Best Mac AntiVirus Apps – ‘What to Look For’ Continued…

In this article we are exploring the functions and features one should look for when shopping around for an effective, professional and trustworthy Mac Antivirus Program. We have already covered some essential features in our first article so to catch up please check out…

Best Mac AntiVirus Apps - What to Look For?

Now lets continue with the list 🙂


7.) Protects your Money

It is especially important you invest in the best Mac virus protection possible to safe guard your personal and financial information. Notorious Spyware is the usual culprit behind emptying online back accounts and they work in SILENCE. Top professional Antivirus softwares should have a feature that double backs up your passwords precious information.


8.) FREE Mac Antivirus Software Updates

If you payout for a software you ideally want it to be a one time thing (unless you initially get it for a real bargain). Some Mac Antivirus softwares provide free updates. Also in an ideal world these updates will be automatic, I never remember to update software and find it such a chore.


9.) Safeguards Children

While the word wide web can me a magical invention brimming with entertainment and knowledge it can also be a very dangerous place. Some top Mac antivirus softwares have an added parental guidance feature which helps protect children against sick sexual predators, block inappropriate adult content from popping up, prevent sneaky app store purchases and control across gaming and social sites.


10.) Compatible with your Mac System

Apple update their system quite often so the Mac antivirus apps have to stay on top of the changes. Even though OS X Yosemite has been available for ages, some free antivirus softwares still only work on OS X Mavericks and previous systems. If you want to install protection that works to the best of its ability then make sure you find one that is compatible with your Macs system. This shouldn’t be too difficult as most apps like to have an edge on their competitors and are usually pretty quick off the mark to stay on par with Apples updates.

NOTE: There are a couple of good free Mac antivirus softwares available to download, such as Clamxav. While they are certainly worth exploring they will naturally not be as effective as a paid for one. Aside from the obvious user-friendly controls, good graphics and the abundance of extra useful security features that professional programs come with, free apps are moderated by volunteers. In order for a Mac antivirus software to be effective it is imperative it stays up-to-date with the latest viruses rooming the web.

TIP: A lot of the professional Mac antivirus programs are similarly priced, but to give them the edge over competition some offer extra bonus features. For example I really like Mackeepers dedicated Security tool which enables your computer to be tracked if ever a thief stole it. This feature even allows you to activate the camera on your Mac from you location to record the criminals identify, talk about getting caught red handed!

MEGA TIP: Reading product reviews can be very interesting and insightful, especially Mac Antivirus software comparison review, but actually trying out and experiencing a product first hand is second to none. Some Mac antivirus softwares even offer a Free trial download! So what are you waiting for?

Best Mac AntiVirus Software – Comparison

Apple Mac’s may be far more powerful, hold an elite title and have an abundance of glossy graphics, but that does not make them bullet proof from nasty hazardous viral viruses.

Their once impenetrable inbuilt defense barriers were enough to protect your prized investment from infection but the recent explosion in Mac popularity has seen a tidal wave in Mac targeted viruses being set loose.

I personably swear by having the added protection of a specialized Mac Antivirus Software even if it does nothing but provide me peace of mind.

An Anti Virus for Mac work by hunting down and catching rogue viruses before they have time to strike. Preventing them from spreading and infecting your internal Mac or from hackers eavesdropping, taking control of your computer and stealing disastrous private, often financial information.

The more acute, precise and fast acting a Mac Antivirus Software is the better

Below I have comprised a list of the Best Mac Antivirus apps on the market for you to COMPARE….

Mac antivirus softwares


MacKeeper AntiVirus

Included in MacKeeper’s multi-Award Winning maintenance app bundle is a fully optimized Mac Antivirus Software. This program is certainly beginner friendly as there are no nasty confusing configurations to activate. Once downloaded the program is fully automatic and will secure and protect all actions you perform.

MacKeeper Antivirus is a specialized package that keeps nasty security threats at bay and provids around the clock protection from…

• Mac OS and Windows viruses
• Identity theft
• Phishing attacks
• Passing on viruses to friends
• Fraud websites
• Unsafe downloads
• Threats from external devices
• E-mail threats
• Mac spyware
• Mac malware

One personalized feature of MacKeeper antivirus is that it detects not only Mac OS threats but also Windows viruses, making it a particularly attractive asset to Parallels Desktop users.

A massive benefit of this anti virus for mac is the real-time protection from malicious malware. This advantage prevents your Macs speed and performance from being compromised as the antivirus program has a Mac OS-based engine, an essential feature to keep your computer working at optimum pace.

Finally MacKeeper antivirus is already fully compatible with the new Mac OS X Lion update, as well as previous Mac backdrops and is fully optimized for all browsers ie chrome, safari and Firefox.

Price: MacKeeper’s entire maintenance bundle, with the Mac Antivirus Software included is priced at $39.95  subscription license. However starting from the second year there is an additional $10 subscription fee for virus database updates, but that is optional.


Norton Mac Antivirus
Norton Mac AntiVirusLabeled as one of the best antivirus software brands for window computers Norton is trusted to provide a great service. Although they have only relatively recently branched out into Mac protection they no doubt offer a good service.

Similar to MacKeeper Norton’s Mac Antivirus Software aims to protect all of your Mac from viruses, spyware and other threats without slowing down your computer. Prevent criminals from sneaking determinative coding onto your machine and from thieving private information. They too also run thorough update checks to stay on top to of newborn viruses.

One current drawback of this software is that it does not support Mac OS X Lion yet so only older models will suit and there user interface is quite complicated.

Price: Norton Mac Antivirus starts from $79.99 a year.


Protect Mac
Protect Mac Anti virusThe defiant name gives away the fact that this product is specific for Mac computers only, however this has not stopped them from copying MacKeeper and deterring traditional Window viruses away. Despite being a rather young creation, Protect Mac Antivirus software does a does a good job in securing your Mac against the usual viruses, worms, trojans and spyware.
Getting one over on Nortoan and matching MacKeeper’s up to date attitude, protect Mac is also supports Mac OS X Lion.

Price: a mere $0.04s more expensive than Mackeeper’s Mac Antivirus Protect Mac tolls in at $39.99 a year including updates.


Virus Barrier x6
Virus BarrierDespite the webpage not conforming to the usual swishy graphics we have become so accustomed to with Mac products Virus Barrier x6 is a stable anti virus for Mac. Complete with the usual all important anti-malware protection teamed with firewall, network protection, anti-phishing, anti-spyware features Virus Barrier x6 strives to stay on top of all known network-based threats and known malware. Although it falls short when it comes to Antispam, parental control, backup and data protection.

Virus Barrier x6 is also cooperative with Mac OS X Lion.

Price: Placed at the more costly end of the scale, Virus Barrier x6 ranges from $59.95 a year inclusive of updates.


Kaspersky Mac Antivirus
KasperskyKaspersky Mac Antivirus Software already has an established reputation when it comes to windows protection and too have recently spread their wings to cover Mac safety as well. Just like MacKeeper Kaspersky has picked up an award for their antivirus system and is equally a safe bet to purchase for thorough Mac protection.

On top of the key features of scouting out Viruses, Trojans, worms and other malware, spyware and adware, they Include a web browser plugin that can easily detect fraud websites. Also suitable for Mac OS X Lion users.

Price: Matching Virus Barrier x6 price tag Kaspersky charges $59.95 a year including updates.



ClamXav Mac AntivirusA the bottom end of the scale (for two reasons) is ClamXav anti virus for Mac. Proudly a free Mac antivirus solution ClamXav is perfect for temporary protection. Although it peruses everything an average Mac Antivirus should it is a case of ‘you get what you pay for’ with this app. Like most freeware applications, it is rarely updates and will evidently let new viruses and malware slip through the net.

It currently supports Mac OS X Lion but has a few kinks to iron out it its performance.

Price: Mac AntiVirus ClamXav is a healthy $0.

Best Mac Antivirus Software – Summary

These apps are the Best Mac Antivirus softawares in the business. From the immediate price comparison despite the zero cost of ClamXav KromTechs MacKeeper has beat to the the post for most cost effective protection software. The high annual prices of Norton and Kaspersky Mac antivirus are quite forgivable as these solutions dominate the window world and have existed on the market for some time. However Nortons incompatibility with Mac latest Lion update frankly leaves them out in the cold.

MacKeeper’s toolbox of goodies, inclusive of the ‘Mac Antivirus’, stands tall at $39.95 for a subscription license. After it’s dedicated Antivirus feature was certified by VB100 as one of the top 10 antiviruses in the world, putting it on an equal term with Norton and Kaspersky, that price is now viewed as quite a bargain…