Boost Mac Performance With Wise App Uninstaller

Uninstaller SoftwareSo your once snappy speed demon MacBook is now throwing more tantrums then a hungry toddler, what do you do?

Unfortunately there can me any issues resulting in a vexingly slow Mac, and the tricky part is often deciphering who are the main culprits.

My first port of call is to always try and free up memory space. Although Apple boasts being able to store vast amounts of files, apps and softwares, the more clogged up you let your RAM get the slower you Mac will run. Freeing up space will not only give you a blank canvas to starting saving more files easily, but it will crucially give your computer more breathing space to minoover and carry out even multiple commands simultaneously.

When my Mac is struggling to perform even the simplest of tasks I take it as a red alert sign that it needs a spring clean and a thorough declutter.

To free up space you need to hunt down any old files, duplicate data, lurking traces left behind from removed softwares, and of course unused apps and programs.

In order to gain a dramatic boost in speed you need to do a deep clean out and remove as much virtual debris as possible. While documents, folder and files are notorious for mounting up and hijacking a shocking amount of room, large bulky apps and softwares can clear GBs of space instantly.

You can manually try and track down old and duplicate files, documents and images, but you may need to book a week off work to do an effective job. Professional Mac cleaning softwares can do this laborious chore on auto, making it as easy as clicking a button. Amongst many benefits Mac cleaners will scan your entire system ratting out and safely removing duplicate, old and worthless data, freeing up echoing corridors of space.

But if you want to successfully ‘Mac Uninstaller’.

Simply dragging and dropping the programs into the trash can and emptying it will only partially remove the embeded files. You need to eradicate them all to see a significant performance boost.

There are many dedicated Mac uninstallers such as AppZapper and AppDelete but my personal favourite is Mackeeper’s Wise Uninstaller tool.

Nestled amongst 16 other Mac enhancing maintenance apps in MacKeepers multi-award wining toolbox, the Wise Uninstaller is thorough and importantly safe enough to use. While some uninstallers can make a costly mistake of removing the wrong, sometime precious files, the wise uninstaller is intelligent enough to always now what is rubbish and what it cherished. Preventing you from having to confront your tearful partner on exactly how the wedding photos got deleted….

Mackeeper is also unbeaten on value for money. On top of the Wise Uninstaller you also get a fully equipped Mac Cleaner, world renowned Mac Antivirus protection and an expert Anti-theft Security app to name but a few. All for a one-off fee of $39.95 for a lifetime license. Not bad ay?!

How To Fix A Slow Mac App?!

So you have finally pinpoint the the speed munching, performance dipping, slow Mac causing app – what do you do next….

If you have discovered that your Apple Mac is running slow due to a mischievous app or software there a couple off simple ways to deal with the culprit and revive that signature snappy Apple Mac speed.


Trash it!

1.) If you have identified the program this is triggering all your frustrating slow Mac symptoms, one option is to get rid of it and trash it for good. If you never use the app and all it dose is take up room in your already limited Mac storage space, then the natural route to take is deleting to off your computer altogether.

However, is you do fancy wiping the slate clean and deleting it, make sure you remove it correctly to avoid those pesky trace files from being left behind. Removing an app, especially a big software by simply dragging and dropping in to the trash can will leave lurking trace files in its wake. These annoying data files can mount up in no time, causing your Mac to slow down once again.

If you are not an Apple Mac genius who can easily track down these tiny files, then I suggest doing what I do whenever I need to delete apps, softwares etc – use an ‘Uninstaller App’.

To cut my Mac maintenacne cost down and save downloading another separate software to do this job, I use Mackeeper’s ‘Wise Uinstaller.’ It is fast, safe and excellent and getting rid of any form of app, movies or hefty softwares entirely.


Fix the Internal Problem

2.) If you love a challenge and get excited over solving puzzles then this is a good option for you.
If the programs causing your slow Mac is one you would rather hold on to then fixing the internal problem is a good option.

Lots of things can go wrong inside a program. Maybe it is experiencing CPU leakage issues, where the app ties up too much of your Macs power, making it run slowly, or perhaps there is an issue within its coding.

Something as simple as missing a software update can result in your Mac running slowly. So start by researching if your app is missing an update.

Coding can get broken due to a Mac virus infection that went undetected. Professional Mac antivirus softwares such as Mackeeper’s virus scan tool can track down the rouge malware, eradicate it and fix any mayhem it left behind.


Free Up Memory Space

3.) This is possibly the easiest option and fasted way to achieve effective lasting results – freeing up RAM.

Think of your Mac RAM as the belly of your computer. Every Sunday after you have scoffed down your mums famous roast dinner and you are so full its hard to breath, running around the living room at full pelt is the let thing you can do. The fuller your RAM and memory space gets, crammed up with all your stored files, softwares, movies etc the slower your Mac will become.

Mac Registry Cleaner – What Are The Benefits?

You’re probably wondering why do we need a Mac registry Cleaner right?

Well no matter how posh, expensive and snazzy your computer is, everyone eventually notices as time drifts on the speed of your new machine gets slower. While a cheaper Microsoft laptop may be running slower than a 90 year old tracking up a hill with shopping after just a few months, even the elite Apple Macs are destined to loose their signature speed. I know Grrr. The way this problem is usually and successfully fixed is by giving your Mac a good old spring clean! Yes it is that simple guys!

The reasons why your Mac may starting running slow is because of the backlog of useless forgotten files that are weighing your computer down, not to mention possibly dozens of other reasons it may be lagging as well…. But a registry cleaner will target these particular problem and extra as well.

So what are the benefits of a Mac Registry Cleaner?

1) A Mac cleaner will clear out useless files for us, without accidently deleting important files!

2) We can get rid of heavy usage cache files that are sometimes in their thousands! eeek. These are sure to be slowing your Mac down

3) A Mac cleaner can also at the same time as cleaning provide us with a virus security protector to safeguard your Mac.

4) It will permanently delete trojans and nasty viruses that might of sneaked in.

5) Deleting just these few simple items and protecting out Mac can massively speed it up again.

It is thought to be wise to clean your Mac on a regular basis to stop it from getting clogged up with memory eating files and viruses. I reckon every 4-6 weeks should do it, but if you’re feeling a bit obsessive maybe every fortnight even! 🙂

Can Mac Cleaners Make Mac FASTER?!

All the signs are there but you have been pushing them to the back of your mind. Your once snappy speed demon Mac is now slower than a pot bellied pig wearing wet pajamas.

No matter how old or young your Mac computer is, it can show signs of tiring and slowing down. My MacBook Pro was running slow after just eight months.

There can me numerous reasons why your Mac is so slow, but the tricky part isn’t fixing it and regaining speed, it is sniffing out and diagnosing the route cause. Once pin pointed, you can dramatically boost your processing speed manually, or on auto using a specialized a Mac maintenance software such as KromTech’s MacKeeper.

If you are bored on a Sunday afternoon, have a lot of time on your hands and love searching for needles in haystacks then the manual way is for you. If you are a little impatient like me and want an easy quick fix you can use time and time again, then investing in a good Mac maintenance program in the path to take.

mac cleaners

How to Make Mac Faster with Top Mac Cleaner

Whenever either of my MacBook’s start misbehaving and puffing along like a old age pensioners, my first port of call is to give it a thorough deep clean out.

Mountains of virtual debris, such as old files, duplicate pictures, unused apps and softwares etc can reach gigantic heights in just a few months.

I used MacKeeper’s ‘Fast CleanUp’ tool on my eight month old Mac and it ratted out a shocking 40 GB of wasted space. I didn’t realize I had such a bad hoarding problem. Luckily I didn’t have to find it all and delete it manually. One click of a button on a professional Mac Cleaner program and you will have echoing corridors of newly freed up hard drive space.

A clogged memory space was obviously the reason my Mac was running out of steam and not following orders swiftly, as after I permanently remove all the clutter I noticed a significant boost in speed.

A cramped hard drive is the main culprit of Mac slow processing speed, which is why I always look to free up space before anything else. Plus, having a good clear out also leaves you free to keep doing what you enjoy most – installing new exciting apps and download the latest music and movies.

Think of your hard drive as your Macs belly. Just like gorging yourself on your grandmas delicious Sunday roasts, the more you fill up the belly of your machine, the more tired, sluggish and slow it becomes. Although Apple Macs preach about having bulging guts ands massive stomach space, the more you fill it up, the more it is likely to effect your computers performance.

Freeing up storage space gives your struggling Mac breathing space to minoover all your commands in a zippy manner once more.

Can A Mac Cleaner Software Fight Mac Viruses?

While every Apple Mac owner should have an efficient Mac Cleanup App lurking amongst their apps, to ensure their prized possession always stays in peak condition, they do not battle malicious Mac viruses.

Mac cleaners are fantastic for clearing memory space and boosting the speed of any lagging computer. Top Mac cleaning softwares have the ability to scan your entire hard drive, ratting out any hidden old, useless and forgotten data that is clogging up your RAM, resulting in your beloved Mac running slow. They usually hunt down worthless trace files that are left clinging on after a software or app has been deleted. They can clean anything from mountainous cache, Binaries and Languages files. They can track old and unused documents and softwares as well as dastardly duplicates.

mac cleaners

Really intelligent cleaners can decipher between unwanted data and precious files. Whilst looking for a Mac cleaning program to speed up your Mac or to just give it a thorough tidy out, always look for this feature. Heaven forbid you lost your cherished wedding photos or the contract to a big work deal. Ensuring your Mac cleaner is effective and safe can save your a lot of agro and heart ache.

However, if you unsure your tardy computer is due to clogged hard drive but suspect your machine is acting odd due to a rouge Mac virus and malware, than a leading Mac antivirus software is what you need.

Computer viruses can wreak absolute havoc on a vulnerable computer. While some mischievous ones just go about having fun slowing down your system other’s such as Trojan viruses and spyware have a much more sinister aim. With the infection often spreading through an external device or a bugged email or website, the malware implants coding into your hard drive. The code secretly bleeds into programs or data until it has everything infected. This cunning code can then watch and record your movements, passing on personal information such as passwords to financial information etc back to a criminal mastermind.

Although the elite Mac computers are natural better equipped to warn off invading viruses compared to Microsoft windows machines, with a staggering 30,000 new Apple targeted infections being detected everyday, they are far from bullet proof.

Investing in a top Mac antivirus software is an absolute must as far as I am concerned, especially if you often surf the internet. Better safe than sorry!

There are many leading Mac virus protection softwares on the market. Renowned for there safeguarding of Microsoft, Norton and Kaspersky have also recently developed a Apple Mac virus busting range. Although a little on the expensive side, $59.95 and $79.99 a year.

I personally invested in MacKeeper’s 16 app Mac maintenance bundle. Containing an award winning Mac cleaner to reingnite my tired machine as well an a great mac virus software that s noted to be one of the best in the world, for jus 39.95 life time license, it is certainly the best value for money.

Mac Cleaners Vs Manual Mac Cleanup

When your beloved Mac starts to run slower than a sloth taking on an Olympic marathon it is time for one thing – a deep Mac cleanup!

Freeing up clogged memory space is usually the fasted route to getting that signature snappy Apple speed back, as lack of memory space takes first position on top of the slow Mac culprit list.

Constantly filling up Gbs of space with saved documents and files, downloading hundreds of music tracks, the latest movies and installing new exciting apps and softwares is like pigging out on sweets, doughnuts and crisps on a Saturday night. After a mammoth feast, your tummy feels full, sick even, making you tired and slow. The more stuff that is hijacking your already limited memory space on your hard drive will only result in one frustrating thing… a Mac running slow!

There are two ways to get cleaning – manually or with a top Mac cleaner software.

If you relish in difficult puzzles and enjoy searching for needles in haystack in your spare time, then the manual route will be a good option for you. If you are like me, a bit on the lazy side who hates taking on potentially hours of laborious computer maintenance tasks, than a Mac Cleaner is definitely the right choice.

How To Do a Manual Mac Cleanup…

Having a manual Mac cleanup can be very satisfying if you successfully dig out and remove all the problem files and dada. But it can be hair pulling frustrating when your Macs speed doesn’t significantly boost after all your hard work and energy.

There are some files, such as documents and folders, that are a breeze to delete manually by simply putting them in the trash, but it isn’t usually these types of data that mounted up and caused your Mac to run slow.

9/10 times it is the heavy bulky files brimming with complicated codes, such as games, movies, apps and softwares that are the main space hogging bandits. Often they are literally sitting on Gbs of wasted space. A simple drag and drop to the trash will not successful remove these. This is where the problems start to arise with manual Mac cleaning…

When you download and install a software or app they distribute out many files and sew in different types of code deep into your hard drive. Simply dragging and dropping these big programs into your trash can and deleting is not completely wiping the slate freshly clean.

Annoying trace files don’t get deleted and remain lurking deep inside your system. Not only do these naughty files group up over time and end up hijacking a surprising amount of precious storage space, resulting in your Mac running slow all over again, but they all have the bad habit of preventing you from downloading and installing that software again. Although you my not want too, it is always nice to have the freedom to do so if you wish sometime in the future.

mac cleaners

Mac Cleaners to the Rescue!

Leading professional Mac cleaners on the other hand prevent the headaches and resolve any issues caused by manual deleting and leave 99% of the time will your Mac a fierce speed demon once more.

Top softwares have the power and skill to scan your whole system, even the deepest darkest depths and bring to the surface all duplicate content, old forgotten documents and folders, even those pesky trace files. They also know which space hogging apps and softwares you never or rarely use and will bring the biggest culprits to your attention.

In just a few clicks you have the ability to clear out potentially Gbs of RAM space on auto!

I had only owned my newest MacBook Pro a mere eight months when I noticed it ignoring my commands and running slow. After much research into the the best Mac cleaners, I download a free MacKeeper trial. The ‘Fast CleanUp’ tool ratted out and and removed a whopping 38Gbs of memory space. No wonder my poor obese Mac was barely puffing along. That’s a lot of junk!

The result – a snappy fast MacBook!

What is a Mac Cleaner Software?

As time has drifted on by, you have realized your once swish zippy computer has drastically slowed down. Perhaps you have only just noticed that your MacBook or impressive desktop computer is working very sluggish as it has been happening so gradual and sneakily….

Maybe it wasn’t until you helped set your friends MacBook up for the first time when you realized what your cherished computer has become, as sluggish as an asthmatic insect carrying heavy shopping.

Slow computers can be a result of just one or numerous factors all combined. While you can go ahead and try to hunt down the culprit causing this frustrating problem, there is one solution that will guarantee your Mac regains that feisty infamous snappy speed almost instantly- a Mac Cleaner!

What is a Mac Cleaner Software…?

If you have never heard of a Mac cleaner before let me enlighten you. Here is a brief explain about what it is….

The top Mac cleaning softwares on the marketplace aim to effectively crawl your entire, even deep dark depths of your internal hard drive. Intensely searching and scowering out any locked away useless files and old software’s and apps that are taking up important and valuable storage.

Importantly, elite Apple Mac Cleaner applications are sharp and intelligent enough to understand and tell the difference between duplicate and unwanted data, and important files such as personal photos. This is crucial as lesser softwares might go ahead and delete vital work files or cherished family photos, leaving you in trouble or heard broken.

When the cleaning task is completed you will notice a distinct, often dramatic rise in the speed of your valued laptop.

Leading cleaning apps are designed to be user friendly to the up most, making the whole cleaning and speeding up process and as simple as pressing a few obvious buttons. Some apps focus on attractive branding and an accessible and straightforward interface. While other burrow their attention on who the software works. Few have both of these important qualities.

So to conclude, the best Mac clean up programs can be so effortless that you will have an old computer deeply cleaned and running very fast in just a few clicks of the cursor. Fantastic! So you can put that cheque book away and for get about purchasing a replacement.

How To Find The Best Mac Cleaner Software

So you have learnt about the instant magical properties of professional market leading Mac Cleaner softwares, and how they can have your beloved Mac speed demon back in a few clicks.

But if this top software can take care of the nitty gritty intricate details inside you computer, what do you have to do..?

Ah, well that would be to hunt down the suitable best Mac cleaner software out there that is perfect for your needs and won’t leave your wallet feeling skinny.

It can be pretty tough to deduce correctly what Mac cleansing software’s are efficient and effective and which ones are quite frankly a waste of your hard earned cash and attention. To help solve this riddle, glance over a few reviews on cleaning programs. Specifically ones that dive into a detailed and in-depth look at the most recent programs in town.

Comparisons review sites are incredibly useful as they break down what the individual softwares provides and may even put them head to head, making the winner and software with the best value for money obvious.

Click Here to Compare the Best Mac Cleaner Softwares on the Market…

Through comparison sites I personally decided I liked the look of ZeoBits Multi-Award winning MacKeeper. In short it not just a Mac clean up software but is also a very respectable Mac maintenance program that contains over 16 apps to keep your computer in tip top condition.

To ensure I was riding down the correct path I pulled up an in-depth review centred around this particular software. As MacKeeper comes with so many cool features, it is very interesting to learn about each one and see how it can all seamlessly work automatically for you.

Presently impressively nicknamed as ‘911 for your Apple Mac’, I admit I was swayed by MacKeeper in the end. CleanMyMac came close, but for near the same price you got an additional 15 apps with ZeoBits creation so there was no headache over which one to pick.

I have been using it for nearly two years now, and on top of al the apps but especially the great intelligent cleaner and in-built AntiVirus and security features, my Mac is always on top form.
mackeeper free trial

Best Mac Cleaner Software – Comparison

Mac performance is one of the most topical issues for any user. Scattered file copies, uncontrolled RAM, outdated software, and ‘hidden’ junk files can lead to unsatisfying performance. Mac’s hard drive, especially in old Mac computers, is the first place to consider. Manual hard drive cleanup is a laborious task which is often not enough. That’s exactly when professional Mac cleaner software utilities for OS X step in to permanently remove these hidden memory-consuming files, free up gigabytes of space, and restore your Apple Mac’s signature snappy speed. Thankfully, there are plenty of elite Mac cleanup tools that are eager to return your beloved computer to a “like new” state in minutes!

Below are the Most Best Elite Mac Cleaner Software’s on the Market – Lets COMPARE…. 

Below I’ve devised a simple comparison chart for you to easily compare the features of each Mac cleanup tool. It will help you decide which software has the best value for money and, what’s more important, is most suitable for your needs.

maccleaning tools comparison


mackeeper rating

‘MacKeeper’ Software

Currently installed on my MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops, Kromtech’s MacKeeper is the favorite Mac cleaning software of It dominates the Mac cleaner world and has understandably scooped over 100 gold 5-star awards from top tech companies, such as Tucows, Softonic, Brothersoft, etc. I can assure you that their ‘Fast Cleanup’ tool is definitely worth your attention.

MacKeeper “Human Inside” version was introduced at MacWorld 2014 as software and a 24/7 support service. For me, MacKeeper’s 17-app bundle is the ULTIMATE all-in-one Mac maintenance software. It devotes the entire category to Mac cleaning. MacKeeper’s professional tools have helped me to keep my computer safe, clean, reliable, and FAST.


MacKeepers ‘Mac Cleaner’ Features

mackeeper-memory-cleanerMemory Cleaner This tool quickly frees up memory and boosts performance of applications on your Mac. It can automatically recover available RAM in the background, whenever it gets “too low”… and without interrupting your work.

mackeeper fast cleanup Fast CleanupThis tool safely scans your entire Mac seeking useless data, such as dastardly binary files, language packs, cache and log files. It then presents its findings allowing you to pick and choose what to remove with one click.

mackeeper-duplicates-finderDuplicate Finder  – This tool provides a thorough scan for mischievous hidden file clones, even the renamed ones. This detail is overlooked by most Mac cleaner softwares. I’m always so shocked of how many duplicates I have accidentally hoarded.

mackeeper disk usage Disk Usage  – I find this tool very useful. It displays a clear map of all data that is contained on your hard drive. With its helpful color code system you can instantly see which files are affecting your Mac’s performance.

mackeeper smart uninstallerSmart Uninstaller  – This tool lets me know that my files are in safe hands. MacKeeper’s elite ‘Smart Uninstaller’ fiercely rivals independent Mac uninstallers on the market. It has the intelligence to know which files are useless and unwanted.

mackeeper shredder Shredder This tool makes this Mac clean up software extra effective as it permanently deletes your unwanted files ensuring that you free up maximum space.  

mackeeper file finder

Files Finder  – I’m always using this feature. It makes retrieving a lost file easy peasy, even if you have forgotten the name, as you can set your own search criteria.

Download Size: 384Kb   Requirements: OSX 10.5 of later To read about MacKeeper’s additional maintenance categories: Security, Data Control, Optimisation and Technical Support click here…

MacKeeper Summary

In recent experimentation the newly updated MacKeeper has proven to be a powerful application. It safely slimed down the contents of my Mac and DID optimize its performance!

With MacKeeper’s Mac cleaner software installed you will never need to stress over accidental file loss, shortage of disk space for storage, virus attacks, or disastrous security breaches. Plus if you find yourself wrestling technical issues or just have a quick question, be sure that the 24/7 customer support will be at hand to guide you through. In my opinion, MacKeeper is an absolute must-have app!

Interesting note – MacKeeper was the first Mac cleaner that I used and it dug out and removed 34gb of space off my laptop. Very impressive!

Price: $14.95 per month, MacKeeper’s entire 17-app maintenance bundle (inclusive of their Mac Cleaner category) is priced at $14.95 monthly subscription license with a generous 365-Day Money Back Guarantee. Available worldwide. If you subscribe for 24 months, the price will be $4.95 per month.


cleanmymac rating

‘CleanMyMac 3’ Software

Just like MacKeeper, CleanMyMac 3 is a combination of different cleaning functions in a single app, which is focused mainly on removing unneeded files on Mac. CleanMyMac is also permanently installed on my main machine. Being also a worthy winner of countless prestigious 5-star Editor’s and Readers Choice Awards, this Mac cleaner won’t let you down!

With all the top software review giants, such as Macworld, Tucows, CNET, CultofMac, etc. singing CleanMyMac’s praises from their virtual rooftops, in my experience, this Mac cleaner certainly delivers and lives up to what it preaches – “Clean up your Mac”.


CleanMyMac 3 Features

All functions in CleanMyMac 3 can be grouped as Cleaning, Maintenance, and Monitoring tools.

CleanMyMac3 Smart CleanUpSmart Cleanup – The Smart Cleanup function is a safe cleaning that reduces the risk of improperly deleted items. All files that are found during Smart Cleanup are offered to the user for review before removal.

CleanMyMac3 Photos JunkPhotos Junk – This tool searches your Photos library and deletes unneeded copies of images that are kept by Photos after you edit your pics.

CleanMyMac3 System JunkSystem Junk – This tool scans your entire Mac, every dark nook and cranny, freeing up corridors of space and dramatically boosting the performance of your Mac. With a few clicks you can clean up Mac and have data organized.

CleanMyMac3 Mail AttachmentsMail Attachments –  After the scan, the program removes local copies of mail attachments that are still available on your mail server.

CleanMyMac3 iTunes JunkiTunes Junk – This tool removes useless files in iTunes. Most people even do not realize how many outdated backups, broken downloads, and old firmware updates are stored on Mac.

CleanMyMac3 Trash BinsTrash Bins – CleanMyMac 3’s Trash Bins cleans up all the trashes on your Mac, not just the main Trash in your Dock.

CleanMyMac3 Large & Old Files ModuleLarge & Old Files Module – This tool brings your attention to forgotten large files, which may be causing your Mac to run slow.


CleanMyMac3 UninstallerUninstaller –   A superior and trustworthy uninstaller. It properly removes even bulky softwares and can locate all lurking trace files.

CleanMyMac3 MaintenanceMaintenance – With this tool the user will be able to perform different scheduled and manual maintenance tasks, such as rebuilding Launch Services, reindexing Spotlight, and verifying disk permissions.

CleanMyMac3 PrivacyPrivacy – This tool cleans up history, cache files, and cookies from browsers and chats.


CleanMyMac3 Extensions ModuleExtension Module – This tool allows you to review and remove apps with certain extensions, such as widgets, plugins, images, etc.

CleanMyMac3 ShredderShredder – This tool can erase private files without a trace. It makes me feel secure when shopping online (which is often).


Health and Monitoring

CleanMyMac3 Mac Healt AlertsThis tool shows the performance of your Mac as a nice diagram: processor and memory usage, battery charge cycles, etc, and even lets you free up RAM to reduce lag time on your Mac.

CleanMyMac Sleek DesignSleek Design – Besides all the tools, CleanMyMac is a beautifully crafted software. The typical polished and shiny Apple design makes it easy breezy to clean up Mac.

Download Size: 34MB  System Requirements: Intel, OS X 10.7 or later.

Cleanmymac pros & cons

CleanMyMac 3 Summary

I have personally had the previous CleanMyMac version installed on all my main Macs for over a year. After using it time and time again to declutter and speed up my computer, I have to agree with the software review top guns when they brandish CleanMyMac 3 as an awesome Mac cleaner. It is even better than the previous one!

Creators MacPaw have a 4 year impeccable reputation for delivering quality Apple Mac products with CleanMyMac2 as their biggest triumph to date. Backed by brilliant test results the team at are happy to recommend this fab Mac cleaner. It is a sure bet and and also a indispensable tool for Mac users who wish for fast straightforward, effective Mac Cleanup software that will keep their beloved Mac in peak condition and running like a dream

cleanmymac Awards

Price: $39.95  Although more expensive than some Mac Cleanup apps, CleanMyMac ranges from $39.95. 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.


‘DetoxMyMac’ Softwaredetoxmymac rating

Awarded top marks by Mac software industry leaders, such as Tucows, MacTrast, and, DetoxMyMac is worth sitting up straight for. It is a fully capable expert utility that is worthy of riding up near the front with leaders MacKeeper and CleanMyMac 3. That’s why it’s scoring an admirable third place in Mac Nerdy’s Mac cleaner comparison review. It is an easy-to-use solution that makes it a pleasure to clean, secure, and optimize your Mac while keeping it running as smooth as a lemon cheesecake, faster than a spooked ostrich, and error-free. Cased in an elegant interface, this Mac cleanup software scans over 32 detox options and sub-options, which makes it a very efficient and effective Mac cleaner utility.

DetoxMyMac Features

detoxmymac reviewDetox History archives Delete unused history files from all browsers.

detoxmymacDetox Unused Languages Removes useless language files from your installed apps.

detox my macDetox Trash & DownloadsInstantly and permanently deletes all unnecessary files from your software trash cans.

detoxmymac mac cleanerDetox Cache filesAims to remove all built up cache files to help optimize and speed up Mac.

detoxmymac reviews Detox App Leftovers – Can seriously boost performance by removing leftover data from previously uninstalled apps.  

detoxmymac featuresDetox Logs, Reports & More Frees up mega space by eliminating this data.

Download size: 6.3MB  System Requirements: OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8/10.5 PPC/Intel

Detoxmymac pros & cons

DetoxMyMac Summary

Although still in the shadows of high-flyers MacKeeper and CleanMyMac 3, Detoxmymac will still leave your computer in safe hands. With companies such as Tucows,, and MacTrast backing this app as well, this software certainly deserves a high spot in our Mac cleaner review. If you don’t mind forfeiting all extra maintenance apps and Mac cleanup facilities that Mackeeper and CleanMyMac 3 offer, plus fancy an extra $10 in your wallet, then you can’t really go wrong with DetoxMyMac.

Price: $24.95 (including free updates) but has a stress-free 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.


‘CleanApp’ Software

Mac Clean up App

Like the most competent Mac cleanup tools, CleanApp focuses on tracking down and removing universal binaries, language packages, and old files. Unlike Cocktail, CleanApp has a beneficial feature of uninstalling programs and tracing all different segments that are related to a previously uninstalled app. Like MacKeeper, CleanApp houses a useful ‘Mac Disk Utility’ that shows you exactly which files are carrying the most weight. However, their block graphics on this feature are in my opinion far more confusing than MacKeeper’s simple traffic light color coding system. Although on the surface CleanApp looks like an almost perfect Mac cleaner software, there are two glaring cons – it has an annoying and detrimental habit of not successfully removing all traces of programs and can often accidentally remove vital shared components between programs.

Price: $14.99 CleanApp ranges from $14.99 for one Apple Mac.


‘Cocktail’ Software

Cocktail Mac cleanup

Cocktail Mac Cleaner is a handy tool that allows you to take care of most essential Mac maintenance tasks. A small step up from Apple Mac’s built-in Terminal feature, Cocktail lets you do Mac cleanup, repair, and optimize certain parts of your computer smoothly. Despite its relatively easy format, this clean up Mac software supplies a somewhat uninspiring and plain user interface, and some of the updated ‘tweaks’ that the utility boasts about will be lost on most users.

Price: $19 For one computer Cocktail sells for a reasonable $19.


‘MacCleanse’ Software

MacCleanse claims to be a ‘powerful’ Mac cleanup tool that can purify your hard drive by safely uninstalling unwanted apps, slimming down universal binaries, and wiping unused language logs. However, it feels like the main direction of this Mac cleaner software is not to clean and optimize your internal computer but to protect and delete your presence online. Like CleanMyMac and Mackeeper, it can easily remove your browser history, chat logs, cookies, and website cache. MacCleanse delivers a secure fast deletion, but albeit pretty smart looking, their user interface is a little counterintuitive.

Price: $19.95 To clean up Mac with MacCleanse it’ll set you back $19.95 for one computer.