Apple iPhone 6 Design and Features…

After the recent announcement of the iPhone 6 set to be released in September 2014, there is definitely an excited buzz in the air from us Apple geeks I can tell you!

Bellow are a few of the features we’ve been promised by Apple. How will they compare to their competitors and are we really in for a treat?…


Apple iPhone 6 – Bigger Equals Better?

Well finally Apple have taken notice of the current market and are now rivalling it’s competitors with a bigger and better smartphone (it’s about time)

apple iphone 6


How much bigger is the iPhone 6 than it’s predecessors?

Firstly you might be surprised to hear there are two handset releases of the iPhone 6… The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus!

The iPhone 6 boasts a 4.7 inch screen and the iPhone 6 Plus obtains a 5.5 inch display. Not sure if Apple are rivalling themselves by releasing two iPhones at the same time, but I guess time will tell if their marketing strategy has paid off.

Apart from screen size having an increase, the new iPhone 6 is also the thinest iPhone to date. Standard iPhone 6 will be 6.9mm and the Plus 7.1mm. Pretty darn slim by smartphone standards 🙂


A Design Made in Heaven

The new screen comes armed with an advanced Apple signature sexy design with super seamless glass smoothly bending into sleek metal. Every detail it seems has been carefully thought out and executed beautifully.

iphone 6 design


Apple iPhone 6 Display and Resolution…

As always what is usually anticipated in the handset upgrade is resolution increase… How much are we talking? Well lets see how this bares well on the eyes, the iPhone 6 comes in at a pretty good 1334 x 750, but the Plus comes in at a whooping 1920×1080!!

Now we can only imagine the awesomeness an iPhone with this amount of resolution looks like, eye candy for certain.

iphone 6 resolution

Screen Resolution and Features:

High performance, up to 84x Faster

Battery Life iPhone 6 up to 50hrs – iPhone Plus up to 80hrs!

Retina HD Display

Full sRGB colour

Higher contrast, brightness and white balance

Wider-angle viewing

Upgraded Polarizer

Larger canvas to make the most out of your iPhone

Built in Barometer, Accelerometer and Gyroscope

New Zoom feature for your Apps

Turn your display sideways I say, now you can view your home screen entirely differently.


More Powerful and Mighty

Apple claims their must have iPhone 6 is a powerhouse not to be reckoned with. Built on a 64-bit desktop-class architecture, the all new A8 chip is a powerful feature indeed. With more battery life than ever before, you can bet the iPhone 6 can do more and more for longer. It is better than ever.

games on iphone 6


iPhone 6 Camera ‘Snap Snap Snap!’

Did you know that most of us snap more pics with an iPhone than any other camera? Apple have heard and answered our pleas for a better and more advanced iSight camera and sensor, with fantastic focus pixels and a video upgrade to boot. This will include 1080p HD 60fps and the time-lapse feature mode.

apple iphone 6 camera

iPhone 6 CameraFeatures :

Faster autofocus

f/2.2 Aperture – 81% more light captured

1.5 micron Pixels

Large Retina HD Display

Improved Face Detection

Exposure Control

Time Mode

HDR Video

Burst Mode

iphone 6 camera


Security Is Key

One of my favorite new features Apple has graced the iPhone 6 with is the new fingertip security element. Highly modern and innovative, this new feature will allow you to access your iPhone by you only. You can also use your fingertip to purchase from iTunes, iBooks and the App Store without having to write in your password every time, Thank god!

iphone 6 security

So there you have it, an introduction into what is to come from the Apple masters in September.