Mac Backup Software – Compare Top Apps

Out of all the essential maintenance apps available an efficient Mac Backup Software is certainly among the most valuable. An optimized backup tool will successfully safeguard your computer from simple issues such as accidently deleting important data to worst case senorio when a technical fault engulfs your beloved Mac.

Mac OS X have a pre-installed data backup tool – Time Machine, but its capabilities are very limited compared to specialized Mac Backup Softwares.

Without further ado lest see what the Most Popular Mac Backup Apps have to offer…Lets COMPARE!


Lurking amongst MacKeeper’s 16 Multi-Award Winning apps is their inventive Mac ‘Backup’ software. On top of incorporating all the essential features ChronoSync provides MacKeeper has gone one step further and accommodates scheduling and external devices support. In addition to all other special features that guarantee your Mac and treasures content is insured, you have the option top sync changes with reserve copies in specific time intervals and store them on either a USB Flash drive, FTP, External HDD, and ZeoDisk – so you never need to panic if you find yourself in a sticky technical spot.

Price: MacKeeper’s’ entire 16 app maintenance bundle (inclusive of their Mac Backup tool) is priced at $39.95¬†subscription¬†license with 365 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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SuperDuper Mac BackupMac backup software SuperDuper is perfectly adequate at doing a system backup for Mac. Similar to Mac OS X inbuilt Time Machine, SuperDuper supports external storage media but benefits from a useful built-in scheduler preventing you from having to manually copy and save your data every day. One drawback of SuperDuper however is it lacks the ability to safeguard and restore large volumes of data.

The products website itself isn’t as highly graphic or flashy like most Apple Mac products and their simple interface reflects this. Despite this it is quite an easy Mac backup app to use as each stage is companioned with helpful dialog boxes to guide you through.
Like all these Mac backup softwares, SuperDuper is also fully compatible Macs latest upgrade Lion.
Price: SuperDuper prices starts from a reasonable $27.95.


Chrono Sync Backup appAt initial glance the information on ChronoSync’s Mac backup utility appears to be directed solely at Mac wizards and is likely to confuse new users leaving them medicating a headache.

However with their more appropriately designed user friendly interface it shouldn’t take too long for a new customer to become accustomed to ChronoSync’s features and run a backup for Mac.

This dedicated Mac backup software comes with several quality features to ensure your precious Mac and data is protected, such as synchronization, backups and bootable backups. An added bonus of installing ChronoSync is their archiving twist, which enables you to restore from a timeline of backups.
Price: ChronoSync is priced the highest ranging from $40.00.

Mac Backup Software Price Comparison

Mac Backup Software – Summary

Although all three Mac Backup softwares are striving for the same result there are some significant differences. Out of the three SuperDuper puts up the least impressive fight offering limited capabilities compared to MacKeeper and ChronoSync. MacKeeper stands out with its ability to create reserve copies both for your Macs storage volumes and external devices.
As for ChronoSync, it costs a tad more than its rivals but there’s not denying it – with ’15’ extra specialized Mac maintenance apps in its tool box, MacKeeper takes a beating on value for money.

As for ChronoSync, it costs as much as MacKeeper while doing even less than the latter.