OS X Yosemite Phone Feature – Make Calls From Your Mac

Computers, especially Apple Macs, are pretty darn amazing gadgets! You can do almost anything on them. From simple everyday essentials, such as homework, sending emails, organizing your treasured family photos to creating life changing possibilities like composing a chart topping music track or engineering a multi-million dollar app.

However, there has always been one gapping function missing… a phone feature.

Year sure, with the latest OS X Mavericks update we can now send free iMessages and the latest MacBook Pros allow us to message love ones from across the ocean with HD FaceTime, but it still wasn’t quite perfect… until now!

OS X Yosemite phone feature


Introducing OS X Yosemite ‘Phone’

In a bid to get us thoroughly addicted to Apples genus products, if you are a proud owner of both an iPhone and a Mac computer or  an iPad, the new mighty OS X Yosemite update allows them to work together. Yes, this means you can answer phone calls on your Mac!

This incredible new feature will only work with the latest Apple system updates OS X Yosemite and iOS 8. The separate devices that support these versions will now be able to instantly recognize one another whenever they close and you are signed into iCloud on both objects. This blossomed relationship means you can pick up and start something on one device, such as a text, and finish it off and send it from another.


OS X Yosemite Phone Feature  – Answer Calls on Your Mac

Well, I know phones used to be embarrassingly big back in the day, and old trends tend come back around, but I never thought I would see the day when I could hold my laptop up against my ear and yell ‘Hellooo!’. Ok, to be fair you don’t have to look like a loony and hold the Mac up like a cell phone. The creators at Apple are all about style and street cred, so taking a call on OS X Yosemites brilliant phone feature works just like taking one on Skype or FaceTime.


How Does OS X Yosemite Phone Feature Work?

If your Mac is equipped with Apples latest system update OS X Yosemite, your phone is pimped with iOS 8 and both products are logged into your iCloud accounts, then your fancy call feature is ready to go. You will be able to make and receive phones call from your computer.

OS X Yosemite call


Answering Calls On Your Mac

When your iPhone rings your Mac will receive a pop up notification displaying the callers name, number and profile picture. To answer the call just simply click the pop up and your Mac transforms into an instant speakerphone. Of course OS X Yosemite has made it easy to decline a call with one click. It also enables you to send a quick free iMessage perhaps reading a little something like this… “I’m eating dinner spk soon” or “I’m busy watching Glee, call u l8r x”.


Making Calls On Your Mac

Making a phone call from the luxury of your Mac is also super easy.

All you have to do is click on a phone number you have stored in either your Contacts, iMessage or Calendar, and your Mac will make the call out. You can even phone a business by clicking on their contact details in Safari.


OS X Yosemite phoneOS X Yosemite Phone feature Benefits

There are many benefits to this new ingenus phone feature…

    • You’re less likely to miss a call. Instead of frantically fumbling through endless rucksack pockets for your vibrating iPhone, you can just accept the call from your Mac.
    • You will no longer get a crocked neck holding a phone up against your ear.
    • You can easily chat while you type out your homework or surf the web.
    • You can make a call even if your iPhone has run out of battery
    • If your iPhone rings in your bedroom four flights of stairs away, you can cut out the mad dash by answering via your Mac in the kitchen (as long as the devices are connected to the same WiFi connection).
    • As the Macs OS X Yosemite system and your iPhones iOS 8 marries the two devices, there is nothing to set up. They will also work with your existing phone number, so nothing needs to change.

Just click and say ‘Howdy’!