Is MacKeeper Compatible With OSX Mavericks Update?

All you Mac geek users will be happy to know that yes yes yes Kromtech’s MacKeeper is compatible with the new Apple operating system OSX Mavericks 10.9! We’ve had quite a few messages about this topic as well as inquiring about clean my mac 2 and Tune Up My Mac which are also compatible with Mavericks.

It seems Kromtech’s MacKeeper, Macpaw’s Clean my Mac 2 and Tune Up My Mac are waaaaay ahead of the competition in comparison to Detox my Mac and other mac cleaners not updating their system to be compatible with OSX Mavericks 10.9 just yet…, tut tut tut I say! But we’re sure there will be a Detox my mac update soonish due to all the inquiries on the subject.

Anyone experiencing any problems after the new OSX update with your Mac cleaning softwares and other apps, a quick message to the support teams ‘should’ do the trick, no promises though.

If you are interested in the new features of the new fantastic Mavericks OSX operating system, including the power button issue everyones talking about… then check out some of our updated articles on the MacNerdy website.

Is OSX Mavericks what you were expecting? Any tricks of the trade you’ve learnt from the new system you’d like to share with our readers? Send your replies soon!

Alternatively those of you that are considering checking out or purchasing Kromtech’s MacKeeper for your sleek Mac, we have lots of reviews on the software, as well has an in-depth comparisons between it’s top rivals such as clean my mac 2,  the newish software on the market Detox My Mac, and Tune Up My Mac. How will it fair out against the competition in terms of quality and effectiveness? See for yourself folks with in-depth charts shots and individual feature reviews.