Mackeeper Review – What is Mackeeper?

mackeeper review overview

Before you take the time to read this MacKeeper Review I want to assure you that everyone at have tried and tested Mackeeper. I personally have this software installed on all my Apple Mac’s and have taken the time to learn it’s features inside out, as well as it Pro’s and Con’s…


MacKeeper Review – Overview


mackeeper imageWinner of over 100 gold 5 Star Awards from top tech companies such as Tucows, Soft 32 and Softonic, MacKeeper is the ULTIMATE Mac Maintenance software. MacKeeper has been seen in Forbes, International Business Times and even has received OPSWAT Gold Certificate. MacKeeper has been recently known also for its security research center guided by Chris Vickery.

Famously branded ‘maintenance utility for Mac’ it is clear to see why. For me MacKeeper makes it very easy to manage my essential routine maintenance tasks with the luxury of doing it all from one software. I have found its ’17′ fully loaded and dedicated mini tools easy to use and have helped keep my prized computer safe from viruses and secure from thieves, clean, reliable and crucially – fast.

However, the Internet is already brimming with individual specialized Mac maintenance apps constructed by top leading companies. So why is this ‘all-in-one’ signature software stealing the limelight? What is MacKeeper exactly?

So What is MacKeeper?

On the surface it consists of FIVE dynamic categories: 24/7 Tech Support (also called “Human Inside”), Security, Cleaning, Optimisation and Data Control. In total it actually comprises of 17 features. Each exclusively designed to guarantee our Macs are always working at optimum performance, if not you have MacKeeper’s 24/7 customer support to turn to for technical help, which is always a comfort.

For convenience I have devised a comparison chart. Contrasting KromTechs creation to the ultimate leader in each section. Alternatively, if you are looking for more detailed analysis, I have also measured this software against all the top apps in each section – just check out our ‘Mac App Reviews’

Best Mac Cleaner Software

MacKeeper 17 Maintenance Tools for Your Mac

To kick off this MacKeeper review let’s have a look at their Security system. To be honest this category is one of the reasons I have Mackeeper installed on all my computers.

Antivirus / Anti-Theft

To Kick off this Mackeeper review lets looks their Security system. To be honest this category is one of the reasons I have Mackeeper installed on all my computers.

mackeeper internet security - antivirusMac Antivirus – Their bug battling Mac AntiVirus tool gives me peace as it safeguards my financial information (vital if you are an avid online shopper like me), protects me from identity fraud and secures the contents of my computers. An Essential feature as there are a frightening 25,000 Apple targeted viruses created everyday! Eek! So please get yourself a thorough Mac antivirus protection, Norton and Kaspersky are great too. Make sure you enabled Real-Time Safe Browsing feature, as it will keep safe your online presence.

mackeeper anti theftMac Anti-Theft- tool is brilliant. Incredibly this security app not only allows you to track down your stolen computer but also takes a snap shot of the thief caught red handed! It works pretty simple, just log in to your MacKeeper account, navigate to the Anti-Theft tab and click “Report stolen computer” to let MacKeeper know that your Mac has been stolen… Hopefully we will never need to use it but it’s nice to have special agent backup. READ MORE…


Mac Cleaner

If you have ever noticed your Mac slowing down and lagging in performance there is usually one culprit – clogged memory space. To me the Cleaning features are vital to own as they will guarantee your beloved Mac will always stay in peak condition. My vintage 2007 MacBook Pro may not look as gorgeous as my 2014 version but it works just as well! I’m very impressed with MacKeeper’s cleaning category. Inside you will find 6 dedicated tools:

mackeeper-memory-cleanerMemory Cleaner optimizes Mac’s Random Access Memory (RAM) where all data of the current session is stored. It means that the user’s computer stores all apps or files in one place for quick access, even if they have already been closed. If the RAM is overloaded, Memory Cleaner displays the current RAM status and cleans it up instantly.

I found Memory Cleaner really valuable because I like photography and regularly work with graphics-intensive apps. Literally with one button you can free up gigabytes of RAM and keep using your computer without rebooting it.

mackeeper fast cleanupFast Cleanup Safely scans your entire mac hunting useless data like caches, logs, language packs and binaries. Then deletes this chaos with one click.

mackeeper-duplicates-finderDuplicates Finder there are heaps of photos and documents kept on my Mac, some of them remained after several projects. I think that the fastest way to find the copies is to use Duplicate Finder. This tool scans for mischievous file clones, even the renamed ones – a detail that most mac cleaners overlook.

mackeeper file finderFiles Finder Allowing you to choose your search criteria, this feature detects file copies that take up space on your hard drive. It groups such identical files so that you can remove unnecessary duplicates.

mackeeper disk usageDisk Usage – Very handy as it displays which files are causing your Mac to run slow. The Colour code system allows you to see exactly which files are causing your mac to run slow.

mackeeper smart uninstallerSmart Uninstaller This apps makes me feel secure as prevents treasured personal files from getting deleted.



MacKeeeper’s carefully crafted Optimisation tools focus on keeping your Mac’s trademark snappy speed and ultimately help maximize the use for your time.

mackeeper update trackerUpdate Tracker – Useless to say that every Mac user should pay attention to updating the programs installed on the computer. Assuming that all software on your Mac is powered by Apple, it will be updated automatically by App Store service. But there are lots of third-party apps that should be updated manually, otherwise you will be constantly bothered by alerts. I use this once a week. It allows me to update all my apps (including third party creations) from one place.

mackeeper login itemsLogin Items – I use this to set my most used apps to automatically open. It boost laborious loading and login times.


mackeeper default appsDefault App – opener which sieves out the most appropriate apparatus to open an application, preventing you from having to locate it manually. READ MORE…


Data Control

Kromtech designed four very different apps to help ensure that all of your data is secured, efficient, safely backed-up and totally under your control.

mackeeper shredderShredder – Provides a through spring clean, removing every bit of useless data ensuring your free up maximum space.


mackeeper backupBackup – Macs Time machine is pretty good but if you are extra cautious then this a great tool as it creates very detailed reserve copies of your files and folders.


mackeeper file recoveryRecovery – Apps are vital tools to have in the maintenance box for when you find yourself In a sticky technical spot.


mackeeper data encryptorData Encryptor – Conceals your selected files with a chosen password and even prevents them from being located though Finder or Terminal. It works as a locker that protects loaded data by AES encryption. I was offered to choose the 128 or 256 key size — the most advanced standard available today. READ MORE…

Geek on Demand

Technical Mac assistance is a relatively untapped market but there are a handful of great services also known as ’24/7 Customer Support’. This is one of them. The considerable advantage of MacKeeper’s Geek on Demand over similar services is an ultimate assistance they provide regarding ANY software-related issue, even if the question is not about MacKeeper itself.

mackeeper geek on demandGeek on Demand – is exactly what it says on the tin –  24/7 support via  Email, Live Chat and even over the Phone on their toll free US, UK and Australian numbers. READ MORE…


Mackeeper Review – Pros and Cons

Mackeeper Pros and Cons

How to Uninstall MacKeeper?

There is a lot of false information that MacKeeper is difficult to uninstall. Some users may face such problems, though, in my opinion, improper uninstall process is the reason behind it. For example, dragging the icon to the Trash while the program is open is the most common mistake made by the users. I have MacKeeper on all of my Macs and uninstall process was not a problem at all.

I just followed these steps:

  1. First of all, I made sure that MacKeeper is properly shut down. To exit, click on the name of the program just to the right of the Apple icon at the top left of the screen and choose “Quit MacKeeper” in the drop-down menu. Be careful here, just clicking on the red cross X in the top right corner of the window never closes a program in Mac OS.
  2. Secondly, drag the icon to the Trash.
  3. And finally, I click “Uninstall MacKeeper” in the window that appears.

That’s it, and actually this way of uninstalling programs is pretty standard.

MacKeeper Review – Software Summary

I rate this software highly as a Mac maintenance software as it covers and protects all vital areas from one app for a good price. I have personally never had any trouble with MacKeeper and I have been using it for 3 years.

With MacKeeper on board you will never need to fret about a frustratingly slow system performance, lack of disk space for storage, stressful accidental file loss, Mac virus attacks or security breaches. And if you have any Mac questions or find yourself battling technical issues, be sure the 24/7 customer support will be on hand to guide you through.

Interesting note – Mackeeper was the first Mac cleaning software I used back in the day and it dug out and removed 34gb of space off my eldest Mac laptop. Very Impressive!

Download Mackeeper

Alternative to MacKeeper?

If you already have your Mac insured, a professional mac antivirus installed and don’t need any extra help with data control etc then you may just want to install a mac cleaner. There are a couple of great ones, read our Mac Cleaner Comparison Review here…