Best Mac AntiVirus Apps – What to Look For?

With Mac viruses fast becoming big business for hackers and scammers it is important we protect ourselves with effective, trustworthy and up to date virus protection. The demand for Mac virus protection is steadily increasing and so are the number of Mac antivirus softwares on the market. While choice can be a blessing, enabling you to hand pick the software that suits your needs and budget the best, it can be a bit of a hassle trawling through the competition. There are many great ones out there and albeit some mediocre ones.

When you are looking for a Mac Antivirus software to protect your cherished Mac and personal files, make sure it is…

1.) Always Up-to-Date

In order for a Mac Antivirus software to work it needs to be able to identify all Mac virus threats so when one approaches your machine it can effectively block and eradicate it. As there are thousands of new Mac virus strands created and set loose every year, in order for a Mac antivirus program to stay effective and forever keep your beloved machine out of harms way it has to stay up-to-date.


2.) Can Identify all Types of Mac Malware

The Common Virus, Trojan, Worms and Spyware are the main types of threatening Mac Malware. Each have different characteristics and specialisms. But even though there are only 4 main types of viruses there are hundreds of variants under each. A good Mac anti virus app needs to be equipped to cope with all of them.


3.) Hunt Down ‘ALL’ Lurking Mac Viruses

A lot of people are a little slow off the mark and only look to install a Mac anti virus software after an invasion of online bugs has already hit their computer. This is fine as long as the app is clever enough to overthrow the army of Mac viruses. In order to keep your Mac and personal files safe and secure every trace of the virus needs to be hunted down.


4.) Removes ‘ALL’ Traces of Virus

Computer viruses are very good at rapidly spreading and hiding themselves around your entire hard drive. Just like taking antibiotics for a throat infection, in order to cure the infection the solution needs to track down and eradicate all signs of unwanted invaders. This would leave your hard drive clean and pure once again.


5.) Fixes Damage Caused By Mac Viruses

Luckily most Mac viruses cause more of a nuisance to your computer than a devastation. If a virus has left you dealing with a slow performance, broken apps, freezing screen and missing files, then you need a program than can fix these frustrating issues and get your computer working like new again. More sever damages to your hard drive and bank account will need to be looked at by an outside professional.


6.) Prevents Virus Spreading

It is very easy to spread viruses from one computer to another via file sharing. A Mac compute can even spread a Microsoft infection without knowing. Some top Mac Antivirus programs can prevent you from accidentally infecting a colleagues or loved ones computer, great for your conscience and street cred.

There are loads more tips and tricks to look out for when browsing for an effective Mac antivirus software, please see our follow on article for more details.

Can A Mac Cleaner Software Fight Mac Viruses?

While every Apple Mac owner should have an efficient Mac Cleanup App lurking amongst their apps, to ensure their prized possession always stays in peak condition, they do not battle malicious Mac viruses.

Mac cleaners are fantastic for clearing memory space and boosting the speed of any lagging computer. Top Mac cleaning softwares have the ability to scan your entire hard drive, ratting out any hidden old, useless and forgotten data that is clogging up your RAM, resulting in your beloved Mac running slow. They usually hunt down worthless trace files that are left clinging on after a software or app has been deleted. They can clean anything from mountainous cache, Binaries and Languages files. They can track old and unused documents and softwares as well as dastardly duplicates.

mac cleaners

Really intelligent cleaners can decipher between unwanted data and precious files. Whilst looking for a Mac cleaning program to speed up your Mac or to just give it a thorough tidy out, always look for this feature. Heaven forbid you lost your cherished wedding photos or the contract to a big work deal. Ensuring your Mac cleaner is effective and safe can save your a lot of agro and heart ache.

However, if you unsure your tardy computer is due to clogged hard drive but suspect your machine is acting odd due to a rouge Mac virus and malware, than a leading Mac antivirus software is what you need.

Computer viruses can wreak absolute havoc on a vulnerable computer. While some mischievous ones just go about having fun slowing down your system other’s such as Trojan viruses and spyware have a much more sinister aim. With the infection often spreading through an external device or a bugged email or website, the malware implants coding into your hard drive. The code secretly bleeds into programs or data until it has everything infected. This cunning code can then watch and record your movements, passing on personal information such as passwords to financial information etc back to a criminal mastermind.

Although the elite Mac computers are natural better equipped to warn off invading viruses compared to Microsoft windows machines, with a staggering 30,000 new Apple targeted infections being detected everyday, they are far from bullet proof.

Investing in a top Mac antivirus software is an absolute must as far as I am concerned, especially if you often surf the internet. Better safe than sorry!

There are many leading Mac virus protection softwares on the market. Renowned for there safeguarding of Microsoft, Norton and Kaspersky have also recently developed a Apple Mac virus busting range. Although a little on the expensive side, $59.95 and $79.99 a year.

I personally invested in MacKeeper’s 16 app Mac maintenance bundle. Containing an award winning Mac cleaner to reingnite my tired machine as well an a great mac virus software that s noted to be one of the best in the world, for jus 39.95 life time license, it is certainly the best value for money.

Mackeeper’s Mac Antivirus / Security Apps

The award winning Mackeeper has 12 individually created apps split into five categories: Mac Cleaner, Optimization, Antivirus & Security, Data control and Geek on Demand.

Not only fights against Mac running slow but also disastrous viruses and greedily thieving mitts.

It is true that in comparison to Window’s the Mac has hardly any threats, but they do exist and there are enough of them to be worried…

As the popularity of the all mighty Mac computers rocket in demand, so does the scale of nasty threats. Norton and Kaspersky have already created internet security for Mac OS, and Apple themselves even recommend installing antivirus software to be on the safe side.

Mac security advice

So in order to fight off any nasty invasions that come as a serious danger to Mac security and performance making you stress ‘why is my mac running slow‘, we need to be one step ahead.

Luckily, one of the may features the MacKeeper provides is an mac antivirus and great anti theft program.

Mac antivirus software‘Internet Security’ – Keeps your important private files and personal information 100% secure.

Your Mac with be fully protected from both Mac OS and Windows threats, giving you a reason to take a deep sigh of relief.

On the Market there are already other antivirus software’s beside Mackeeper, but not all of them offer protection against Windows viruses as well. Plus, they don’t offer any of the other cleaning and optimizing tools…

If we were to compare prices, the statue of victory would undoubtedly go to MacKeeper.

As we have already seen, it has a hell of a lot more features than just a simple Antivirus, but costs far less than for example, ProtectMac and VirusBarrier.

For a more detailed overview on MacKeeper’s Antivirus  Software app click here


Mac Anti theft‘Anti Theft’ – This is another must have feature that gets me very excited.
Unfortunately, where ever we are in the world, there will always be people who want to get their greedy thieving mitts on our property.

If this happens after you have installed MacKeeper, you will be finding yourself turning in a very red face thief, as you can actually pin point in the world were your Mac is located.

The Anti-Theft tool is very simple to use. If your Mac gets stolen, once it has gone online, you will be sent a location report, which you can then hand to the police.
Plus you will also get a phone call from customer support with detailed instructions about the report, to ensure you get all the answers and evidence you need to get your Mac back.

Mac security

Finally, all lucky iSight owners can also enjoy seeing photos of the thief, caught red handed using your computer. This snapshot feature will automatically be activated once you report the theft.

There are other anti theft solutions for Mac available, such as Undercover and WatchMac, but these only offer half of What MacKeeper has available.
For example, they come with the humorous and handy snapshot feature, but shockingly not one of them offer the location report. Which is undeniably the most important feature if you want to recover your stolen computer.

So on top of some pretty cool Mac running slow optimization features, MacKeeper also comes with rock solid security.

For a more detailed overview on MacKeeper’s Anti Theft and Mac Security app click here

What is Mac Spyware?

Mac securityWith so many technical computer virus terms kicking about such as Malware, Viruses, Worms, Trojans etc, no wonder you are left confused and fretting “What is Mac Spyware?” Well, the name gives a clue to the viruses malicious intentions ‘Spyware’…

Like other forms of malware, Mac spyware can contaminate your computer via external devices, infected downloads and software installations. They can even be let loose by opening a dodgy email.

Like James Bond, Spyware prides itself on being deadly but silent and often spreads through out your computer undetected. This cunning agility makes them notoriously tricky to track down until damage has been done, but thankfully any leading Mac Anti Virus Software can reverse and repair the effects and successfully eradicate and traces of any mischievous Mac viruses.

The friendlier side of this malware just interferes with the control of your Mac. They may go ahead and install random softwares onto your hard drive without your knowledge and consent, redirect web browsers, hack in and change your computer settings and dramatically slow down the speed of your internet and beloved Apple Mac. But there is a much darker side to this devilish rogue infection….

Unlike bugs, such as viruses that focus of spreading rapidly and infecting as many files and computers as possible, spyware is more fixated on one thing – spying and gathering information.

As the term suggests this Mac virus is out to monitor your every action and movement on your computer. While some bosses porously infect corporate computers to keep ad eye on their workers habits, viral spyware is much more sinister and goes one step further. Going beyond simply watching what you are up to on your Mac, spyware bugs patiently wait and collect your personal information, private intimate, often financial information it can then pass on to the hacker in control.

Mac spyware can collect almost any type of data, sometimes to build a profile of you. It can store your internet browsing habits, user logins such as email accounts and can even note your bank and credit card information if you shop on line. eek!

Although Apple products have a much better natural in-built defense against nasty invaders compared to the very vulnerable Microsoft window machines, they are far from bullet proof. With over 30,000 new Mac viruses being detected each day it certainly pays to protect not only your expensive Mac investment but your personal identity and critically your financial information.

Nowadays shopping online or logging into online backings with out effective protection is very foolish and just not worth the risk.

To stay safe, secure and protected I strongly suggest you NOW heighten internal security on your Mac, and install an effective and proven Mac virus software.

Compare Top Leading Mac Antivirus softwares!

Can Mac Viruses Effect Speed & Performance?

mac virus effect performanceWe don’t need to know the nitty gritty technical details to understand that all forms of Mac malware is bad news for your prized computer.

Some forms of Mac malware, such as the feared Trojan viruses ad spyware, are so evil they strive to take down your entire system – sometimes beyond repair. Or worse… they can secretly plant nosy code into your hard drive to spy on your every move. They note down all your personal and financial information to bring back to a third party criminal mastermind, which can obviously lead to major devastation.

There are also other, lighter forms of viruses and infections. Ones that take enjoyment out of disrupting your Mac and causing it to dramatically run slow.

Whatever form of Mac malware comes your way you want to protect your system in the best possible way and stay 100% safe and secure.

If you have noticed that your once aggressive speed monster MacBook is acting more like a pop bellied pig lazy in sunny mud, loving nothing more than ignoring your commands, a Mac virus may be behind it.

There is only one solution for this and that is to get a powerful Mac AntiVirus protection software onboard! Unless you are a coding genius and have a lot of free time to painstaking comb through every bit of code on your machine, a dedicated softwares is the best answer.

There are countless Mac virus combating apps around, but as the aim is to protect your prize, not to mention expensive Apple Mac and keep it out of harms way, it pays to do a little research before you download.

If you believe your Mac has already crossed paths with a bug and is showing signs of struggle, you will be please to know that you can remedy this.

Leading Mac virus scan programs can not only hunt down and effectively eradicate the infections, they can also repair any damaged caused. Enabling you to get your beloved happy computer back once more.

They should also come equipped with a fully loaded, Mac virus database that is updated daily. This is crucial. Staggeringly there are as many as 30,000 new Apple targeted infections discovered each day. So it is imperative that you have an Antivirus software than can identify and effectively safeguard against these newbies as well as the old ones kicking about.

In my opinion there are three top Mac Antivirus software players – Norton, Kaspersky and Zeobits Mackeeper.

Norton and Kaspersky protection are originally renowned for warning off Microsoft Window viruses, but have recently turned their expertise to MacBooks. Although they do not have a long history of Mac protection or even have a relationship to Apple products what so ever, however you can trust that they will do a great job. The only down side is their rather steep price tags. With Kaspersky coming in at a roughly $59.95 per year and Norton a rather dry mouthed $79.99 annual fee.

Saving the best for last, the third option is my favourite – ZeoBits Multi award winning MacKeeper.

Nicknamed ‘911 for Mac’ maintenance, Mackeepers impressive 16 app toolbox comes with a highly praise Mac Antivirus program that guarantees to stay on track of all new and old viruses and to always securely protect your cherished computer.

Tagged at $39,95 one-off lifetime license for all 16 apps, this runs rings around it competitors for value for money.

Best Mac AntiVirus Software – Comparison

Apple Mac’s may be far more powerful, hold an elite title and have an abundance of glossy graphics, but that does not make them bullet proof from nasty hazardous viral viruses.

Their once impenetrable inbuilt defense barriers were enough to protect your prized investment from infection but the recent explosion in Mac popularity has seen a tidal wave in Mac targeted viruses being set loose.

I personably swear by having the added protection of a specialized Mac Antivirus Software even if it does nothing but provide me peace of mind.

An Anti Virus for Mac work by hunting down and catching rogue viruses before they have time to strike. Preventing them from spreading and infecting your internal Mac or from hackers eavesdropping, taking control of your computer and stealing disastrous private, often financial information.

The more acute, precise and fast acting a Mac Antivirus Software is the better

Below I have comprised a list of the Best Mac Antivirus apps on the market for you to COMPARE….

Mac antivirus softwares


MacKeeper AntiVirus

Included in MacKeeper’s multi-Award Winning maintenance app bundle is a fully optimized Mac Antivirus Software. This program is certainly beginner friendly as there are no nasty confusing configurations to activate. Once downloaded the program is fully automatic and will secure and protect all actions you perform.

MacKeeper Antivirus is a specialized package that keeps nasty security threats at bay and provids around the clock protection from…

• Mac OS and Windows viruses
• Identity theft
• Phishing attacks
• Passing on viruses to friends
• Fraud websites
• Unsafe downloads
• Threats from external devices
• E-mail threats
• Mac spyware
• Mac malware

One personalized feature of MacKeeper antivirus is that it detects not only Mac OS threats but also Windows viruses, making it a particularly attractive asset to Parallels Desktop users.

A massive benefit of this anti virus for mac is the real-time protection from malicious malware. This advantage prevents your Macs speed and performance from being compromised as the antivirus program has a Mac OS-based engine, an essential feature to keep your computer working at optimum pace.

Finally MacKeeper antivirus is already fully compatible with the new Mac OS X Lion update, as well as previous Mac backdrops and is fully optimized for all browsers ie chrome, safari and Firefox.

Price: MacKeeper’s entire maintenance bundle, with the Mac Antivirus Software included is priced at $39.95  subscription license. However starting from the second year there is an additional $10 subscription fee for virus database updates, but that is optional.


Norton Mac Antivirus
Norton Mac AntiVirusLabeled as one of the best antivirus software brands for window computers Norton is trusted to provide a great service. Although they have only relatively recently branched out into Mac protection they no doubt offer a good service.

Similar to MacKeeper Norton’s Mac Antivirus Software aims to protect all of your Mac from viruses, spyware and other threats without slowing down your computer. Prevent criminals from sneaking determinative coding onto your machine and from thieving private information. They too also run thorough update checks to stay on top to of newborn viruses.

One current drawback of this software is that it does not support Mac OS X Lion yet so only older models will suit and there user interface is quite complicated.

Price: Norton Mac Antivirus starts from $79.99 a year.


Protect Mac
Protect Mac Anti virusThe defiant name gives away the fact that this product is specific for Mac computers only, however this has not stopped them from copying MacKeeper and deterring traditional Window viruses away. Despite being a rather young creation, Protect Mac Antivirus software does a does a good job in securing your Mac against the usual viruses, worms, trojans and spyware.
Getting one over on Nortoan and matching MacKeeper’s up to date attitude, protect Mac is also supports Mac OS X Lion.

Price: a mere $0.04s more expensive than Mackeeper’s Mac Antivirus Protect Mac tolls in at $39.99 a year including updates.


Virus Barrier x6
Virus BarrierDespite the webpage not conforming to the usual swishy graphics we have become so accustomed to with Mac products Virus Barrier x6 is a stable anti virus for Mac. Complete with the usual all important anti-malware protection teamed with firewall, network protection, anti-phishing, anti-spyware features Virus Barrier x6 strives to stay on top of all known network-based threats and known malware. Although it falls short when it comes to Antispam, parental control, backup and data protection.

Virus Barrier x6 is also cooperative with Mac OS X Lion.

Price: Placed at the more costly end of the scale, Virus Barrier x6 ranges from $59.95 a year inclusive of updates.


Kaspersky Mac Antivirus
KasperskyKaspersky Mac Antivirus Software already has an established reputation when it comes to windows protection and too have recently spread their wings to cover Mac safety as well. Just like MacKeeper Kaspersky has picked up an award for their antivirus system and is equally a safe bet to purchase for thorough Mac protection.

On top of the key features of scouting out Viruses, Trojans, worms and other malware, spyware and adware, they Include a web browser plugin that can easily detect fraud websites. Also suitable for Mac OS X Lion users.

Price: Matching Virus Barrier x6 price tag Kaspersky charges $59.95 a year including updates.



ClamXav Mac AntivirusA the bottom end of the scale (for two reasons) is ClamXav anti virus for Mac. Proudly a free Mac antivirus solution ClamXav is perfect for temporary protection. Although it peruses everything an average Mac Antivirus should it is a case of ‘you get what you pay for’ with this app. Like most freeware applications, it is rarely updates and will evidently let new viruses and malware slip through the net.

It currently supports Mac OS X Lion but has a few kinks to iron out it its performance.

Price: Mac AntiVirus ClamXav is a healthy $0.

Best Mac Antivirus Software – Summary

These apps are the Best Mac Antivirus softawares in the business. From the immediate price comparison despite the zero cost of ClamXav KromTechs MacKeeper has beat to the the post for most cost effective protection software. The high annual prices of Norton and Kaspersky Mac antivirus are quite forgivable as these solutions dominate the window world and have existed on the market for some time. However Nortons incompatibility with Mac latest Lion update frankly leaves them out in the cold.

MacKeeper’s toolbox of goodies, inclusive of the ‘Mac Antivirus’, stands tall at $39.95 for a subscription license. After it’s dedicated Antivirus feature was certified by VB100 as one of the top 10 antiviruses in the world, putting it on an equal term with Norton and Kaspersky, that price is now viewed as quite a bargain…

MacKeeper Mac AntiVirus Software

Mac Antivirus SoftwareShoving rival competitors such as Norton and Kespersky far to the side, Mackeeper’s Award Winning Mac Antivirus software is voted one of the best in the world by leading tech companies.

With no less than 30,000 new Apple Mac target devilish malware and viruses being tracked down daily it is essential that we safeguard our precious machines, personal details and vitally financial info and keep them safe and secure from impending invasion.

With Mackeeper’s professional Antivirus software your prized (not to mention expensive) Mac will be fully protected from all forms of nasty viruses and ensure your computer and personal information is 100% secured and safe.

Forget stressing over demanding and confusing configurations, this world class security app is very user friendly, beginner friendly and clear. Once Mackeeper’s 911 toolbox is downloaded and installed, its leading Anti virus tool will automatically launch. Securing your entire Mac 24/7 as well as sheltering all your additional actions and commands from the word go.

Mackeeper’s dedicated Mac Anti virus software defends your computer against any malicious security threats and protects from:

  • Mac OS and Windows viruses
Identity theft
  • Phishing attacks
  • Passing on viruses to friends
  • Fraud websites
  • Unsafe downloads
  • Threats from external devices
  • E-mail threats
  • Spyware
  • Malware
  • Trojans

As you can see from the above list, this tool is mighty enough to battle against Mac OS threats but is even strong enough to war off Microsoft Window viruses as well. Not only does this help you sleep a little sounder at night, but it means you have the added freedom of using a Windows format on your Apple computer. Making this anti virus for Mac particularly attractive to Parallels desktop users.

A very important monumental feature you should always look for when picking any Antivirus is an up-to-date ‘virus database’. It is crucial to have this as it ensures your machine is protected from even the the latest newborn viruses. With thousands developed and firing your way everyday there’s no point in investing in a safety software without this element. And guess what – Mackeeper has one!

Another massive benefit this app provides is its ‘real-time protection’ feature. This handy advantage stops your Macs performance and speed from being compromised. The in-built Mac OS engine keeps your computer zippy fast and working at optimum pace while it simultaneously sniffs out and warns off rouge viruses.

Finally Mackeeper’s virus protection is way ahead of the game as it is already compatible with Apple’s Mountain Lion asystem well as previous backdrops and it fully optimized for all major internet browsers, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.


Price: MacKeeper’s entire 16 app toolbox, inclusive of its impressive Mac Antivirus Software, comes in at a very modest $39.95 lifetime license and a ‘365 Day Money Back Guarantee’ if for whatever reason you change your mind.

Which is a less then half the price of Kaspersky Mac virus scan which stands at $59.95 annual fee and Norton’s eye popping $79.99 yearly price tag.