Mac Data Recovery Software – Comparison

Just imagine you spent hours and hours researching, planning and writing a vital work document only to accidently trash it beyond reach, or worse still, how would you feel if you sat down to reminisce over years of treasures photos only to discover they are no longer installed on your hard drive.

Prevent that horrible sinking feeling from engulfing your gut by investing in a stable, reliable Mac Recovery Software. If anything disastrous strikes you will always be prepared for the worse.

Below is an overview of the most popular ‘Mac Data Recovery’ tools on the market for you to COMPARE…



Nestled within MacKeeper’s Multi-Award Winning ’16’ app maintenance toolbox is their specialist ‘Files Recovery’ feature.

On top of supporting recovery from data in external media devices such as Firewire & USB Disks and being able to retract information from complicated HFS, HFS+, NTFS and FAT file systems, this Mac recovery software is also capable of restoring data in all formats. Audio, video, photo, documents and even archives will all file extensions can be successfully recovered.

Teaming up with MacKeeper’s 16 other optimized and dedicated apps their Mac data recovery tool has the added benefit of being able to scan your entire hard drive. It can dig out all lost files from even the deepest darkest depths and helpfully display all discovered files, allowing you to preview them using Quick Look and restore those you need with just one click.

Price: MacKeeper’s’ entire maintenance bundle, with the ‘Mac Recovery Software’ included costs $39.95 for a subscription license with ‘365 Day Money Back Guarantee’.

VirtualLab MacVirtualLab
This Mac recovery software found fame supporting Windows computers but have recently branched out into the lucrative Apple Mac market. Unlike most Mac apps with their glossy graphics, VirtualLab displays a rather basic sales page and user interface, but overall it does house a good Mac data recovery system.

VirtualLab works with nearly all media types and is capable of restoring deleted files, Lost/Damaged Partitions, Formatted Disks, Hard Drives & RAID Systems, Photos & Flash Memory Cards and can even supports external devices such as Firewire & USB Disks.

Unfortunately this Mac data recovery tool does have a few floors: it can not work without substantial internet connection and offers slow technical support.

Price: One of the cheapest Mac data recovery softwares VirtualLab starts from $39.95.


Stellar Phoenix Stellar Phoenix
Much like VirtualLab, Stellar Phoenix specializes in Windows computers so their understanding of Macs may not be as sharp as committed Mac data recovery tools.

Once again Stellar Phoenix fails to deliver the impressive visuals and clever user interface of traditional Mac products but they are still easy to use and effective at retaining nearly all lost files.

Like most, this data recovery Mac solution is equipped to reinstate a lot of file types for HFS and FAT file systems. It can also redeem lost data on to external storage devices but falls behind its competitors by failing to support NTFS file systems.

Price: The most expensive Mac data recovery yet, Stellar Phoenix ranges from $49.99


TechTool Pro 6TechTool Pro 6
Similar to MacKeeepr, TechTool Pro 6 solely focuses on improving Macs and provides that wow convenient user interface. In some areas this Mac data recovery tool over delivers. On top of helping to rescue deleted files and lost data it has a smart Diagnostics and Repair feature and allows you to clone existing data – great if you switching to another Mac.
However these added elements don’t distract from the fact that it does not support the FAT and NTFS file systems, unlike other cheaper Mac recovery softwares.

Price: TechTool Pro 6 is tagged at a whopping $89.99


Mac Data RescueData Rescue
Don’t let the monstrous price tag fool you. Data Rescue is a good Mac data recovery system and is able to recover all types of files from your hard drive, including deleted, lost and damaged ones. It can resurrect digital picture and camera media and even allows you to reinstall your entire drive or just the files you need. But this is nothing new… While this application can revive HFS/HFS+ file systems, it is no good for FAT and NTFS file systems.

Unfortunately DataResuce lacks in the customer support department so only confident technical customers are advised to invest.

Price: Data Resuce for Mac is tagged at $99.


Mac Data Recovery Software – Summary

From the price comparison it becomes clear which Mac data Recovery softwares are worth our attention and which ones should be left in the cold.

Lets start with the elephant in the room – it’s beyond me why people should shell out extra for TechTool Pro 6 and Data Rescue when neither of them support file recovery from every platform.

VirtualLab’s price matches MacKeeper’s, but its dependency on Internet connection and renowned slow tech support prevents them from taking the lead.

Stella Phoenix is reasonably billed but still doesn’t offer as much as the latter.

MacKeeper’s Mac Recovery software puts up an impressive fight on value as within the one-off life time license price it also includes 16 additional specialized maintenance apps that are dedicated to ensuring your beloved Mac always runs at peak performance.