Personalizing Your Mac Part 2

In our article ‘Personalizing Your Mac Part 1’, we covered renaming your Mac Hard Drive and setting up WallPapers and Screen Savers. In this tutorial we will be discussing Mac Clock Settings, Icon Customisation and so on.

So lets get started…


How To Change Your Mac Icon Size

You can easily change the size of your Mac icons with a few clicks. Some people prefer large icons  images and folders and while others like small neat ones, to clutter or not to clutter ;D

How To Change Your Mac Icon Size

Changing Mac icon Size:

1) Hold Ctrl key and click once on your trackpad or magic mouse. This will bring up a few options, the one we are looking for is Show View Options 

2) A rectangle grid will now put up and icon personalization, options include…

Icon Size – How big you want the Mac icon image to appear on your desktop. Using your mouse simply slide the arrow from side to side to alter the Mac icon size. You can preview the icons new dimensions on your desktop in live time.

Grid spacing – Spacing between the icons on the desktop or in folders. You can space them so it’s easy to distinguish items/ applications from each other.

Text size – The size of the writing on images or folders, the larger the writing is the more it will get cut off, the same applies to grid spacing (but perfect if you have misplaced your spectacles).

Label position – Where you want the text to show, the default is the bottom which I think works best but you can also choose to have the dock appear on the side of your screen.

Show icon preview – Having this clicked will show you a miniature preview of the image before you open it. Say for example you have loads of photos sprawled your desktop, you won’t have a clue which ones which if there is not a preview of each image. Very handy option indeed!

Sort by – If you are like me and have important folders on your desktop which you like to easily access, to prevent disorganisation you can sort them by name. Sort by options include – None, Kind, Date Modified, Date Created, Date Last Opened, Date Added, Size, and Tags. This options also apply to any items in documents and folders on your computer.


How to Change Mac Clock Display

1) On your Dock open System Preferences.

2) Click on Time & Date.

How to Change Mac Clock Display

3) You can select to show your clock in your menu bar or disable it, it will be activated by default.

4) Choose whether you would like Digital ( Numbers e.g 12:25) or analog. You can also display time with seconds!

5) Want the date to also show in the main menu bar, no problem just click this option to activate it.

6) Some folks prefer a 12 hour clock and some a 24, click the option that suits you best.

7) A bit strange and not many people have this option activated but you can choose to have a voice activation to annoucne the time on the hour. Quite handy if you are on a tight schedule.


Set Time Zone on Mac

You’ll want to set the correct time zone on your Mac so it will the correct present time for current location. This is also useful for your Mac calendar and certain Applications.

1) Make sure you check the box that says Set Time Zone Automatically Using Current Location

2) Once selected a Map will show and a pin will drop on your current location.