Best Mac Security Software – Comparison

With Apple Macs continually scooping top ranks for the best looking computer, having untouchable performance and a high flying designer price tag, they are undoubtedly irresistible to thieving mitts. We commonly shell out $$$ for inventive security features to safeguard our homes and cars from burglary, so why stretch further and protect our Macs from getting stolen with Mac Security Software ?

Thankfully numerous Mac anti-theft solutions have been engineered to keep greedy criminal master minds at bay – so lets delve a little further compare the most popular Mac Security Software on the market…


MacKeeper’s ‘Anti-Theft

MacKeeper continues to produce features fit to dominate every category field and their Mac Security Anti-Theft service is no exception.

KromTech have really thought of everything to keep a Mac out of harms way and packed it all into one compact app. If the worst happens and you find your Mac gets stolen MacKeeper’s ‘Anti-Theft’ solution immediately leaps into action. Within minutes it will pin-point the missing computers geographical position using wi-fi network details. A list of what to do next and a detailed location report is also provided via email, which you can present to the police to take action.

To make the retrieval of your treasured Mac even more solid and ensure justice will be carried out, is MacKeeper’s cooperation with the built in iSight feature. Once reported stolen this tool ignites and takes disguised snap shots of the villain as proof.

Mac security

A personal feature that helps this Mac security software stand out from the rest is MacKeeper’s dedicated 24/7 customer support. Once your Mac has been tracked down MacKeeper’s team will immediately be in touch day or night. Such instant response will enable you to act on the spot to get your Mac back ASAP.

Price: MacKeeper’s entire maintenance bundle, with the Mac Security Software inclusive is priced at $39.95 lifetime license.

Undercover Undercover Mac Security Software

With its high graphic logo of a shady looking fella Mac security software ‘Undercover’ sets the tone of a very professional app. This premier Apple security solution does take quite a beating from rivals and matches the innovative Mac security resource of MacKeeper’s multi-award wining feature. Optimized to be used on any Apple product, including your vulnerable iPhone, Undercover focuses mainly on recovery.

In addition to deciphering your stolen Mac’s location using WiFi, like MacKeeper, this software will also hunt down every movement of the criminal and take screen shots of them embarrassed and caught red handed. Including an amusing twist to the detection work Undercover has devised scary tactics to deter the burglar, such as darkening the screen and even making your Mac shout that it’s been pinched!

Price: Undercover provided Apple security for your Mac with a fee of $49.00.


WatchMac WatchMac Mac Anti-theft

Unlike an all round software such as MacKeeper’s Mac security and Undercover, WatchMac focuses on preventing a crime from taking place, sounding an alarm when suspecting foul play. It is a great tool if you want to catch any nosey collogues attempting to forge their way into your computer.

WatchMac monitors your Macs every move and stays on the look out for unusual goings on. Such as odd physical movements, battery replacements and possible security breach attempts – when someone tries to break your password code. After any fishy movements WatchMac wakes up and records the play of events. It will even take a picture of the scoundrel using your Mac’s iSight or FaceTime camera.

Price: WatchMac’s Mac security software starts from a reasonable $19.95.

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Best Mac Security Software – Summary…

Undercover comes with a fairly hefty price tag attached but their tried and tested formula makes it a $40,95 well spent. WatchMac comes in at half the price but lacks vital Apple security tricks such as locating the stolen machine for successful retrieval, unlike undercover and MacKeeper. MacKeeper’s truly reliable app teamed with their unique 24/7 customer support makes MacKeeper a very tough contender in this category. With their multi-award winning maintenance package containing ’16’ other individual specialized apps all for the total price of $39.95 life time fee, MacKeeper is poised as the one to beat.