Mackeeper Review – What is Mackeeper?

mackeeper review overview

Before you take the time to read this MacKeeper Review I want to assure you that everyone at have tried and tested Mackeeper. I personally have this software installed on all my Apple Mac’s and have taken the time to learn it’s features inside out, as well as it Pro’s and Con’s…


MacKeeper Review – Overview


mackeeper imageWinner of over 100 gold 5 Star Awards from top tech companies such as Tucows, Soft 32 and Softonic, MacKeeper is the ULTIMATE Mac Maintenance software. MacKeeper has been seen in Forbes, International Business Times and even has received OPSWAT Gold Certificate. MacKeeper has been recently known also for its security research center guided by Chris Vickery.

Famously branded ‘maintenance utility for Mac’ it is clear to see why. For me MacKeeper makes it very easy to manage my essential routine maintenance tasks with the luxury of doing it all from one software. I have found its ’17′ fully loaded and dedicated mini tools easy to use and have helped keep my prized computer safe from viruses and secure from thieves, clean, reliable and crucially – fast.

However, the Internet is already brimming with individual specialized Mac maintenance apps constructed by top leading companies. So why is this ‘all-in-one’ signature software stealing the limelight? What is MacKeeper exactly?

So What is MacKeeper?

On the surface it consists of FIVE dynamic categories: 24/7 Tech Support (also called “Human Inside”), Security, Cleaning, Optimisation and Data Control. In total it actually comprises of 17 features. Each exclusively designed to guarantee our Macs are always working at optimum performance, if not you have MacKeeper’s 24/7 customer support to turn to for technical help, which is always a comfort.

For convenience I have devised a comparison chart. Contrasting KromTechs creation to the ultimate leader in each section. Alternatively, if you are looking for more detailed analysis, I have also measured this software against all the top apps in each section – just check out our ‘Mac App Reviews’

Best Mac Cleaner Software

MacKeeper 17 Maintenance Tools for Your Mac

To kick off this MacKeeper review let’s have a look at their Security system. To be honest this category is one of the reasons I have Mackeeper installed on all my computers.

Antivirus / Anti-Theft

To Kick off this Mackeeper review lets looks their Security system. To be honest this category is one of the reasons I have Mackeeper installed on all my computers.

mackeeper internet security - antivirusMac Antivirus – Their bug battling Mac AntiVirus tool gives me peace as it safeguards my financial information (vital if you are an avid online shopper like me), protects me from identity fraud and secures the contents of my computers. An Essential feature as there are a frightening 25,000 Apple targeted viruses created everyday! Eek! So please get yourself a thorough Mac antivirus protection, Norton and Kaspersky are great too. Make sure you enabled Real-Time Safe Browsing feature, as it will keep safe your online presence.

mackeeper anti theftMac Anti-Theft- tool is brilliant. Incredibly this security app not only allows you to track down your stolen computer but also takes a snap shot of the thief caught red handed! It works pretty simple, just log in to your MacKeeper account, navigate to the Anti-Theft tab and click “Report stolen computer” to let MacKeeper know that your Mac has been stolen… Hopefully we will never need to use it but it’s nice to have special agent backup. READ MORE…


Mac Cleaner

If you have ever noticed your Mac slowing down and lagging in performance there is usually one culprit – clogged memory space. To me the Cleaning features are vital to own as they will guarantee your beloved Mac will always stay in peak condition. My vintage 2007 MacBook Pro may not look as gorgeous as my 2014 version but it works just as well! I’m very impressed with MacKeeper’s cleaning category. Inside you will find 6 dedicated tools:

mackeeper-memory-cleanerMemory Cleaner optimizes Mac’s Random Access Memory (RAM) where all data of the current session is stored. It means that the user’s computer stores all apps or files in one place for quick access, even if they have already been closed. If the RAM is overloaded, Memory Cleaner displays the current RAM status and cleans it up instantly.

I found Memory Cleaner really valuable because I like photography and regularly work with graphics-intensive apps. Literally with one button you can free up gigabytes of RAM and keep using your computer without rebooting it.

mackeeper fast cleanupFast Cleanup Safely scans your entire mac hunting useless data like caches, logs, language packs and binaries. Then deletes this chaos with one click.

mackeeper-duplicates-finderDuplicates Finder there are heaps of photos and documents kept on my Mac, some of them remained after several projects. I think that the fastest way to find the copies is to use Duplicate Finder. This tool scans for mischievous file clones, even the renamed ones – a detail that most mac cleaners overlook.

mackeeper file finderFiles Finder Allowing you to choose your search criteria, this feature detects file copies that take up space on your hard drive. It groups such identical files so that you can remove unnecessary duplicates.

mackeeper disk usageDisk Usage – Very handy as it displays which files are causing your Mac to run slow. The Colour code system allows you to see exactly which files are causing your mac to run slow.

mackeeper smart uninstallerSmart Uninstaller This apps makes me feel secure as prevents treasured personal files from getting deleted.



MacKeeeper’s carefully crafted Optimisation tools focus on keeping your Mac’s trademark snappy speed and ultimately help maximize the use for your time.

mackeeper update trackerUpdate Tracker – Useless to say that every Mac user should pay attention to updating the programs installed on the computer. Assuming that all software on your Mac is powered by Apple, it will be updated automatically by App Store service. But there are lots of third-party apps that should be updated manually, otherwise you will be constantly bothered by alerts. I use this once a week. It allows me to update all my apps (including third party creations) from one place.

mackeeper login itemsLogin Items – I use this to set my most used apps to automatically open. It boost laborious loading and login times.


mackeeper default appsDefault App – opener which sieves out the most appropriate apparatus to open an application, preventing you from having to locate it manually. READ MORE…


Data Control

Kromtech designed four very different apps to help ensure that all of your data is secured, efficient, safely backed-up and totally under your control.

mackeeper shredderShredder – Provides a through spring clean, removing every bit of useless data ensuring your free up maximum space.


mackeeper backupBackup – Macs Time machine is pretty good but if you are extra cautious then this a great tool as it creates very detailed reserve copies of your files and folders.


mackeeper file recoveryRecovery – Apps are vital tools to have in the maintenance box for when you find yourself In a sticky technical spot.


mackeeper data encryptorData Encryptor – Conceals your selected files with a chosen password and even prevents them from being located though Finder or Terminal. It works as a locker that protects loaded data by AES encryption. I was offered to choose the 128 or 256 key size — the most advanced standard available today. READ MORE…

Geek on Demand

Technical Mac assistance is a relatively untapped market but there are a handful of great services also known as ’24/7 Customer Support’. This is one of them. The considerable advantage of MacKeeper’s Geek on Demand over similar services is an ultimate assistance they provide regarding ANY software-related issue, even if the question is not about MacKeeper itself.

mackeeper geek on demandGeek on Demand – is exactly what it says on the tin –  24/7 support via  Email, Live Chat and even over the Phone on their toll free US, UK and Australian numbers. READ MORE…


Mackeeper Review – Pros and Cons

Mackeeper Pros and Cons

How to Uninstall MacKeeper?

There is a lot of false information that MacKeeper is difficult to uninstall. Some users may face such problems, though, in my opinion, improper uninstall process is the reason behind it. For example, dragging the icon to the Trash while the program is open is the most common mistake made by the users. I have MacKeeper on all of my Macs and uninstall process was not a problem at all.

I just followed these steps:

  1. First of all, I made sure that MacKeeper is properly shut down. To exit, click on the name of the program just to the right of the Apple icon at the top left of the screen and choose “Quit MacKeeper” in the drop-down menu. Be careful here, just clicking on the red cross X in the top right corner of the window never closes a program in Mac OS.
  2. Secondly, drag the icon to the Trash.
  3. And finally, I click “Uninstall MacKeeper” in the window that appears.

That’s it, and actually this way of uninstalling programs is pretty standard.

MacKeeper Review – Software Summary

I rate this software highly as a Mac maintenance software as it covers and protects all vital areas from one app for a good price. I have personally never had any trouble with MacKeeper and I have been using it for 3 years.

With MacKeeper on board you will never need to fret about a frustratingly slow system performance, lack of disk space for storage, stressful accidental file loss, Mac virus attacks or security breaches. And if you have any Mac questions or find yourself battling technical issues, be sure the 24/7 customer support will be on hand to guide you through.

Interesting note – Mackeeper was the first Mac cleaning software I used back in the day and it dug out and removed 34gb of space off my eldest Mac laptop. Very Impressive!

Download Mackeeper

Alternative to MacKeeper?

If you already have your Mac insured, a professional mac antivirus installed and don’t need any extra help with data control etc then you may just want to install a mac cleaner. There are a couple of great ones, read our Mac Cleaner Comparison Review here…

Mackeeper Scam – Read The Truth Here

Is MacKeeper Safe Or Really A Scam?

One question on all our lips – ‘is there a Mackeeper scam?’ and ultimately ‘is Mackeeper Safe?’

Naturally before pursuing any Mac software you want to check it is all cosha and avoid putting your beloved and expensive Mac at risk.

Since Mackeeper burst its way onto the scene, claiming to be the best thing for your Apple comp since sliced bread was for mums and pack lunches, it has been creating massive waves in the world of Mac softwares.

Despite jumping head first into a congested industry and battling fierce competition from other rival acclaimed Mac cleaners, Anti|Virus programs, Security softwares and other essential maintenance apps, KromTechs MacKeeper has been topping comparison charts and scooping countless awards ever since.

Effectively tackling 5 important areas: Cleaning, Speed Optimization, Security, Data Control and Technical Support and housing 16 personalized mini softwares, it is bound to get the nostrils of curiosity and doubt sniffing for the small print…

But the facts are, Mackeeper has been presented with countless prestigious 5 star awards from renowned Mac companies such as Enoda, Brothersoft, Tucows, Wareseeker,Wordpress to name a few. Branded ‘911 for your Mac’ by industry leading experts. Tagged for providing one of the best Antivirus apps in the world, and created by a company confident enough to provide a ‘FREE Trial’ and promise a ‘365 day Money Back Guarantee‘.MacKeeper Awards

With all this impressive history can there really be a Mackeeper Scam?

The best way to find out the answer to ‘is MacKeeper safe’ and decipher if a scam exists is to do some detective work. Dig though reviews, ask the right questions and better yet, try a free trial for a first hand experience.

Tip 1 – Read Mackeeper Reviews

To get a good overview of what KromTechs leading creation is about and what it offers you, I suggest reading an in-depth Mackeeper review. One that it covers all the nitty gritty bits of the program and compares it to all the top apps in the different fields are the best. This way you will know exactly what to expect Mackeeper will provide for Mac and money.

Maceeper is best known for its abilty to dramatically boost the processing speed of your Mac with its ‘Fast Cleanup’ tools. to see how its measaures up to the best clean softwares in the buisness click here – Compare top Mac Cleaners.

Tip 2 – Download A FREE Trial

Has your mother ever told you off for listening to idle gossip and rumours?

There is nothing like experiencing something first hand to be able to grasp a personal and accurate opinion.

Unlike some leading Mac softwares, Mackeeper ‘do’ offer a free trial download to let their customers get a taste of their program.

There is no need to pay attention to the conflicting arguments of other people, it will only give you a headache. Cut out the middle crowd and download a trial. That way you will instantly know whether a Mackeeper scam has any foundation.

By evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of this software, you can make an accurate verdict based on personal experience.

However, if the array of online praise and trial snippet doesn’t completely squash the nagging doubt that this software toolbox isn’t worth an investment, always be comforted by the fact that the full version is backed by ‘Geek on Demand’ – a customer support team that are available through live chat, email and over the phone ’24/7′. With a personal geek by your side you can easily put to rest any potential issues.

Tip 3 – MacKeeper parent company, Kromtech Alliance Corp., was accepted to Online Trust Alliance (OTA)

Scammers don’t fight against scammers, right? MacKeeper actually does. Kromtech Alliance Corp., an international IT investment and development company and parent company of MacKeeper is member of the Online Trust Alliance (OTA). It means that Kromtech is actively participating in OTA working committees designed to mitigate the increased threat of malicious advertising to consumers and help defend the integrity of interactive Internet advertising overall.  In other words, the MacKeeper team is actually doing its best to protect the customers from annoying and malicious ads.

Tip 4 – MacKeeper partners with security researcher Chris Vickery

Still not sure about MacKeeper’s security? Then you may be curious to know that MacKeeper launched the Analytical and Security Center headed by the white-hat security researcher Chris Vickery. Vickery also found the unprotected data and customer records of Hello Kitty, MLB, ATP, and Slipknot official online communities. As a member of the Online Trust Alliance, MacKeeper is committed to providing security and privacy for its users. Therefore, having such guys as Chris on board will help MacKeeper make your personal data safe and sound, and this is not a joke.

Tip 5 – MacKeeper is a regular PEPCOM and CES participant

MacKeeper actively participates in various events that are attended by thousands of software users from all over the world, such as PEPCOM and CES. It would be interesting for you to know that at PEPCOM 2016 MacKeeper has exclusively introduced Track My Mac (link to YouTube). Track My Mac a simple, user-friendly iPhone app with which you can lock and track your missing Mac. As you see, the MacKeeper team is in constant search of new ideas on how to make the life of Mac users happier and easier.

Tip 6 – MacKeeper has real customer feedback at ShopperApproved and Trustpilot

Not convinced yet? Then you have a unique chance to read and listen what other people say about MacKeeper. These are real people, just like you, with their own unbiased opinion and thoughts. Many of them are not very much tech savvy, but still they have something to say, and these opinions are most valuable.

A lot of reviews with very different customer feedback are available at the ShopperApproved and Trustpilot services. MacKeeper even has a YouTube video channel with lots of real customers video reviews.


Mackeeper’s – Geek On Demand

Dubbed 911 for your Mac, Mackeeper seems to have thought of everything to keep you and your computer afloat. All of their 12 specifically designed maintenance apps have been split into ‘Five’ mighty categories: Mac Cleaner, Optimization, Antivirus & Security, Data control and Geek on Demand.

What if I could tell you that you could have your very own Mac tech wizard that could get you out of any sticky problem on hand 24/7….

Geek on demand‘Geek On Demand’is an awesome feature unique to MacKepper. With it you literally have, well….. a geek on demand.

No matter what the problem is – mac running slow, issues with software, hardware, Mac OS, Windows – what ever! You can easily get professional help to get you back on your feet running smoothly in no time.

Next time you face a confusing issue or heaven forbid, a slow Mac, you can schedule a phone call at what ever time is most convenient for you and are guaranteed receive a call at that time. A person for MacKeeper’s customer service team will be on hand to answer your questions and solve any issues you may have on the spot.

It doesn’t just have to be tech help, you can even ask these guys for their advice on which ipod is best to get. They really know their stuff, and that is exactly what you want at your beck and call to ensure that you never face Why Is My Mac Running Slow ever again.

Mackeeper’s Data Control Apps

The multi-Award Scooping MacKeeper has no less than 12 specially designed tools split into ‘Five’ categories to maintain your beloved Mac and keep it in tip top condition: Mac Cleaner, Optimization, Antivirus & Security, Data control and Geek on Demand.

The section Data Control is all about equipping you with major organizational and time saving tools that will allow you and your machine to work fast and efficiently.

Data Encryptor‘Data Encryptor’ – Like you i’m sure, I prefer to keep all of my personal information rock solid secure, this tool does exactly that.

Light magic you can tightly hide away all your personal files from nosey eyes, ideal if you share your computer.

This feature totally conceals your private files and offers not one, but two levels of encryption. First step is creating protection though a personal password, then it stops them from being easily picked up though Finder or Terminal.

However, if you find yourself loosing the hidden items, Data Encryption will help you search for them with out causing my Mac is running slow.

When I compared MacKeeper’s Data Encryptor with other similar systems, I didn’t immediately spot any differences.

But the closer I investigated, a different picture started to emerged…
For example, the programs FireVault conflicted with Time machine, and Knox didn’t have the clever feature of being able to hide and disguise you important information on your hard drive – and in any other system, they could be easily accessed via Terminal.

Mackeeper Data Control‘Files recovery’ – Now unfortunately it can not bring back your lost car keys or a runaway cat, but at least it can fully restore your lost files.

As we have already discovered, when you delete files from the trash, they don’t disappear forever, they just become over-writable.

To uncover lost or deleted files, scan your hard drive with Undelete. Once the scan is finished a list of recently deleted files will appear and at your selection, can be brought back to life.

Unfortunately sometimes this can be a rather lengthy process, buy with Mackeeper’s Undelete, you can use the filter to sieve though and locate files you need.

Mac Backup Software‘Backup’ – With the similar these as the Undelete tool, Backup has the power to restore your entire computer.

This is a vital tool to have on board just incase anything goes wrong and you need to go back in time to fix it.

Backup can create reserve copies of all your important files and schedule updates.
Scheduling is a fantastic feature, because now you don’t have to stress or waste time manually updating you files.

No more copy paste routines every Sunday evening like in the old days.
Before I discovered the many wonders of MacKeeper, I used to back up my data using Time Machine, as it is already built into a Mac OS X.

However, Time Machine only creates file copies on on your computer but MacKeeper has the capabilities of supporting external devices. This allows you to back up information that is on flash drives or any other devices, excellent!

With this awesome mini software you need ever panic if you get trapped in a gooey technical bog.

Mackeeper Apps‘Shredder’ – The speediest and most effective method to say bye-bye to unwanted files and folders once and for all and free up echoing corridors of space. Warning, Only use this great app if you are completely satisfied you don’t want to salvage them, great for a thorough spring clean.

To use the shredder, just simply pick up what ever you want to dispose of an drop them into the shredder. Click shred, and that’s it!

Shredding and getting rid of all the dusty clutter files will do wonders you any Mac running slow.

Mackeeper’s Mac Internet Security

internet securityOn top of Mackeeper’s Award Winning Antivirus software comes a great Mac ‘Internet Security’ app.

Keeping yourself and kids safe online is extremely important nowadays. Although the world wide web is an incredible place and a tool we would suffer without, it can make yourself and the ones you love very vulnerable.

While an effective Mac Antivirus app is perfect for scaring off nasty Mac viruses and malicious Malware, Mackeeper’s internet security for Mac is vital for safe browsing is perfect for keeping all your private details and crucially your children out of harms way.

With 30,000 newborn Apple Mac targeted virus being detect each day, it is evident there are literally thousands of greedy criminal mitts posed to pinch your identity or raid your financial accounts. These hackers often used dodgy sites or bug emails to brake into your computer and private data but with ZeoBit’s Mackeeper Internet Security feature anything suspicious will be instantly blocked.

Mac Internet security

As well as protecting your files from virus invasion, this feature will prevent disturbing pornographic sites and images from accidentally popping up whilst your or your child is surfing the web.

Unlike many similar apps, Mackeeper’s internet security is built with a Real-Time Safe Browsing feature. This is a vital element if you don’t want draggy slow loading speeds. It allows you to zip your way through the web carefree knowing that all infected cunning sites are blocked automatically.

To add a little extra security for content peace of mind, this tool gives you the ability to manually block certain sites you don’t want your children to have access too by conveniently creating your own list of potentially dangerous and banned websites.

Topping the charts in this area as well, Mackeeper’s Mac internet security weapon is fully compatible and ready and rearing to work on all major Mac browsers – Safari, Chrome and FireFox.

With Mackeeper’s Antivirus software and top Internet Security app protecting you, your child and prized Mac around the clock 24/7, you we be sleeping as sound as a snoozing sloth chilling in the sun.

Why Is MacKeeper Unbeatable?

Mackeeper has been racking up 5 star awards from prestigious top tech companies like they’re china at the Olympics.

They’ve managed to boot even established competitors out of their way in each category field- Mac Cleaner, Optimization, Antivirus & Security, Data control and Geek on Demand. They’ve been stealing the limes light and topping every mac software comparison chart going.

Nicknamed “911 for your Mac” the impressive maintenance software is even unbeatable on value for money, but why…..?

If you want to keep your Apple Macs signature lightening fast speed, no matter if you have a shiny MacBook pro sitting in pride position on your desk or a dusty dented, scratched old Mac from 10 years ago disguised in the corner, they all have the potential to work like new, but only if you pay attention to essential Mac maintenance!

While some of these tricky or laborious tasks can be done manually if you have the time, patience and knowledge, we are lucky enough to be spoilt for choice when it comes to effective Mac softwares.

The only worrying problem is that there are sooo many maintenance areas to stay on top of i.e. Optimizing Mac performance, deep Cleaning, Data Control, all important Mac Antivirus, Anti-Theft Security, Backup, Data Recovery, Technical Help….. If you were to hunt down and purchase a top App to cater for each of these important areas, it wouldn’t be long until your wallet was looking pretty bare…


For Example Here Are Some Individual Mac Maintenance softwares

• Infamous Microsoft protector Norton has finally developed a version for Mac but it will set you back a throat tightening $79 a year to safeguard your machine from hazardous virus attacks.

• Mac cleaning is essential to boost any lagging Macs speed and prevent Mac running slow. You can invest in CleanMyMac to do your virtual laundry at a reasonable $29.95.

• Mac Anti-Theft is a great investment to warn off and protect you computer against thieving mitts. High flying program Undercover may leave you feeling a little empty handed at a $49.

• Controlling you data is crucial for optimizing performance. ChronoSync is very good but also very expensive at $40 for this single software.

• To successfully uninstall any form of bulky softwares without leaving pesky trace files lurking behind, AppZapper is useful and comes in at a refreshing $12.95

• Keeping all your personal data private is very important, especially if you share a computer. Espionage dose the job, but you would hope so for $34.95

• Where would you be without a secure data recovery apps? Mac recovery is vital if you wish to keep your hands on your treasured files and photos. Unfortunately with the app ‘Data Rescue’ this necessity comes at a wallet emptying $99.

• Finally if you are technical novice like myself, and dread getting stuck with a scary technical glitch, it’s a good idea have some form of Apple tech support waiting in the wings. AskDrTech can cover you but they cost $37 per problem.

Why MacKeeper?!

Combine the totals of all these essential maintenance apps and we would be staring blankly at a heart palpating, brow sweating $381.85 payout to keep your cherished Mac computer in tip-top condition.

Having an ‘All-In-One’ Mac maintenance software that could effectively and safely take care off all these areas and more, would be the perfect solution – yes?

Now I”m sure you can understand just how exceptional KromTechs MacKeeper is…

Housing 16 specialised apps all aimed to keeping your Mac running like new, precious files and photos backed up and you entire system 100% safe, secure and protected, all for just a $39.95 one-off lifetime license fee. No wonder Mackeeper is dominating the ranks and is unbeatable on quality and value.

If you fancy learning more about Mackeeper’s countless apps and features and compare them to the best in the business to see how they all shape up, click here –Mackeeper Review, to learn all the juicy details.

Why Mac Maintenance Is ESSENTIAL!

No matter is you are fixing a broken washing machine, waxing your eyebrows or cleaning our your Mac hard drive, maintenance is a grind. Unless you live for plumbing, are a preening princess or self professed computer nerd, maintenance jobs are chores we’d rather overlook.

Annoyingly, if we want things to stay tip top, always be in the best condition and work like a dream, looking after things is crucial!

Whether you are currently panting along on a prehistoric Windows 98 computer or zipping away on the latest shiny MacBook Pro, you can’t ignore the impending upkeep. As time goes by, the longer you push any laborious maintenance task to the back off your mind and tip it off the priority list, the faster your Macs performance will suffer. So no matter if you have a dusty, dented machine you picked up for a reasonable £1.50 from a charity shop or folked out a brow sweating $2000 for the newest model out, all computers need constant internal TLC.

Mac maintenance can be spooned out in a variety of ways – anything from checking your misbehaving Mac for malicious Malware and spreading viruses. Repairing broken code. Freeing up echoing corridors of RAM and memory space to give a sluggish machine a dramatic performance kick. Cataloging chaotic files and folders into order or staying on top of the never ending software updates – the list goes on and on….

Thankfully if you are anything like myself and prefer not to spend hours and hours fine combing through code, fretting how to fix an technical issue and inject speed, there are some excellent professional Mac softwares that can do all all the hard work for you on AUTO!

Fixing all this common pesky problems with a few click is the easy-peasy part. It’s sieving through the numerous maintenance softwares that creates the headache. “Which one is the best? Which one will get the job done and Which ones are a total waste of space and money?”

This is why I have written this Mac maintenance software comparison review site!

Whether you are looking for a specify software for a particular job such as Mac Cleaner, AntiVirus Protection, Anti-Theft Security, Optimization, Data Control and Apple Tech Support or an All-In-One Software Bundle containing every maintenance tool you need to keep your Mac working like new, you can compare all of the top brands and competitors here and find out exactly which one is for you.

By comparing the individual softwares prized features in each Mac maintenance field you will make an educated decision and it will soon become clear which ones will do the job you need best and which ones are simply unbeatable value for money.

I hope you find the site useful! Enjoy and thank you for viewing.