Is MacKeeper Safe Or Really A Scam?

One question on all our lips – ‘is there a Mackeeper scam?’ and ultimately ‘is Mackeeper Safe?’

Naturally before pursuing any Mac software you want to check it is all cosha and avoid putting your beloved and expensive Mac at risk.

Since Mackeeper burst its way onto the scene, claiming to be the best thing for your Apple comp since sliced bread was for mums and pack lunches, it has been creating massive waves in the world of Mac softwares.

Despite jumping head first into a congested industry and battling fierce competition from other rival acclaimed Mac cleaners, Anti|Virus programs, Security softwares and other essential maintenance apps, KromTechs MacKeeper has been topping comparison charts and scooping countless awards ever since.

Effectively tackling 5 important areas: Cleaning, Speed Optimization, Security, Data Control and Technical Support and housing 16 personalized mini softwares for an impressive $39.95 lifetime license, it is bound to get the nostrils of curiosity and doubt sniffing for the small print…

But the facts are, Mackeeper has been presented with countless prestigious 5 star awards from renowned Mac companies such as Enoda, Brothersoft, Tucows, Wareseeker,Wordpress to name a few. Branded ‘911 for your Mac’ by industry leading experts. Tagged for providing one of the best Antivirus apps in the world, and created by a company confident enough to provide a ‘FREE Trial’ and promise a ‘365 day Money Back Guarantee‘.

Mackeeper Awards

With all this impressive history can there really be a Mackeeper Scam?

The best way to find out the answer to ‘is MacKeeper safe’ and decipher if a scam exists is to do some detective work. Dig though reviews, ask the right questions and better yet, try a free trial for a first hand experience.

Tip 1 – Read Mackeeper Reviews

To get a good overview of what KromTechs leading creation is about and what it offers you, I suggest reading an in-depth Mackeeper review. One that it covers all the nitty gritty bits of the program and compares it to all the top apps in the different fields are the best. This way you will know exactly what to expect Mackeeper will provide for Mac and money.

Maceeper is best known for its abilty to dramatically boost the processing speed of your Mac with its ‘Fast Cleanup’ tools. to see how its measaures up to the best clean softwares in the buisness click here – Compare top Mac Cleaners.

Tip 2 – Download A FREE Trial

Has your mother ever told you off for listening to idle gossip and rumours?

There is nothing like experiencing something first hand to be able to grasp a personal and accurate opinion.

Unlike some leading Mac softwares, Mackeeper ‘do’ offer a free trial download to let their customers get a taste of their program.

There is no need to pay attention to the conflicting arguments of other people, it will only give you a headache. Cut out the middle crowd and download a trial. That way you will instantly know whether a Mackeeper scam has any foundation.

By evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of this software, you can make an accurate verdict based on personal experience.

However, if the array of online praise and trial snippet doesn’t completely squash the nagging doubt that this software toolbox isn’t worth an investment, always be comforted by the fact that the full version is backed by ‘Geek on Demand’ – a customer support team that are available through live chat, email and over the phone ’24/7′. With a personal geek by your side you can easily put to rest any potential issues.

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One Response to Mackeeper Scam – Read The Truth Here

  1. I’ve been using MacKeeper for over 10 years with absolutely no complaints. A wide array of marvelously useful features. I can’t imagine where all the negativity is coming from. On the Apple site, I posted a recommend for using MacKeeper secure deletion to eliminate files securely after the loss of “secure delete” in El Capitan, and got a rash of negative feedback which was complete BS…


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