Cleaning your beloved Mac of Duplicates and junk files once-in-awhile is essential to protect your investment and keep your machine running at fast peak performance at all times. Whether you need to speed up an annoyingly slow Mac or just aiming to free up vital memory space to increase speed and storage, deleting old, useless, memory eating Duplicate files is definitely the way to go folks!

Below is a List of the Most Popular ‘Mac Duplicate File Finder’ for you to COMPARE…

Best Duplicate File Finder Mac

  MacKeeper Cleaning Software – Duplicate Winner! To make locating, junk or duplicate files an easy process and guaranteeing you reclaim gigabytes of space, Mackeeper’s Multi-Award Winning maintenance bundle provides two dedicated tools… Renowned as ‘911 For Your Mac’, Mackeeper contains 16 individual Mac maintenance apps all designed to keep your beloved computer safe from viruses and thieves, running lightening fast, ensure all your files are organized and vitally dramatically improve the lifespan of your Mac. These optimization apps are spilt into 5 popular categories; Mac Cleaner, Optimization, Security, Data Control and Geek on Demand. The cleaning section houses two very useful software’s Duplicates Finder and Files Finder. Mackeeper DuplicatesDuplicates Finder – This professional duplicate file finder Mac is extremely intensive at digging out clone files. Teamed with Mackeeper’s other highly developed cleaning features this section will swiftly scan your entire Mac, searching to the darkest depths to ensure you uncover every useless file and free up as much memory space as possible – on top of boosting your Macs performance and speed! Unlike rival Mac duplicate file finders, Mackeeper is skilled enough to hunt down and allow you to order and remove any type of data doubles yourself to stop accidents, including general files, music, video, photos etc ‘even’ if they have been renamed! Clever eh. Mackeeper File FinderFiles Finder – To simplify things Mackeeper have created a separate app to locate desired files and help you organise them. Uniquely it has Custom Presets enabling you to create your own filters for specific files, instantly narrowing down the search criteria allowing you always to locate the correct files. This tool also helps you track general, video, audio, photos, including archives and applications.

Price: Mackeeper’s entire maintenance bundle, inclusive of the whole ‘Cleaning’ category costs $39.95 for a subscription license plus 365 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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Easy Duplicate File Finder Mac easy duplicate file finder MacAlthough rather expensive for a one-off app, Easy Duplicate File Finder makes managing duplicate files easy. It has the ability to scan your Apple Macs hard drive and sieve out doubles, allowing you to then decide to keep, delete, rename or archive them. Crucially this duplicate file finder Mac is capable of sorting through not only general file copies but also images and photo files, mp3 and songs and even identical emails. Price: This costly Mac duplicate file finder starts from $39.90 for one computer and $54.85 with the ability to sort duplicate photos

HoudahSpot HundaSpotDespite not being able to categorize duplicate files, Houdah Spot is a pretty thorough Apple Mac file finder. Like Mackeeper’s dedicated File Finder app, this one is head and shoulders above Mac OS X in-built Spot light and Finder features. It enables you to quickly narrow your searches and create detailed quires to certify you pinpoint the exact file you want, tag files for easy retrieval and help with convenient filling. However this tool is not ideal for sifting out lurking duplicates or removing unwanted files to make excess memory space… Price: Perhaps a little overpriced compared with other duplicate file finder Mac, Houdah Spot is $30

Decloner DeclonerThis reliable duplicate file finder Mac is the cheapest option so far yet still harbors the intelligence to pickup wasteful twin files saved in different formats. Like Mackeeper, the developers boast a high degree of accuracy due to the SHA-1 algorithm – which accurately determines if files are identical. It’s bare uninspiring user interface is not what most Mac enthusiasts are accustomed too but it does the trick and allows you to safely scan your hard drive and delete uncovered clones in bulk. Two draw backs of this Mac duplicate file finder is its incredibly slow scanning rate and the fact you can not efficiently drag and drop your files into it. Also it ignores particular files and folders and data smaller than a certain size, resulting some duplicates being overlooked. Price: Delconer is reasonably priced at $19.95

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