Mackeeper’s – Geek On Demand

Dubbed 911 for your Mac, Mackeeper seems to have thought of everything to keep you and your computer afloat. All of their 12 specifically designed maintenance apps have been split into ‘Five’ mighty categories: Mac Cleaner, Optimization, Antivirus & Security, Data control and Geek on Demand.

What if I could tell you that you could have your very own Mac tech wizard that could get you out of any sticky problem on hand 24/7….

Geek on demand‘Geek On Demand’is an awesome feature unique to MacKepper. With it you literally have, well….. a geek on demand.

No matter what the problem is – mac running slow, issues with software, hardware, Mac OS, Windows – what ever! You can easily get professional help to get you back on your feet running smoothly in no time.

Next time you face a confusing issue or heaven forbid, a slow Mac, you can schedule a phone call at what ever time is most convenient for you and are guaranteed receive a call at that time. A person for MacKeeper’s customer service team will be on hand to answer your questions and solve any issues you may have on the spot.

It doesn’t just have to be tech help, you can even ask these guys for their advice on which ipod is best to get. They really know their stuff, and that is exactly what you want at your beck and call to ensure that you never face Why Is My Mac Running Slow ever again.

Mac Tech Support – Compare Apps

Fancy your very own Mac geek to guide you out of any sticky tricky technical spot? With the popularity of Apple Macs rapidly erupting, the past few years has seen an avalanche of stressed Mac customers panicking how to get themselves out of everyday confusing technical issues. Three cleaver programs have spotted this hole in the market and have dedicated their time to providing customers with step-by-step help to get your beloved computer and fretting nerves back on track.

Lets COMPARE the ‘Mac Tech Support’ contenders…


MacKeeper ‘Geek on Demand’MacKeeper Mac Tech support

With MacKeeper’s technical help system the clue in in the name, Geek On Demand’. To ensure you successfully get out of any stressful problem fast, MacKeeper can provide detailed guidance via a traditional email, a toll-free phone line and excitingly with 24/7 live chat support.

Whether your issue is MacKeeper related or not, Geek on Demand will supply you with a 24/7 personal Mac genius to help with any troubling query.
Depending on your preference and what you feel comfortable with, they can give expert technical assistance to you directly or additionally take the trouble out of your hands with gaining access through a remote desktop connection and fix it personally.

Mac tech support

Price: MacKeeper’s entire maintenance bundle, inclusive of ‘Geek on demand’ is priced at $39.95 lifetime licence and ‘365 Day Money Back Guarantee’.

AT&T Tech Support 360

At Apple Tech SupportAlthough mainly targeting small and large business AT&T Tech Support 360 are a US based subscription service that will strive to get you out of any technical spot of bother. Their aid includes PC and Apple Tech support, network and security setup, software installation and configuring your peripherals. They can also take a look at activating online data backup and provide server support.

Interestingly they remotely access your computer using desktop sharing technology, letting them tap into your personal system and fix the issues over the Internet.

AT&T Tech Support 360 state 24/7 support but that term applies loosely as you are usually required to schedule their apple tech support services well in advance or wait for the next available appointment – not ideal if your computer is literally packing up in front of you.

Price: AT&T Tech Support 360 customer care for Mac starts at a monthly subsciption fee of $24.00



AskDrTech Apple Tech SupportAgain AskDrTech are based in the US and Canada – not a great start if you are a resident of another country. Following the same pattern as At&T this apple tech support service offers help on any technical issue related to Windows, Mac OS or peripherals. They also work their magic by activating a remote desktop connection to login into your desktop and tackle the plaguing issue personally.
When it comes to Mac’s AskDrTech focus on fixing problems with Mac OS X Mail, general support, installation tips and advice on Mac downloads and updates.

Price: The cost is significantly higher than At&T and MacKeeper, AskDrTech has a fee of $37.00 per problem or alternatively a hefty $147.00 annually.


Mac Tech Support – Summary

AskDrTech exorbitant price of $37.00 per each service doesn’t make as big a splash as
MacKeeper and AT&T Mac technical assistant offers. MacKeeper’s’s Geek on Demand delivers customers will expert help on unlimited demands included in the $39.95 lifetime license. As for AT&T, they expect a monthly subscription fee of $25.95 and having to book your appointment slot in advance certainly has its draw backs and makes them quite useless for urgent cases…