Best Mac Encryption Software – Comparison

A ‘Mac Encryption Software’ is essential for keeping private, personal and financial files safe and locked up. If you often share your computer with friends, family even colleagues a Mac Data Encryption tool will give you peace of mind your personal and private information is effectively concealed from prying eyes…

This is a common problem and Mac OS X  do provide a pre-installed encryption tool called FileVault, but however the draw back is it can only encrypt your user folder boo hoo! Not very useful if you need to hide individual files and folders… Here is a list of the Most Popular ‘Mac Encryption’ Apps for you to COMPARE…

Mac encryption software

    MacKeeper’s Mac Encrption Software 
Unlike its data Encryption competition, MacKeeper’s Multi- Award Winning 16+ App maintenance bundle contains a unique approach to data protection… MacKeeper’s personalised data concealment software ‘Data Encryptor’ works using a complex two-level Mac encryption platform. With an optimized interface MacKeeper makes it easy to select which files and programs you want to safeguard and tags them with a double password ensuring the encryption is even safer. Nice! This feature is so thorough that it even prevents people from easily pulling up hidden files though Finder or Terminal, leaving you in total control. An additional data Backup tool also comes in the package so you need never fret about losing any important or treasures files and programs. It also support industry standard ES-128 and AES-256 making it the creme dela creme of Mac data security apps.

Price: MacKeeper’s entire 16 app maintenance bundle – inclusive of their Mac Data Encryptor – is priced at $39.95 subscription license with a very generous 365 Money Back Guarantee. Available worldwide and FREE Trial for newbies.

Mac encryption app

Knox Knox Mac Data EncryptorThis data protection app is easily integrated with Mac OS X FileVault. It is slightly less sophisticated than Espionage and MacKeeper’s tool but it still allows you to password secure vaults to hide your files. It also allows you to schedule automatic backups to safeguard your data. Price: Continuing a trend Knox Mac Encryption Software starts from $34.99.


Espionage Espionage Mac EncyrptorEspionage is a fully loaded Mac Encryption software. When installed it integrates itself with Finder. If an attempt is made to pull up a concealed file the user will be asked to provide a password. Espionage can allow you to disguise nearly all files, even emails, chat history and videos. There are no frills with this app it just comes with a very simple interface with a drag and drop function. Price: Espionage price starts from $34.95.


TrueCrypt TrueCryptTrueCrypt is a good freeware utility that is a great temporary Mac encryption tool. Like most fee apps you get what you pay for in quality but TrueCrypt is adequate to get some protection on your personal files. The interface lacks in user friendliness but it does include a written manual to get you over any hurdles. Similar to MacKeeper it contains the useful feature of successfully sheltering files even after someone falsely resets the entering password. Price: TrueCrypt has the nice price tag of $0.

 Best Mac Encryption Software – Summary

Specific to Mac encryption and Data management Espionage and MacKeeper are head and shoulders more advanced than the concealment features of Knox and Truecrypt. But it is worth bearing in mind that for $5 more MacKeeper contains an extra ’16’ handy dedicated Mac maintenance apps…