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Mac Running Slow?

If you are wondering ‘Why is my Mac Running Slow?’ the answer is really quite simple… Forgetting to spring clean your computer once in a while is a monumental mistake most of us do, myself included. The result is an excruciatingly slow Mac… Grrr! This usually results from nasty hidden junk files stored on our Mac, mass file duplicates and piles of system error reports, as well as many other annoying problems we can’t always see that need fixing to restore Apple’s signature speed. So Don’t worry, there is a simple solution to dramatically speed up performance… Give it a Scan and DEEP CLEAN with a Mac cleanup software.

Why A Mac Cleaner Software is Vital

A powerful and efficient cleaning program will rat out the pointless data hijacking vital space on your hard drive, cramped chaos resulting in an aggravating Mac running slow. Top Mac Cleaners on the market not only scan your entire hard drive but will also highlight which data is junk, duplicate and impressively which ones are cherished files. A few clicks allows you to fully optimize and secure your computer making programs and overall your Mac run miles quicker, but also ‘Free up’ corridors of extra space. Allowing you to continue what we all love doing, downloading and shelving the latest apps, games, music and films! To my shock Mackeeper scanned and removed over 36GB of junk from my computer on it’s first scan, and my MacBook Pro was only 9 months old!! :O  These were hidden files, duplicates, broken stored errors and other system problems that needed fast attention I wasn’t aware of. Detailed ‘COMPARISON‘ of The Most Effective Mac Cleaners On The Market at Present

mac running slow


 Why Is MacKeeper The Best?

Scooping endless prestigious five star Awards from top tech companies since it’s arrival in 2010, Mackeeper continues to dominate comparison charts for it’s first class performance and unbeatable price tag. KromTechs Mackeeper promises to keep your prized computer 100% secure, sparkly clean and reliable. Leaving rivals in the shadows, MacKeeper houses an array of unique and specially designed maintenance apps, split into five dynamic categories, Mac Cleaner, Optimization, Antivirus & Security, Data control and Geek on Demand.

Price: Mackeeper’s all inclusive maintenance bundle is priced at $39.95 for a subscription license and amazing 365 Day Money Back Guarantee.


The Five Powerful Categories…

Infamous Multi-Award Winning 911 Mac Cleaner Just like everything in this world, your home, your armpits, your dog etc – your computer must be cleaned regularly to ensure it runs at optimum performance and prevent you from stressing ‘why is my mac running slow?’ The process of cleaning is simply eliminating the ‘useless’ stuff that is clogging up your limited hard drive. Mackeeper (unlike some) knows exactly what to and what not to delete, so there is no need to stress about losing valuable files. MacKeeper’s cleaning toolbox has everything you need for a fast and efficient cleanup, so take a deep sigh, ignite these clever mini softwares and retrieve that signature snappy speed.

‘FFast Mac Cleanupast Cleanup’ – It safely and stress free scans the murky depths of your hard drive hunting down the dastardly junk files keeping your performance sluggish. It scans your laptop for caches, logs, language packs and binaries, using up to four utilities in one, and then clears this chaos with one click. This convenience is lacked by many competing apps.


Duplicate File FinderDuplicates Finder’ – On the ‘Most Wanted’ list of junk, is the mischievous file clones. They are notoriously hard to detect, so much so that it is identifying the duplicates that often make any other cleaning software’s fall short. KromTech identified this annoying issue and have designed this unique MacKeeper feature. The Duplicates Finder will scan your Mac’s hard drive for file copies, even the renamed ones, and give you a chance to dispose of them.


‘FiFiles Finderles Finder’ – Have you ever wasted away hours searching for a specific file on your MacBook? Well, this headache will be a distant memory as MacKeeper’s ‘Files Finder’ is quite a different tale. Even if you have misplaced the name of a file, this function allows you filter though the results by choosing the file type or extension and limit the search results by specific criteria. You can create your own search parameters as well saving ‘you’ a lot of time.


‘Disk Usage Is a cool tool that allows you to pull up a clear picture of all the files. This feature Mac Disk Usagewill also emphasize exactly which files need your attention. If a file is highlighted in green or yellow, there is nothing to worry about, but if you see orange and red, then you have identified yet another problem that is making your mac run slow.


Wise Uninstaller‘Wise Uninstaller’ – This is a great weapon and one of the reasons MacKeeper is so effective and guarantees to prevent your mac slowing down in the future. Unlike other cleaning softwares, the wise uninstaller knows exactly which data, pics etc are cherished and important and which files are forgotten and unneeded. Critically this feature also permanently wipes the jumble from your hard drive leaving caves of free space.


Optimization Features

Mac OptimizationThis category goes hand in hand with the Cleaner, ensuring you never fret ‘my mac is running slow’ again and guarantees our beloved Apple always has that fast snappy trademark speed. There are three niffty tools in this section, all will make life much easier… READ MORE…

Mac Security/ Antivirus

Mac AntivirusApple machines may be swisher, more expensive and have better graphics then Window computers, but they are not bullet proof from nasty invading threats and viruses. MacKeeper provides an exclusive, up-to-date Mac Antivirus and Security Software, so you can sleep easy knowing your machine and personal information is 100% securely protected. READ MORE…

Data Control

Mac Backup softwareAce these four simple apps and will have every part of your important data secured, efficient, safely backed-up and totally under your control. READ MORE…

Geek On Demand 24/7

my mac is running slowWant an Apple Mac technical wizard at your beck and call to get you out of any sticky or tricky problem and to ensure that you never face Why Is My Mac Running Slow ever again? With Geek on demand help is on hand 24/7. READ MORE…

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Hi I'm Sophie, Chef Author at I'm a self proclaimed Mac Nerd and try and make it my job to know the latest tips and tricks for my readers. So whether you are a budding Mac geek, or a full blown enthusiast, I hope my guides can get you through smoothly 🙂
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Hi I'm Sophie, Chef Author at I'm a self proclaimed Mac Nerd and try and make it my job to know the latest tips and tricks for my readers. So whether you are a budding Mac geek, or a full blown enthusiast, I hope my guides can get you through smoothly :)