Best Mac AntiVirus Apps – What to Look For?

With Mac viruses fast becoming big business for hackers and scammers it is important we protect ourselves with effective, trustworthy and up to date virus protection. The demand for Mac virus protection is steadily increasing and so are the number of Mac antivirus softwares on the market. While choice can be a blessing, enabling you to hand pick the software that suits your needs and budget the best, it can be a bit of a hassle trawling through the competition. There are many great ones out there and albeit some mediocre ones.

When you are looking for a Mac Antivirus software to protect your cherished Mac and personal files, make sure it is…

1.) Always Up-to-Date

In order for a Mac Antivirus software to work it needs to be able to identify all Mac virus threats so when one approaches your machine it can effectively block and eradicate it. As there are thousands of new Mac virus strands created and set loose every year, in order for a Mac antivirus program to stay effective and forever keep your beloved machine out of harms way it has to stay up-to-date.


2.) Can Identify all Types of Mac Malware

The Common Virus, Trojan, Worms and Spyware are the main types of threatening Mac Malware. Each have different characteristics and specialisms. But even though there are only 4 main types of viruses there are hundreds of variants under each. A good Mac anti virus app needs to be equipped to cope with all of them.


3.) Hunt Down ‘ALL’ Lurking Mac Viruses

A lot of people are a little slow off the mark and only look to install a Mac anti virus software after an invasion of online bugs has already hit their computer. This is fine as long as the app is clever enough to overthrow the army of Mac viruses. In order to keep your Mac and personal files safe and secure every trace of the virus needs to be hunted down.


4.) Removes ‘ALL’ Traces of Virus

Computer viruses are very good at rapidly spreading and hiding themselves around your entire hard drive. Just like taking antibiotics for a throat infection, in order to cure the infection the solution needs to track down and eradicate all signs of unwanted invaders. This would leave your hard drive clean and pure once again.


5.) Fixes Damage Caused By Mac Viruses

Luckily most Mac viruses cause more of a nuisance to your computer than a devastation. If a virus has left you dealing with a slow performance, broken apps, freezing screen and missing files, then you need a program than can fix these frustrating issues and get your computer working like new again. More sever damages to your hard drive and bank account will need to be looked at by an outside professional.


6.) Prevents Virus Spreading

It is very easy to spread viruses from one computer to another via file sharing. A Mac compute can even spread a Microsoft infection without knowing. Some top Mac Antivirus programs can prevent you from accidentally infecting a colleagues or loved ones computer, great for your conscience and street cred.

There are loads more tips and tricks to look out for when browsing for an effective Mac antivirus software, please see our follow on article for more details.

Can A Mac Cleaner Software Fight Mac Viruses?

While every Apple Mac owner should have an efficient Mac Cleanup App lurking amongst their apps, to ensure their prized possession always stays in peak condition, they do not battle malicious Mac viruses.

Mac cleaners are fantastic for clearing memory space and boosting the speed of any lagging computer. Top Mac cleaning softwares have the ability to scan your entire hard drive, ratting out any hidden old, useless and forgotten data that is clogging up your RAM, resulting in your beloved Mac running slow. They usually hunt down worthless trace files that are left clinging on after a software or app has been deleted. They can clean anything from mountainous cache, Binaries and Languages files. They can track old and unused documents and softwares as well as dastardly duplicates.

mac cleaners

Really intelligent cleaners can decipher between unwanted data and precious files. Whilst looking for a Mac cleaning program to speed up your Mac or to just give it a thorough tidy out, always look for this feature. Heaven forbid you lost your cherished wedding photos or the contract to a big work deal. Ensuring your Mac cleaner is effective and safe can save your a lot of agro and heart ache.

However, if you unsure your tardy computer is due to clogged hard drive but suspect your machine is acting odd due to a rouge Mac virus and malware, than a leading Mac antivirus software is what you need.

Computer viruses can wreak absolute havoc on a vulnerable computer. While some mischievous ones just go about having fun slowing down your system other’s such as Trojan viruses and spyware have a much more sinister aim. With the infection often spreading through an external device or a bugged email or website, the malware implants coding into your hard drive. The code secretly bleeds into programs or data until it has everything infected. This cunning code can then watch and record your movements, passing on personal information such as passwords to financial information etc back to a criminal mastermind.

Although the elite Mac computers are natural better equipped to warn off invading viruses compared to Microsoft windows machines, with a staggering 30,000 new Apple targeted infections being detected everyday, they are far from bullet proof.

Investing in a top Mac antivirus software is an absolute must as far as I am concerned, especially if you often surf the internet. Better safe than sorry!

There are many leading Mac virus protection softwares on the market. Renowned for there safeguarding of Microsoft, Norton and Kaspersky have also recently developed a Apple Mac virus busting range. Although a little on the expensive side, $59.95 and $79.99 a year.

I personally invested in MacKeeper’s 16 app Mac maintenance bundle. Containing an award winning Mac cleaner to reingnite my tired machine as well an a great mac virus software that s noted to be one of the best in the world, for jus 39.95 life time license, it is certainly the best value for money.

Mackeeper’s Mac Antivirus / Security Apps

The award winning Mackeeper has 12 individually created apps split into five categories: Mac Cleaner, Optimization, Antivirus & Security, Data control and Geek on Demand.

Not only fights against Mac running slow but also disastrous viruses and greedily thieving mitts.

It is true that in comparison to Window’s the Mac has hardly any threats, but they do exist and there are enough of them to be worried…

As the popularity of the all mighty Mac computers rocket in demand, so does the scale of nasty threats. Norton and Kaspersky have already created internet security for Mac OS, and Apple themselves even recommend installing antivirus software to be on the safe side.

Mac security advice

So in order to fight off any nasty invasions that come as a serious danger to Mac security and performance making you stress ‘why is my mac running slow‘, we need to be one step ahead.

Luckily, one of the may features the MacKeeper provides is an mac antivirus and great anti theft program.

Mac antivirus software‘Internet Security’ – Keeps your important private files and personal information 100% secure.

Your Mac with be fully protected from both Mac OS and Windows threats, giving you a reason to take a deep sigh of relief.

On the Market there are already other antivirus software’s beside Mackeeper, but not all of them offer protection against Windows viruses as well. Plus, they don’t offer any of the other cleaning and optimizing tools…

If we were to compare prices, the statue of victory would undoubtedly go to MacKeeper.

As we have already seen, it has a hell of a lot more features than just a simple Antivirus, but costs far less than for example, ProtectMac and VirusBarrier.

For a more detailed overview on MacKeeper’s Antivirus  Software app click here


Mac Anti theft‘Anti Theft’ – This is another must have feature that gets me very excited.
Unfortunately, where ever we are in the world, there will always be people who want to get their greedy thieving mitts on our property.

If this happens after you have installed MacKeeper, you will be finding yourself turning in a very red face thief, as you can actually pin point in the world were your Mac is located.

The Anti-Theft tool is very simple to use. If your Mac gets stolen, once it has gone online, you will be sent a location report, which you can then hand to the police.
Plus you will also get a phone call from customer support with detailed instructions about the report, to ensure you get all the answers and evidence you need to get your Mac back.

Mac security

Finally, all lucky iSight owners can also enjoy seeing photos of the thief, caught red handed using your computer. This snapshot feature will automatically be activated once you report the theft.

There are other anti theft solutions for Mac available, such as Undercover and WatchMac, but these only offer half of What MacKeeper has available.
For example, they come with the humorous and handy snapshot feature, but shockingly not one of them offer the location report. Which is undeniably the most important feature if you want to recover your stolen computer.

So on top of some pretty cool Mac running slow optimization features, MacKeeper also comes with rock solid security.

For a more detailed overview on MacKeeper’s Anti Theft and Mac Security app click here

Speed Up Mac – Optimization

These three apps are so simple yet so effective for preventing your Mac running slow.

MacKeeper, branded 911 for your Mac, has created ‘Five’ great categories to keep our Macs internally in pristine condition, these are: Mac Cleaner, Optimization, Antivirus & Security, Data control and Geek on Demand.

However it is the Mac cleaner and the optimization tools that get me most excited. Above all the other 3 categories these specifically designed apps all have the speed of your Mac in mind and are prefect to getting it back to peak performance.

The Award winning optimization section consists of three mini software’s…

Mac Optimization ‘Update Tracker’ – This tool is vital to help keep your Mac up-to-date, ultimately making your experience much faster. Update tracker keeps an eye on all of your apps and promptly alerts you whenever you fall behind.

With this feature you can swiftly get updates for all apps in one place, instead of having to open them and check them all individually. Which is a mammoth task.

This cleaver software knows when to send the alarm bells and adopts a useful colour coding system. Apps are marked with either a red dot, showing you it is out of date, or with green, which are the apps that have already been updated and optimized.

You can even separate your favourite apps to give them most attentions. This popular ones will be labeled with a yellow dot, so you can find them easily.

mackeeper login items‘Login Items’ – I love this tool as it dramatically boosts your login speed. Perfect for someone like me who is very impatient and hate fretting why is my mac running slow and waiting around for the computer to load.

This tool also allows you to throw apps into the automatic login list so that they will open as soon as you turn on your Mac, saving a huge amount of time.

On the contrary, you can delete apps from this list to prevent them from opening on the spot if you don’t use them that often, again preventing Mac running slow.

Make Mac Fast‘Default Apps’ – This tool can efficiently link certain apps to specific file types, so they will always open compatible programs.

Once again this will save you a lot of time, as files are often opened with wrong apps, and it can be very annoying.

What Is A Mac Malware Virus?

Mac Malware is a term used to refer to all forms of malicious Mac threats and disastrous viruses. They are small cunning softwares that are are created to spread, multiply, damage your hard drive, delete files and snoop for your personal often financial information.


Here are the most common examples of devilish Mac Malware…

Viruses – A small program that is solely designed to infect, multiply and spread throughout your data and Hard Drive as well as leaking into other computers via sneaky emails, instant messages etc.

Trojan horses – Inspired by the historic tale, a Trojan infection is a toxic software that secretively hides inside another, often unaware legit programs and bides for its time to attack.

Worms – Similar to a Mac virus, a worm can wiggle and spread its way though your computer and onto others without user interaction.

Spyware – It’s in the name. This crafty threat installed itself on your computer without your knowledge. Spying on your movements it can collect valuable personal data and send it onto a criminal third party.

what is a mac malware virusThe idea of a dangerous Mac malware used to be brushed under the carpet and perceived as nothing more than a myth. But with a worrying 30,000 new Mac viruses and targeted threats being detected daily, only a fool would continue to believe that Malware was at home in a fairly tale.

While it is true that you are more likely to come face to face with a rouge Microsoft Window virus, the recent sore in Apple popularity has seen criminal masterminds switched to vulnerable Macintosh computers.

Originally sufficiently equipped to fend off the odd infection with their inbuilt defense system, the creators behind Apple products were forced to admit that they are far from bullet proof and advised users to invest in an effective Mac security and Antivirus software to safeguard your cherished machine and files.

How Does Mac Virus Protection Work?

A Mac virus protection program or as it is most commonly known – a Mac Antivirus software, is a computer program that can scan your entire system and rat out any malicious Malware and viruses.

Once it has sniffed out the culprits top Mac Antivirus apps can eradicate them and fix any problems they may have caused. This will keep all of your vital personal and financial information out of harms way and return your poor Apple Mac to normal working condition.

Mac Antivirus softwares typically use two main techniques to scare off plaguing Malware once and for all…

  • They exhaustively examine files searching for malware codes they can identify using their up-to-date virus database.
  • They also stay on the look out for any suspicious behavior taking place inside your machine that might indicate an invasion.


Using Their Mac Virus Database…

Some free Mac virus protection apps don’t come with a large malware database, let alone one that is updated 24/7. With 30,000 newborn Apple targeted infections being set loose daily, it is crucial you invest in a software that has an on the ball database to avoid any newbies breaking in and wreaking havoc.

MacKeeper, Norton and Kespersky all have updated Malware databases.
They also protect against Microsoft Window infections to be extra safe.

When your Mac Antivirus scan a file for any nasty lurkers it dips into its database ad compares all the code in your files against the library of malware codes.
If it tracks down a bug then the professional program can either delete the file with your say so if it is riddled with Malware, quarantine it so the file can no longer communicated with other areas of your computer preventing the infection from spreading, or repair the file by carefully removing the bug and smoothing over any damaged areas left behind.


Identifying Suspicious Behavior…

Even though your Mac virus protection can scan your computer manually or on auto in frequent intervals to look for dodgy code, it can also catch viruses by monitoring suspicious behavior. This may be a when your Mac suddenly starts running oddly slow or perhaps an app makes an attempt to write data to an executable program. Suspect actions will be flagged and you will be alerted. You will then be provided with several options to banish the bug for good.


So now you are clued up on what Mac virus protection programs can do, you can certainly see how essential they are!

What Are Mac Viruses?

Mac viruses are no different from the infamous Microsoft infections that have been stalking the internet and software downloads for years.

Although Mac bugs have not got a long destructive history like Windows targeted infections, the recent dramatic rise is Mac popularity has seen the amount of Apple targeted diseases rocket.

With as much as 30,000 new Mac viruses being detected every day (eek), the pressure is now on to find a strong and effective Anti virus defense to protect your prized investment.


What Forms Of Computer Viruses Are There?

Computer bugs are malicious and often devastating destructive mini software programs that are solely created to reek havoc on your machine. They are given the title ‘virus’ as they are designed to rapidly spread throughout your hard drive and bleed onto other computers you connect with.

There are many forms of viruses: malware, computer worms, Trojan horses, most rootkits, spyware and dishonest adware. While they all have the same devilish intentions, some can cause more damage than others, so it best to be prepared to fight all evolving versions.

An infection might corrupted and deleted data from your MacBook, sneakily travel via your emails and instant messages to spread and infect other machines, even destroy and erase your entire hard drive. A virus is also used as a weapon for criminals to break into your private information, often used to decipher or trick you into revealing your financial passwords and information.


How Do Viruses Spread and Infect?

These infections are very secretive and crafty, often disguised as an attachment of a funny image, harmless greeting cars, audio and even video files. They can come in contact with your computer in many ways – via a software or app instillation, file download, emails, passed on through a corrupted external devices such as a USB or DVD and sometimes they are unleashed by just opening a dodgy webpage.


How To Effectively ‘Protect’ Against Mac Viruses

There are several steps you can take to protect your computer from Mac viruses…

Stay up-to-date!
It is essential that you keep on top of any update. Whether that is an update on your internet browser, software or app. Installing all the latest versions of things will help you to stay one step ahead. With each update coding changes, making it more difficult for an older virus to break through.


Be Internet Savvy
Keep out of there war path by being sensible on the internet. Don’t download files and softwares from unknown sources or open suspicious sites. Finally make sure your have your browser set to block pop up adverts.


Find a Leading Mac Antivirus Software
To completely safeguard your Mac and personal files form infection and deleted any existing bugs you suspect have leached in, invest in an effective Mac Antivirus software.

Leading Antivirus programs are equipped with all the top proven virus busting gadgets, including an up-to-date infection data base. Ensuring it is always alert and ready to warn off even newborn viruses as well as old powerful ones.

These software are also able to hut down and delete any rouge bugs already nestled on your hard drive and restore any damage it may have caused.

To find the best program for you click here Mac Antivirus Software Review to compare the leading apps on the market.

What Is A Mac Worm Virus?

Mac anti virus“What is a Mac Worm Virus?” I hear you pondering… well they are very similar to calculating Mac viruses. A Worm is a miniature software created to cause chaos in your beloved computer.

With the ability to squirm their way into the even the darkest depths of your Mac without need of user interaction, worms can enter files, softwares and apps and set about their devilish tricks right under your nose.

They are even intelligent enough to latch onto out going communication methods such as emails and instant messages, enabling them to spread onto other computers.

Solely out to affect and potentially bring down as many systems as possible, Mac Worms scan your machine for address books that contain valuable contact details such as emails. The worm then uses this information to send an infected message over to an unprepared computer. So cunning they often mimic the ‘From’ addresses on later email messages. So the victim care freely opens up the message assuming it is from a trust worthy sauce.

Once unleashed, Worms spread automatically through email, networks, vulnerable operating systems. Working silently they are frequently known to overwhelm systems undetected until it’s too late.

Fortunately Mac worms are not always destructive to computer Hard Drives, often they are used to gather information about a user and to send scammy emails you hopefully ignore and delete. A usual side effect is to affect the performance of your computer, making is frustrating slow and unreliable. However, this can be fixed with a effective Mac AntiVirus program.

All forms of Mac infections, Malware, Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Spyware etc can be fort off with a leading specialist Mac Antivirus software.

To find the best software for you click here, Mac Antivirus Protection program to compare the leading apps on the market right now!

What is Mac Virus Pharming?

mac virus pharmingWhile phishing uses fraudulent tactics such as dodgy emails to cunningly lure you to a fake website and attempt to part you with vital information such as important account passwords etc, Mac Virus Pharming takes another evil approach to catch you out….

Instead of manipulating you into revealing personal details, pharming is more dangerous as it attacks by automatically redirecting you to a hackers site, even if you type in an authentic address into your internet browser.

So instead of the criminal waiting for you to be fooled by an inviting in an email, Pharmers strike by leading victims to a spoof site that looks practically identical to a famous trusted site, such as Amazon, PayPal etc. They do this by first hacking into and tampering with the companies sites host files or domains name system (DNS). This disguise makes it easy for the criminal master minds to easily fool their unsuspecting victims, tricking them to tap in their private personal information, where they are then recorded.

Another pharming approach is to team up with other forms of Mac malware, such as Worms and Trojan horses. With these Mac viruses onboard it can secretly take over your address bar, thus redirecting a user to a believable fraudulent website, despite a legitimate address being searched.

Protect Against Pharming attacks using a Mac Antivirus

Top Mac Antivirus protection softwares can help protect you from falling for these extremely convincing scams by immediately identifying fraudulent activity and pin pointing a suspect site.

If a hacker attempts to impersonate a site, your Mac Antivirus software will know if it is dodgy as the sites personal designated ‘certificate’ would not match the address visited. If this happens your Antivirus will alert you with a message warning not to proceed any further onto the site.

Mac Antivirus protection is essential to keep you and your cherished computer out of harms way. Whether these problems are as small as a virus causally making your computer run frustrating slow or hair-raisingly bringing down your entire Mac or hacking into your bank. You will be glad to have one onboard to provide you comforting peace of mind.

Cunning Mac Viruses – Beware Torrent Downloads!

Internet Mac-VirusesGrabbing a bargain, whether it is just saving you a few pennies, ten pounds or even hundreds of your hard earned cash, is always an attractive proposition. But beware, sometimes the temptation of downloading a new blockbuster film or a very sneaky free copy of Adobe’s latest Photoshop software can leave you facing karma…

Nowadays there are many ways to satisfy the naughty devil in you and downloading big softwares, movies or the latest albums on the sly, usually via torrents, but these are often infected by hazardous Mac viruses.

Just incase you were unaware, Torrents, also know as BitTorrents, are a handy peer-to-peer file sharing protocol. They are one of the most popular methods of sharing files online as they allow people to distribute even large folders containing heavy data to one another easily.

They are particularly great for transferring hefty data files over mini networks with low bandwidth. They even enable you to transmit these files via mobile phones. There are some very big torrent sharing sites out there that connect your request to dozens of suitable hosts. This means that instead of you replying on your friend to have the facilities to pass over the latest Harry Potter movie or newest Lady Gaga album, you can be connected up to a “swarm” of hosts all ready and rearing to give them to you. The more hosts there are to bleed off the quicker the file should download onto your computer. Great, or is it…..

Downloading anything off the internet come with risks, particaulry illegal downloading like this. If you are wiling to install data onto you computer, especially from a shaky source, you are opening the doors to your Mac, personal details and crucially your financial details getting spiked and stolen.
Although having a big swam of hosts is great for your time keeping, the chance of coming across a an infected file is hugely heightened.

Don’t forget not everyone online is as nice as you, you don’t have to go far to come across a dodgy dealer that can’t wait to bug your beloved Mac with a nasty virus.

At best all forms of Mac Malware (Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Spyware etc) will just cause Mac running slow syndromes. While these can be fixed with an efficient and professional Mac Antivirus program, a slow Mac is incredibly inconvenient and frustrating.

Top Mac virus scan softwares can hunt down the embed viruses, stop them from spreading, kill them off even fix any damaged caused. If you do not already have a Mac virus protection software installed, the Malware will be free to wreak havoc and dramatically affect the speed of your poor Mac. So it is best to be backed up with a good Security and protection app for just this reason alone.

If you are interested in investigating some top Anivirus busting softwares then feel free to check out our article ‘Best Mac Antivirus Software Comparison’.

But it is the more evil face of Mac Malware that leaves me sleepless at night…

You can get some super charged nasty viruses that bring down your entire system, but it is the Trojan infections and Spyware bugs that send shivers down my spine. Usually controlled and sent in by a third party, their aim is to quietly lurk in the dark depths of your machine where they spy on all your movements and collect your personal data. Information such as identity details, passwords etc. But crucially they can take note of your financial details also, and pass these onto the unsympathetic criminal mastermind at the other end.

If you want to stay safe on the internet and still have the freedom to download great stuff via torrents, installing an effective Mac Antivirus software is an absolute MUST!

Like your momma always said – “Better safe than sorry!