Isn’t filling out forms one of the most laborious tasks?!

Obviously the clued up creators at Apple Mac have think the same thing as their latest Mac OS X updates provide us with a nifty automatic form filler-outer ‘AutoFill’!

This cool tool memorizes the information that you fill out most in a form. It is so clever it integrates with Safari, your Mail, iChat, iCal and numerous other applications. In fact it is so high tech this function can even sync up with your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

It remembers information such as your name, home address, primary email and telephone number. Whenever a form pops up it recognizes the blank areas and fills the in form for you.

Admittedly the forms are not always filled out in the correct slots but 9 times of 10 its works great. Definitely worth activating – just think of all the time and agro you will save.

It is particularly useful when you are shopping online and it’s pretty easy to get going…

Mac autofill form

Here is How to Set up your AutoFill!

1.) Start the process by opening Safari. Click on the bold browser name in the toolbar.

2.) A drop down menu will appear, select ‘Preferences.’

3.) Another dialog will open, pick the ‘AutoFill’ tab and tick the checkbox next to ‘Using info from my Address Book card’.

4.) To make sure everything is filled out correctly, press the Edit button to view. By doing this you can easily modify any of the information in your personal Address Book “My Card”.

If you have successfully completed these steps, the next time you spot something nice to purchase online, Safari will communicate with AutoFill and retrieve the information it needs from Address Book.

Sophie Tucker

Sophie Tucker

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9 Responses to Set Up AutoFill – Fill Out Forms Quickly on Mac

  1. Normsky44 says:

    Thanks for the simple advice, I knew it could do it, just didn’t know how to set it up.
    Easy to follow

  2. mik says:

    thank you for the help !!

  3. Jonathan Price says:

    How to you tell Autofill which address to use if you have more than one on the Contacts card? Does it default to the first address?

  4. Lisa Defensor says:

    Dear Sophie, Thank you so much. These things are so frustrating and you made it so simple. That is quite a talent. I will be following your site to learn about my mac now. Lisa Defensor

    • By Sophie Tucker says:

      Ahh thank you so much for your very kind comment, so glad you have found it useful :) Take care.

  5. Blair Bickford says:

    Thank you Sophie…love all things Mac as well..but notice things are slipping by me and it is so great to have someone like you to advise!! Had a little trouble locating the My Card thing…never heard of it..obviously it was the one that was a stumper on Auto fill. Problem solved..thank you so much. Now have another question..cannot seem to get my devices to sync..IMac/Maclaptop and iPhone. Everywhere I go they begin w/have you entered your password on all of them in settings..that should do it. Think I have, but how do I check? Thanks in advance. Blair Bickford

    • By Sophie Tucker says:

      Hi Blair, thank you very much for your comment! It’s tricky to help with your syncing problem when it could be a few things. Have you made sure that all devices are connected to the same wifi? If you have updated to OS X Mavericks, this may be causing the problem. It personally hasn’t affect me in this way but I can see that others are experiencing these sort of issues. Here is an article on how to change and check your Apple passwords If that doesn’t doesn’t solve the issue sometimes it is best to go back to the beginning… here are some simple articles on Apple iphone syncing. Hope is helps. Thank you for your visit :)

  6. Richard says:

    Thanks Sophie! You made it soooo easy for this old guy to set up my AutoFill. Hope all things go great for you in the coming year. Richard

    • By Sophie Tucker says:

      Hi Richard, thank you for your lovely comment :) So glad you found it helpful. Have a very happy and prosperous 2014!


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