Mac Update Tracking Software – Comparison

I’m sure you will agree that it’s quite infuriating having constant Mac update alerts popping up whenever you are in a rush or in the middle of an important assignment. Unfortunately to keep your Mac running at peak performance it is essential you pay attention to updating your apps.

Updating Apple powered apps is relatively easy as you can use the Appstore service. However they do not support third-party software updates and navigating your way to each individual app site wold certainly take the best part of a day – especially if you hold 50+ like me…

Installing an effective Mac Update Software will atomically ensure your apps are always injected with the latest version, guaranteeing your machine is always working at its best and saving you buckets of time doing it manually.

Here is an overview off the most popular ‘Mac Update Tracking’ tools for you to COMPARE…



‘Update tracker’ – Unlike the Mac update trackers above MacKeeper’s version displays a list of all apps installed on your computer labelled with a traffic light colour coding system. Green symbols up-to-date tools while red alerts you to outdated ones.

This map also allows you to organise programs in order of favourites, empowering you to have full control over which apps you prioritize for updates and usefully block updates for systems that are not frequently used – preventing their update from taking up any more of your Macs already limited memory space.

Mac Antivirus‘Mac Antivirus’ – Also included in MacKeeper’s Multi-Award Winning 16 bundle is a fully optimized ‘Mac Anti-virus software’. This (among other things) ensures you will not download any nasty viruses, spyware or malware during your updates.

With one click MacKeeper will automatically search and update all old apps securing your Mac is optimized and working a full pelt.

MacKeeper Login Items‘Login Items’ – In addition to the professional Mac Update Tracker MacKeeper houses two other specialized app to keep your computer working at peak performance.
Login items is a nifty tool to boost those usual laborious login times. It also allows you to easily edit and manage which applications, ie, internet, automatically startup upon login.

MacKeeper Update Tracker ‘Default App’ – The second bonus feature is MacKeeper’s Default App. This is a great time saving weapon as it prevents a lot of dithering when it comes to opening files. It helpfully allows you to define which applications will open each file type.

Price: MacKeeper’s entire 16 app maintenance bundle inclusive of their Update Tracker is priced at $39.95  subscription license with 365 Money Back Guarantee.

CNET TechTracker Plus
Tech Tracker Mac UpdateCNET TechTracker is a pretty good Mac Update software as it helps you to keep your apps fresh by scanning for updates all on one site. It also handily checks new updates for malicious spyware, so you never need worry a download will cause more damage then good.
Plus their app is powered by the CNET downloads catalog – making the download process pretty smooth.

Price: This Mac Update tracking tool ranges from $19.99 upwards.


MacUpdate Desktop
MacUpdateDespite their rather confusing interface this software also allows you to track updates from one source. It’s powered by MacUpdate software directory allowing you to cut out any middle man and sync your updates with MacUpdate’s Watch List. This enables you to download all updates with one click. However it doesn’t have the bonus feature of scanning each download for spyware…

Price: Access to MacUpdate desktop starts from $20.


Mac Update Tracking Software – Summary

If I was to personally picking an effective Mac Update software I would first eliminate MacUpdate desktop for the reason it does not ensure that all updates are virus free. Although CNET TechTracker is undoubtedly very effective in this specific category for $19 more I could get a further 16 vital maintenance apps with MacKeeper. Plus i’m fond of their user friendly interface, 24/7 customer support and the option of ordering priority updates – saving time and memory space.