (say Firefox) click the Bookmark option and select File > Export and save the file to your desktop.

2) Now while in Safari go to File > Import and select the Bookmark file you would like imported into Safari.


How to Open Safari Tabs

Browser Tabs represent different internet pages you have open and makes it much easier to skip between them rather than having multiple browser windows open. Here is how to open a new Safari Tab:

1) Go to File > New Tab or use the shortcut Cmd + T

2) A new Safari browser Tab will now appear on your screen.

3) Click on different opened tabs to view your pages.

What are Mavericks OS X Features?!

Mavericks OS XAs you have probably heard… The next big release Mavericks OS X is coming this autumn!! whoop whoop. Expect to be wowed as apple have rolled out not just a completely new name leaving the animals left in the wild, but an advanced new look and feel to using your Mac.
So what exactly can we expect from OS X Mavericks and what’s new?


What are Mavericks OS X Features?! Here are some of the BEST!



Oh yes, the awaited app that everyone seems to be talking about that will rival Google Maps, iMaps!
You may be thinking, what’s going to be the difference between Google vs Apple? Well only the fact that you can take full advantage of the Mac graphics for clear and crisp images. Not to mention gorgeous views such as flyover mode, which is a realistic 3D photo experience enabling you to ‘fly over your selected cities. iMaps will point out interesting places to visit, with contact details and reviews.
Another exciting feature is the point to point directions, with real time traffic info and updates. iMaps will offer alternative routes and when you’re ready to head off on your journey you can send the map to your iPhone for voice navigation all the way to your destination! pretty cool eh.


Yes iBooks will be finally making an appearance to the Mac club! With over 1.8 million books to read on iBooks you’ll never be at a loss at what to read again!
If you have already downloaded and purchased previous books on your iPhone, iPod and iPad, do not fear as they will automatically appear on your Mac too.


Good old Safari has even been included in the Mavericks update! with easier access to sharing tools while browsing, you can always keep updated with new content and so forth. Safari will now be faster than ever before for quality web browsing. Now with energy saving properties Safari will actually save your Mac battery! now that’s what i’m talking about!

Mavericks OSX Features


A fresh new out look on the calendar was needed and an update it’s definitely had! New powerful features such as an event inspector, local weather forecasting for locations entered on the calendar, and it will even calculated the time it will take you to get to your event.

Displays and Desktop

With now more flexibility in the way you want to organise and work, apple has heard your cry. Apple has made it so there is no primary or secondary display… each screen will come with it’s own tool bar and options, and no matter what screen you are working on the dock is automatically available to you. Open up full screen applications on each display and still have totally separate work spaces.

iCloud Keychain

constantly forgetting your passwords on the web, look no further as iCloud keychain has arrived folks! What does it do? Well remember your keywords of course! It stores usernames and passwords for websites you use on the devices you have approved, with a AES 256- bit encryption everything is kept up to date. This also applies to credit card info as well, so check out is made easier and faster.

So there you have it, an idea of the features you can expect from the new Mavericks OSX by Apple.

4 Vital Mac Trackpad Gestures For Safari

Apple Mac products and tools always aim to go above and beyond. Despite there being many great internet browsers around, Apple’s own creation Safari teamed up with the awesome Lion OS X multi-touch gestures makes it the best browser for Mac users.

Creating its own little language the new multi-touch commands allows you to scroll, tap and swipe your way around the world wide web almost effortlessly. No more boring time consuming scrolling up to tool bars and selecting from drop down menus – few!

If you already own a glossy iPad, iPod touch or iPhone then no doubt you will already be familiar with the codes.

If not here are the four key Multi-Touch Gestures to master…


Swipe to Navigate

mac multi touch gesturesInstead of having to click on the forward and back buttons to get to previous pages, like a magazine with a simple swipe action you can flick through webpages instantly. To do this just gently swipe two fingers across your track pad in the direction of the page you wish to revisit. Left – right to go back in time and bring up the last page you were on or right – left to go forward.


Pinch to Zoom

Mac trackpad safariI’ve cleared my desk, got a fresh pad of paper, a pen that actually woks and a hot cup of tea and sat down to work only to realize i’ve forgotten my glasses! Well with this pinch to to zoom gesture it wouldn’t even matter if you have sat on and shattered your reading glasses as you can instantly magnify and minimize text and images with this simple motion. Using your thumb and forefinger pinch together to minimize the content or open them up to to helpfully magnify.


Scrooling with Fingers

Mac trackpad gesturesThis is the hand gesture I without doubt use the most – scrolling. Clicking and holding the scroll bar as the side of the screen is thankfully now a thing of the past. Using two fingers. gently swipe them up or down on your trackpad to make browsing web pages much more natural.


Tap to Zoom in

Trackpad for safariAlternatively to pinching like crab you can instantly magnify any section of text with a double tap. Once hovered over the area you wish to see close up, using two fingers gently double tap in the center of your trackpad to home in on the area. To reset double tap once again to set the content back to the original size.

Add an Internet Bookmark On a Mac!

Internet Bookmarks are a fantastic way to save great information and websites you have discovered or use often whilst surfing the web.

If you simply want to remind yourself of some interesting info or make it a breeze to revisit certain sites you visit regularly, ie your Email account, internet banking, YouTube etc, then bookmarking is for you!

how to add an internet bookmark on mac
Bookmarks are saved into your browsers toolbar and are really easy to grab and reopen. So much more time efficient and practical than opening a text document, copy and pasting the URLs, naming that URL then saving the file and storing it in a a place you can easily locate and open. Even once you find it, you still have to copy and paste the URL back into he search bar to pull up the site… urgh tiring!

With a bookmark all you have to do is navigate to ‘Bookmarks’ on your internet browsers toolbar (they should all have one). A drop down menu will appear with all your stored bookmarks. They are accompanied with a personal name you have given them, so you instantly know what they are and why you saved them. Often they partnered by the websites ‘favacon’ image (if the site has one) which make pulling up a desired bookmark much faster as it is easier to locate.

Creating a bookmark is surprising easy and far from complicated.

Here is how to create a Internet Bookmark on Mac…

internet bookmark mac1.) So you are on a site you want to bookmark. Look up on your internet browsers toolbar, you should see the tab ‘Bookmark’ – press it.

2.) A contextual drop down menu will appear. To save an individual page choose “bookmark This Page.’

3.) A little pop out window will appear which allows you to rename the site so you can remember what it is straight away. (This is optional, but helpful)

4.) Click save and you are done!

How to Block Internet Ads on Mac Safari!

block ads safari There are numerous reasons why you would want to control and prevent pop-up internet adds from surfacing. Not only are they annoying when they open and dominate your screen while you are reading something important, but some can be very inappropriate, carrying adult content, and many contain harmful computer viruses.

Luckily Apple Macs personal internet browser ‘Safari’ have provided an option to secure and stop this nuisance. Although this feature is not bullet proof, one or two pop-up ads my slip through the net, but it does promise to eliminate the vast majority of them.

To block internet ads follow these simple steps…

1.) To get to the correct menu, you need to open Safari.
2.) On the tool bar click the bold word ‘safari.’
3.) A drop down menu will appear. Go ahead and select ‘Block Pop-Up Windows.’

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!