FaceTime in HD with Apple iPhone 6!

FaceTime is incredible! Whomever would have thought that we could one day speak face to face with a love one potentially thousands of miles apart. Well if you are sci-fi fanatic you are probably disappointed that we are not yet talking to life sized holograms and driving around in flying cars… But while we are a few years away from that fantasy, with outstanding Apples latest iPhone 6 we can at least FaceTime in HD!

iPhone 6 iSight is the best camera to ever grace a phone. It comes with a revamped f/2.2 aperture, a whopping 1.5 micron pixels and a 8MP super sensor with ‘focus pixels’. This super fast, highly sensitive autofocus feature means you will never miss a shot, so wave good bye to those embarrassingly ugly selfies where your eyes are half shut. With the new cinematic video stabilisation tool and the incredible ability to film in 1080p at 60 fps, you can film stunning home videos in HD! A mega added creative bonus is Apples Time-lapse feature. The pimped up iOS 8 takes care of all the hard work and allows you to point, shoot and film amazing films, whether it is just for 30 mins or 30 hours. So let your creative juices flow…

For more details into Apples iPhone 6 iSight features, check out our article ‘iPhone 6 iSight Camera FEATURES Review’.

On top of the new fab features listed above, the powerful iSight camera allows you to FaceTime in HD aka ‘High Definition’ WOWee!

iphone 6 FaceTime in HD


Shooting FaceTime in HD on iPhone 6!

Apple have managed to fit a powerful f/2.2 aperture into their clever discrete camera. This fancy aperture allows the lens to soak up loads of light (81% more light in fact), translating into beautifully lit and focused images.

Every phone camera I have ever come across, including the iPhones predecessors, have been a bit of a disappointment. They made it so difficult to capture a vaguely decent snapshot in a shadowy scenario, let alone have a personal FaceTime conversation. Most of my shots and conversations tend to be dark, grainy and blurry. But with the iPhone 6 by your side you will be able to see a loved one as clear as day!


Exposure Control

One reason FaceTime is now so lovely and clear is down to the ‘exposure control’. As you are utilising the in built iSight camera to record your calls you are reaping the all benefits, including the exposure controls. This allows you to either lighten or darken your video calls with a simple nudge.


Revamped Face Detection

With the fab tools ‘focus pixels’ and ‘cinematic video stabilisation’ teamed up, FaceTime produces quality shots and live videos – no more delayed burry edges. The iPhone 6 is faster at detecting and recognising faces. It has vastly improved blink detection and happy grins, resulting in great quality selfies and group snaps.


Better HDR photos and video

The iPhone 6 isight camera has been packed out with a powerful new sensor that enables us to snap HDR photos and make amazing mini moves. It helps capture serious a dynamic range that will instantly give any old snapshot a quality feel.


Boosted Burst Mode

I love burst mode, it’s a fun feature that lets you continuously snap photos – 10 images per second to be exact. Brilliant tool if you are trying to capture something with movement. Instead of having only a few basic pictures to choose from, burst mode allows you to speedily snap multiple images ensuring at least one snap will be genius.

While the iPhone 5 had a cool burst mode tool installed, the iPhone 6 now allows you to continuously snap on your front facing camera, so your can burst your selfies.

The burst tool has also matured and got a little more intelligent… it now has the ability to analyse the scenes. It will automatically compare sharpness, image clarity and even detect unattractive half shut eyes. It will save you oodles of time sieving through the countless burst frames as it can suggest which images from a certain sequence you may like best.


Timer Mode

Getting the perfect group shot can be very tricky indeed – Sally is always hitching up her woolly tights, Grace tends to align her bust for maximum impact while Aunt Pearl is always captured checking for sweat patches – not the most attractive image, certainly not one you would choose to frame.

With the iPhone 6 timer mode you can get a perfect image nearly every shot. You can give everyone enough time to get ready, pic from 3 seconds or 10 seconds. You can even take a snap is burst mode!