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How to Setup Macs ‘Security & Privacy’ Features

Apple Mac computers are generally ahead of the game when it comes to scarring off nasty computer viruses, malware and spyware. While poor Microsoft windows computers are fired at by countless hazardous bugs as soon as they log onto the internet, Apple bugs are far and few in-between in comparison. However, if like me you love to download cool apps, games, music tracks and movies via the web, it is important you boost your Apple Macs natural security immune system to prevent anything dark seeping in.

Apple Macs do come with a few inbuilt antivirus features, and you can add additional ironclad security with a dedicated third party Mac security and antivirus application Best Mac Antivirus Software Comparison.


Why is it IMPORTANT to Protect Mac Against Viruses?

There are several types of invading virtual nasties know as ‘Mac Malware’ and you would’t want to encounter any of them… Here is a brief outline of each type of Mac virus rooming the web.

Viruses – A tiny unassuming but potentially catastrophic programs that is designed to infect you computer. They can arrive in many ways but most commonly from a download file. Once on you computer they multiply and spread though out you data and hard drive, wreaking havoc as they go

Trojan horses – Inspired by the ancient myth, a Mac Trojan infection is a toxic software that cunningly hides out inside another application. These are often unaware legitimate programs. The Trojan virus then seeps out of its carrier program to infect your Mac.

Worms – Very similar to a traditional virus, a Mac worm can wriggle its way around your machine causing destruction. It can even wiggle over to other users if you accidentally spread it.

Spyware – For me Spyware is one of the scariest forms of Mac malware. While the others cause a trail of mess in their wake (which can often be corrected) spyware silently lurks in the background, feeding valuable information back to the criminal master. Often they are waiting for you to use your bank details or enter in useful personal information.


Macs Inbuilt ‘Security & Privacy’ Tools

Your Mac comes with some fab preinstalled Security and Privacy features which help ward off most forms of Mac malware. You have General security, Filevault data encryptor, Firewall and a privacy tool. For detailed information please see our article…


How to Setup Macs ‘Security & Privacy’ Features

Before you go cruising the web I urge you to set up your Macs inbuilt Security and Privacy features first.

1.) Click on your Apple menu (this is the little apple icon perched on the far left-hand side of your toolbar).

mac secuirty & privacy tools

2.) From the drop down dialogue menu select the option ‘System Preference’.

3.) A new window will pop up displaying rows of icons. In the top row you should see one titled ‘Security & Privacy’. Please click on it.

4.) Inside your Macs Security & Privacy feature you have number of different bug battle tools to set up. At the top of the window you will notice four important tabs titled ‘General, FileVault, FireWall and Privacy’.

Spend a little time working your way through each of these tabs to personalise and configure the security and privacy settings to suit you and your Mac needs.

how to setup mac security & privacy

If you are a newbie to Apple Macs defence settings, then words such as Firewall and FileVault probably sound like mumbo jumbo. To find out exactly how each category can help protect your beloved Mac from evil invading viruses and malicious malware then please see our article……


Mac GateKeeper

Your nifty inbuilt Gatekeeper tool helps to prevent you from accidentally installing potentially harmful software onto your Mac.

For the benefits of utilising your Mac Gatekeeper tool and easy instructions on how to set it up, please see our article ‘How to Use Gatekeeper Step-by-Step’.


How to Make My Mac Bullet Proof

No one wants any harm to come to their Macs, especially as they are full with irreplaceable photos, our favourites downloads, important work documents (not to mention they are expensive to buy and repair…). If you want to make your computer bullet proof from evil invading Mac viruses and malware and safeguard your personal, private, finical information then you may wish to consider a third party back up application.

Best Mac Antivirus Software Comparison
Best Mac Security Software Comparison



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Hi I'm Sophie, Chief Author at I'm a self proclaimed Mac Nerd and try and make it my job to know the latest tips and tricks for my readers. So whether you are a budding Mac geek, or a full blown enthusiast, I hope my guides can get you through smoothly 🙂

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Hi I'm Sophie, Chief Author at I'm a self proclaimed Mac Nerd and try and make it my job to know the latest tips and tricks for my readers. So whether you are a budding Mac geek, or a full blown enthusiast, I hope my guides can get you through smoothly :)