How to Download and Install OS X Yosemite on Mac

Where Can I Get a Copy of OS X Yosemite?

Updating your Mac system to the latest OS X Yosemite couldn’t be easier. Unlike some of the previous Apple Mac updates, which required a CD (incredibly annoying when you missed place it and waste an entire afternoon trawling through every draw in the house in an attempt to track it down). You can now cut out the middle man and download OS X Yosemite directly from the Mac App Store.App Store 


How Much Does OS X Yosemite Cost OS X Yosemite- Is it FREE?

OS X Yosemite is the most impressive Apple system ever and comes with oodles of extra gadgets and gizmos, not to mention an new look graphic overhaul. For more details on what OS X Yosemite can deliver, please check our article ‘OS X Yosemite Features’ Packed full of exciting new features one would expect to pay a hefty fee for the system upgrade but guess what… it’s totally FREE! Free of charge to anyone who currently has either Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion or OS X Mavericks.


OS X Yosemite System Requirements

Unfortunately not all Apple Mac computers can install and run on OS X Yosemite. One of my MacBook Pro machines is so vintage (early 2007) that is will be stuck running Snow leopard for the rest of its life. If you wish to install the Apples latest system update, you will need to own…

  • iMac (Mid 2007 or newer)
  • MacBook (Late 2008 Aluminum, or Early 2009 or newer)
  • MacBook Pro (Mid/Late 2007 or newer)
  • MacBook Air (Late 2008 or newer)
  • Mac Mini (Early 2009 or newer)
  • Mac Pro (Early 2008 or newer)

NOTE: There are a few more requirements your Mac will need to meet in order to update your machine to OS X Yosemite…

It must be running on OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6.8), OS X Lion, OS X Mountain Lion or OS X Mavericks. If your computer is still stuck on a system created before Snow leopard, such as Tiger or Leopard, then you will have to upgrade to one of the above first, then upgrade up to OS X Yosemite after. It can be tricky to get hold of the old system softwares. You could try a place like eBay where someone may be selling an old disk or contact Apple support for guidance.

  • The computer itself will need to have an Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor, or the above.
  • As each system upgrade often needs to eat up more of your memory space you will need at least 2GB of memory and 8GB of available storage for instillation.

If your beloved Mac computer meets these requirements then you are good to go ahead and download the impressive OS X Yosemite for free!

QUICK TIP – If you are not sure what software your Mac in currently running and need to check it meets the OS X Yosemite requirement please check by…
1.) Clicking on the mini Apple icon from you tool bar (this is the apple menu)
2.) From the drop down menu select option ‘About this Mac’.

how to install OS X yosemite on Mac

How to Download and Install OS X Yosemite on Mac

If your machine has passed all of the requirements listed above then you are ready for the next easy peasy step! To install OS X Yosemite just…

1.) Open up the App Store. The easiest way is to select the App Store icon in your Mac doc (it looks like an ‘A’ created out of a pencil, paint brush and ruler).
2.) Once inside the App Store locate OS X Yosemite. You can do this by typing the update into the search box. Alternatively you should find it within the ‘Featured’ page or under the ‘Productivity’ category.
3.) Next simply click on the the ‘Download’ button and follow the easy on screen instillation instructions.

What is Mac OS X Yosemite EXACTLY?

What are Mac System Updates?

Every now and again the ingenious creators behind  Apple Mac machines release a new system update. While sure there are plenty of mini updates we are bombarded with alerts throughout the year (usually individual application updates), but Apples system updates are a fresh new overhaul for your enter Macs system. Many things can dramatically change, from big and small features such as your desktop graphics, to the way you navigate around your screen and applications. Even our keyboard and trackpad shortcuts are often confusingly switched up with every update.

Apple Mac OS X Yosemite

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What is Mac OS X Yosemite?

Apple latest system update OS X Yosemite, which was released in autumn 2014, is the tenth version (10.10) of the operating system for Apple computers. It was built to work on iMac computers, MacBooks, Mac Mini and Mac Pro. Through the previous nine versions of OS X, Macs system has been tweaked and refined making OS X Yosemite the best system Apple have ever created. Each stage has improved both the performance and functionality of Mac machines. You no doubt thought Apples most recent releases, OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Mavericks were awesome, well wait until your meet OS X Yosemite!

Not only has OS X Yosemite made Macs more user-friendly and easier to use with the new navigational shortcuts saving us oodles of time, Apples traditional shiny 3D graphics are now feeling a more flat retro vibe. OS X Yosemite also comes with tone on new apps features. You can check out all the changes here ‘Mac OS X Yosemite Features Overview!’


What does ‘OS X’ Stand for?

This is the abbreviation for ‘Macintosh Operating System X’ aka Ten. (Don’t ask me where the ten comes from…)When the OS X system was first introduced it was a major breakthrough for computers as it was focused on ease of use and stability, making Apple machines perfect for newbies and professionals in a hurry.

Macs OS X system in based on the UNIX programming language which basically aims to provide a very stable and secure operating environment. To boil it down… Macs OS X Yosemite is one of the most reliable and stable consumer operating systems ever designed, not to mention the most stylish one on the market!


Why is Mac OS X Yosemite so Much Better than the rest?

Way back when OS X Mountain Lion was introduced in 2012, it was pretty ground breaking stuff as it was starting to focus on the relationship between Apples mobile devices – iPhones, iPods and iPads etc and how they can sync and work together with a computer. This relationship with built even stronger with the introduction of OS X Mavericks, where you could amazingly send free messages from your Mac computer to an iPhone with iMessage. Wow! Now OS X Yosemite has gone even further with its two main focuses…

  • The way apps can be downloaded and installed. Instead of the more lengthily laborious process of downloading an application via a disc, OS X Yosemite now utilises the Mac App Store. Now you can simply download and app in a few easy clicks.
  • Options for navigating around pages and application from your trackpad or magic mouse have been majorly revamped. Instead of having to use a mouse or trackpad to carry out your cursor maneuvers, OS X Yosemite comes programmed with new Multi touch gestures that provide a range of super fast ways to access apps and webpages.

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OS X Yosemite is Also Amazing Because…

OS X Yosemite continues the evolution of Macs already amazing operating system by adding more brilliant features an  of course enhancing the ones that are already pretty perfect. This includes far better integration with Apples all important iCloud service, which makes it a lot easier to save irreplaceable files and photos and share them across your other connect devices instantly and automatically.

OS X Yosemite – Meet the New Mac Notification Centre

Apples new system update, OS X Yosemite, now comes complete with the ultimate personal Mac Notification Centre.

Your Macs Notification Centre has always been a handy tool lurking in the background. I personally didn’t bother with it much as I was put of by the hassle filling in your appointments and manually checking it for reminders or prompts. Now however, OS X Yosemite has not only jazzed up the appearance of Mac Notifications, it has made it customizable and possible to blend all of our most useful apps together, creating one master tool. Better yet, it is now just a fingertip swish away….

os X Yosemite Mac Notification Centre


What is Your Mac Notification Centre?

All Apple Macs want to do is make our lives easier, more efficient and and a touch of glamor. Granted Macs are known for being the most user-friendly computers out there (once you rest all the Microsoft windows IT information you were taught at school). Your Macs personal Notification Centre is an in-built planner. It aims to keep you informed about unmissable aspects of your real life, such as upcoming appointments, dinner dates and Lady Gaga concerts. It also keeps you up-to-date with elements of your virtual lives as well i.e. sending software updates alerts etc.

There are loads of Mac apps you can choose to include in your Notification Centre. For example, you can entwine your Calendar to send reminders of important dates, blend your email alerts (never miss a store sale again) and even hook up your iMessages and FaceTime so you never overlook a text or miss a face to face chat with a loved one. Now you can even opt into getting alerts from third party applications (apps that have not been created or released by Apple).

If any of your elected apps have something to broadcast, they will either grab your attention by displaying a banner, alert or badge on your screen.


What is Inside OS X Yosemites Notification Centre

OS X Yosemite (prophesied as being Apples best and brightest system update ever), has redefined and enhanced the look and function of many Apple apps, including your Mac Notification Centre.

Not only is OS X Yosemites notification Centre looking more attractive and easy to understand with its clear block sections, it has a brilliant ‘Today’ feature. The Today feature enables you to clearly see exactly what upcoming events your day entails. If relevant, it will display scheduled appointments and their time, birthday reminders and entered ‘To Do’ lists etc. It will also summarize tomorrow’s events, to deter you from putting off errands and risk falling behind.

You can also add some fantastic extras so you get all the information you need in one place. Details like the weather (you will near get caught in the rain without an umbrella and rubber wellies again!). If you facny you can even include the latest info on stocks, a handy calculator and world clock.


OS X Yosemites Notification Centre – Get Personal

OS X Yosemites new Notification Centre allows you to get personal. On top of choosing as many of your helpful in-built Mac apps as your heart desires, you can also sync others you pick up from the Mac App Store.


How to Access OS X Yosemite Notifications?

OS X Yosemite has introduced another nifty Trackpad hand swipe that always you to instantly slide out your persoanlised Mac notifications Centre.

No more clicking about and navigating through drop down menus. Just swipe, browse and get up to date!
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OS X Yosemite Mail Drop – Send BIG News!

mac mailI’m always sending emails, whether it is to stay is check with my work colleagues or to share and socialise with friends and family.

Mac Mail has always been a handy Mac tool. Not only does it allow you to integrate your existing email account, such as Yahoo or Hotmail (so you don’t have the hassle of creating a new one), but impressively it tells you when you have a new message. So instead of logging into your online account every 10mins to check your inbox, you can sit back and wait for the alert. Brilliant!

However, despite the great elements Mac Mail brings to the table, it has its limitations. There is one glaring issues all mainstream virtual mail services have… you can’t send big files!

Not being able to attach and send big files in your email is so frustrating. You have to forever carter for your mails needs, whether that be resizing an image in a program like Adobe Photoshop or turning your document or folder in to a zip file. They are just extra annoyances we would rather avoid… well with OS X Yosemite you can!


OS X Yosemite Mail Drop – Send Big News!

Apples latest system update OS X Yosemites, which is set to rock our screens this Autumn, have a revamped mail tool. Faffing around with resizing images, sending multiple messages and generating zip files is a thing of the past. OS X Yosemite comes pimped with Mail Drop!

OS X Yosemite mail

What is OS X Yosemite Mail Drop?

With Mail Drop on your side you will be hard pushed to find a file that is too big to send. Mail Drop enables users to sends files up to a colossal 5GB per message. So now you can send things like videos, presentations, lengthy documents, and even a folder brimming with photos.

send large attachments mac


Does Mail Drop Work With All Service Providers?

All mainstream email service providers, such as Hotmail, yahoo, Gmail etc have laminations. However, OS X Yosemite Mail drop uses iCloud to support it. In short, Mac Mail drop will work with ay webmail service. All you need to do it attach, click and send and OS X Yosemites spruced up Mail Drop will do all the hard work for you.

How Does Mail Drop Work?

In order for Mail Drop to work you have to be signed into your iCloud account. Whenever you send large attachments via this handy tool, the file is automatically uploaded to iCloud. If your recipient is a proud Mac Mail user, they will receive the attachment as normal (except is will be wonderfully big). If they are for some crazy reason not a Mac Mail user and uses another app or webmail service, they will instead receive a link enabling them to download the attachment.


OS X Yosemite Markup – Edit Attachments in Mac Mail

On top of being able to attach and send wooly mammoth sized files from your email account with Mail Drop, OS X Yosemites ‘Markup’ feature enables you to edit it. Back in the day we would have to edit our attachments using an additional application such as preview or Adobe Photoshop, which can be awkward and more hassle. Now Mail comes will some simple in-built tools that enable you to do it all in one place.

OS X Yosemite mail drop

So if someone sends over a document or an image that needs to be altered or signed, instead of downloading the attachment and opening it up in another application, Mail Markup enables you to do it there and then. Ingenious Markup allows you to click reply and edit and make changes directly in your response message. No fuss!

Of course its editing tools are basic in comparison to the likes of professional editing softwares such as Photoshop, but it has most of what you will need. Features such as adding text, shapes and highlights. It makes it easy to fill out forms and PDF documents. You can even leave your signature by signing with your finger and Trackpad or capture it by using your Macs in-built camera.

OS X Yosemite Instant Hotspot WiFi Connection Feature

Nowadays the internet is everything. For many, WiFi is almost deemed as important as gas and electricity. A staggering number of us connect to WiFi everyday. We use it to communicate with our friends and family, search for answers to mind boggling questions, book appointments, order greasy take always and scout of mega shopping bargains from the comfort of our beds.

Connecting your Apple Mac  computer to WiFi is pretty easy if your are at home or in a cafe, but what if you wish to do your online grocery shop in a tranquil field? Yes, you could always use your iPhone, but it is so much easier to fill your virtual trolley from the luxury of your Macs big screen.

Connecting your Mac computer to WiFi whilst out and about has never been possible, until now…


OS X Yosemite Instant Hotspot

OS X Yosemite Instant Hotspot featureApples newest system update OS X Yosemite comes with a brilliant new feature ‘Instant Hotspot’.

As long as you have your iPhone close by, Instant Hotspot enables your Mac computer to connect to the internet where ever you are. OS X Yosmites groundbreaking feature lets your Mac laptop sync with your iPhone and utilise its WiFi connection.

So now you can finally realise the dream of doing your online shop whilst frolicking in the long grass 🙂


How to Activate OS X Yosemite Instant Hotspot

Apple are really good and making their tools beginner friendly. Amazingly there is no confusing setup steps to hook up. As long as your iPhone is in range and has a personal WiFi connection (if you are not on an inclusive contract you my need to purchase an internet bundle), your Mac will automatically sync.


How do you know when Instant Hotspot is Connected?

You will know it has worked when your iPhones WiFi symbol will appear in your Mac toolbar. To activate and begin using your new internet source, just click on the new symbol to turn on OS X Yosemites Instant Hotspot.

As OS X Yosemites Instant Hotspot feature allows the two devices to marry so seamlessly, you will be able to see the strength of your WiFi connection on your Mac, and even see your iPhones remaining battery life.

OS X Yosemite Instant Hotspot


OS X Yosemite Instant Hotspot Pros

  • You can surf the web on your Mac laptop whilst out and about.
  • No wires required to connect the two devices. You don’t even have to take your iPhone out of your bag or pocket.
  • No confusing setup connections. Your iPhones instant WiFi hotspot automatically syncs when available.


OS X Yosemite Instant Hotspot Cons

  • Your Mac does not have its own private instant hotspot yet, your iPhone has to be close in range to connect up and share its internet. If you don’t have an iPhone… you’ll to borrow one to get this feature to work.
  • Just like your general phone signal,WiFi hotspots have never been bullet proof. Your Macs new found WiFi connection should run great in public areas, but there is no guarantee it will run smoothly whilst you are trekking through the wilderness. So if your are planing a camping trip to Mount Everest, make sure you download your favourite movies and eBooks before you set off!

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What is OS X Yosemite Handoff Feature?

We were impressed with OS X Mavericks handy iMessage sync, that allows us start thumbing out a text on our iPhone and later finish typing it out and send from our Mac computer.

This new budding relationship between our Apple products, particularly the iPhone with our iPad or Mac computer, meant we could also receive and view iMessages and images sent to our phone number on the big screen. This seamless sync was definitely one of my, if not my number one favourite Mavericks feature. It is certainly the one I use the most.

However, Apples highly anticipate OS X Yosemite system update goes one step better with its brilliant ‘Handoff’ feature.


What is OS X Yosemite Handoff?

OS X Yosemites Handoff feature has catapulted the relationship between the sexy iPhone and the irresistible iPad and Mac machines into a full blown affair. While the iMessage works at the same as Mavericks, OS X Yosemite allows many other programs to sync up and seamlessly transfer between your Apple products. OS X Yosemite can automatically pass over whatever task you are in the middle of, from one device to another.


OS X Yosemite Handoff in action…

So, for example you were up all night typing out a business report, ready for tomorrows private meeting with your boss. The morning dawns, and despite slurping grown 15 cups of black coffee, you still managed to fall asleep face down on your Mac keyboard. Desperate to avoid a written warning, with your bed hair still untamed and yesterdays socks roughly pulled on, you wrongly grab your iPad as you dash out the door to make the train. Thankfully, OS X Yosemites Handoff feature saves the day. It automatically saved your report from your Mac onto your iPad, allowing you to finish to off as you travel to work, Phew!

What is OS X Yosemite Handoff

So as you can see, OS X Yosemite Handoff can be a great tool in a deadline crisis. However, I predict you will fall in love with it and use it in your everyday tasks as well. For example, you may begin to key out an email on your iPhone, only to realise is rapidly turning into as essay. Instead of getting iPhone finger cramp, you can transfer to the comfort of your Mac keyboard and finish off and even send the same message.

OS X Yosemite Handoff


What Does OS X Yosemites Handoff Work With?

Helpful Handoff should work with most Apple applications. It specially designed to work with Mail, Safari, Numbers, Keynote, Pages, Maps, Messages, Calendar, Contact and Reminders. Apple have also made it quite easy for on trend app developers to code into their work, so you may even find that your Handoff works with some third party apps.


OS X Yosemite Handoff Not Working? Check These Points…

  • The sync can only happen when the two Apple products (or three depending on how lucky you are) are close to one another. Unfortunately this means that if you leave your laptop behind and work, you won’t be able to finish your document on your iPad at home. The devices have to at least be in the same building to cross information over.
  • This feature will only work if your Mac computer or iPad has been jazzed up with the latest OS X Yosemite update and your iPhone is fully loaded with the most recent iOS 8 version.


Download OS X Yosemite Pre-Release Now!

OS X Yosemite is tagged as Apples best system to date. It is due to be released this Autumn, but if you’re hopping with excitement and simply can’t wait that long, you could always become an Apple beta program member and download the OS X Yosemite pre release version. For more info, please checkout our article … ‘Test Drive OS X Yosemite Pre-Release’.

Apples OS X Yosemite Free SMS Messages!

While the mighty OS X Mavericks update brought the glorious free iMessage feature, Apples newest system update OS X Yosemite goes one step further….

OS X Mavericks iMessage was pretty grounding breaking when it hit our screen last year. Not only does it sync your Mac computer with your iPhones messages and enable you to type out a text, instead of fumbling over the tiny iPhone keypad. It also sent iMessages for free, even if you are sending it abroad, wowzer!

However, as I’m sure you discovered, iMessage had one big limitation – You could only send a free iMessage when connected to WiFi and only to another Apple iPhone. Not great if your best mate or mum have a Samsung or other brand of mobile phone.

What could possible fix this problem…? Roll on OS X Yosemite!


OS X Yosemite SMS Messages

OS X Yosemite smsApples highly anticipated system update OS X Yosemite, is due to rock our screens this Autumn. It is brimming with new exciting features, and I can hand on heart say, ‘I think it is the best Apple system to date’.

One feature I’m really looking forward to is OS X Yosemites SMS text message. It has all the best functions of Mavericks iMessage, minus the glaring negative… with OS X Yosemite you can now send free SMS texts.


os x yosemite sms messages


OS X Yosemite SMS Messages Benefits

  • Fixing Mavericks floor, OS X Yosemite allows you to send not just free iMessages but also free SMS texts! Say goodbye to frustrating credit topping up sessions. You will be able to send free SMS messages to people who do not own an Apple iPhone.
  • Your Mac computer and your iPhone can now sync seamlessly. This means you can start tapping out a text message on your iPhone but finish it off and send it via your Mac computer.
  • Both your iPhone and your Mac will receive incoming texts, allowing you to respond quickly from which ever device you prefer.
  • Typing out a text message is far easier and quicker to do from the comfort of your Mac computer (in my experience). If you prefer, you could send all of your messages from your Mac.
  • You can initiate text message conversations from your Mac. To do this, simply click on a contact phone number from either your Contacts, Calendar or even Safari.
  • All Apple Mac computers will work i.e. iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Air etc, as long as they have OS X Yosemite installed.
  • All iPhone devices i.e. 3G up to the sexy iPhone 5, can link to your Mac as long as they have the iOS 8 version installed.

If you are connected to internet and so is the person you wish to contact, you can send free iMessages, SMS and picture messages around the world. Kiss goodbye to eye watering phone bills!

Note – In order to get OS X Yosemites SMS messages to work, your Mac has to be of course updated with OS X Yosemite, and your iPhone devices has to pimped to the latest iOS 8 version.


Discover More about OS X Yosemite…

OS X Yosemites dollar saving SMS feature is just the tip of the iceberg, Check our article ‘Apples OS X Yosemite Features’ for more information.


Download OS X Yosemite Now!

If you simply can not wait a few more weeks to get your hands on Apples best system update ever, you may wish to take part in their special Beta Program. The first one million members are invited to download ‘OS X Yosemite pre-release version’, and leave feedback that will help sculpt the final version released this Autumn.

OS X Yosemite Phone Feature – Make Calls From Your Mac

Computers, especially Apple Macs, are pretty darn amazing gadgets! You can do almost anything on them. From simple everyday essentials, such as homework, sending emails, organizing your treasured family photos to creating life changing possibilities like composing a chart topping music track or engineering a multi-million dollar app.

However, there has always been one gapping function missing… a phone feature.

Year sure, with the latest OS X Mavericks update we can now send free iMessages and the latest MacBook Pros allow us to message love ones from across the ocean with HD FaceTime, but it still wasn’t quite perfect… until now!

OS X Yosemite phone feature


Introducing OS X Yosemite ‘Phone’

In a bid to get us thoroughly addicted to Apples genus products, if you are a proud owner of both an iPhone and a Mac computer or  an iPad, the new mighty OS X Yosemite update allows them to work together. Yes, this means you can answer phone calls on your Mac!

This incredible new feature will only work with the latest Apple system updates OS X Yosemite and iOS 8. The separate devices that support these versions will now be able to instantly recognize one another whenever they close and you are signed into iCloud on both objects. This blossomed relationship means you can pick up and start something on one device, such as a text, and finish it off and send it from another.


OS X Yosemite Phone Feature  – Answer Calls on Your Mac

Well, I know phones used to be embarrassingly big back in the day, and old trends tend come back around, but I never thought I would see the day when I could hold my laptop up against my ear and yell ‘Hellooo!’. Ok, to be fair you don’t have to look like a loony and hold the Mac up like a cell phone. The creators at Apple are all about style and street cred, so taking a call on OS X Yosemites brilliant phone feature works just like taking one on Skype or FaceTime.


How Does OS X Yosemite Phone Feature Work?

If your Mac is equipped with Apples latest system update OS X Yosemite, your phone is pimped with iOS 8 and both products are logged into your iCloud accounts, then your fancy call feature is ready to go. You will be able to make and receive phones call from your computer.

OS X Yosemite call


Answering Calls On Your Mac

When your iPhone rings your Mac will receive a pop up notification displaying the callers name, number and profile picture. To answer the call just simply click the pop up and your Mac transforms into an instant speakerphone. Of course OS X Yosemite has made it easy to decline a call with one click. It also enables you to send a quick free iMessage perhaps reading a little something like this… “I’m eating dinner spk soon” or “I’m busy watching Glee, call u l8r x”.


Making Calls On Your Mac

Making a phone call from the luxury of your Mac is also super easy.

All you have to do is click on a phone number you have stored in either your Contacts, iMessage or Calendar, and your Mac will make the call out. You can even phone a business by clicking on their contact details in Safari.


OS X Yosemite phoneOS X Yosemite Phone feature Benefits

There are many benefits to this new ingenus phone feature…

    • You’re less likely to miss a call. Instead of frantically fumbling through endless rucksack pockets for your vibrating iPhone, you can just accept the call from your Mac.
    • You will no longer get a crocked neck holding a phone up against your ear.
    • You can easily chat while you type out your homework or surf the web.
    • You can make a call even if your iPhone has run out of battery
    • If your iPhone rings in your bedroom four flights of stairs away, you can cut out the mad dash by answering via your Mac in the kitchen (as long as the devices are connected to the same WiFi connection).
    • As the Macs OS X Yosemite system and your iPhones iOS 8 marries the two devices, there is nothing to set up. They will also work with your existing phone number, so nothing needs to change.

Just click and say ‘Howdy’!

Apples OS X Yosemite Features Review

As you would of heard I’m sure, the new release of OS X Yosemite is nearly upon us! With Autumn rapidly approaching what can we expect from the new Apple software release?

What we are all wondering is will Yosemite be a worthy successor the the highly reviewed OS X Mavericks? and most importantly, will OS X Yosemite also be a freebie?

Bellow I have compiled a list of the new exciting features we can expect from OS X Yosemite, but do the Apple geniuses have anything extra up their sleeves they’re not telling us… We’ll have to wait and see… But for now, here are the fancy features that are a certain.


OS X Yosemite – Redesigned Interface

Lets be honest we love it when an Apple release a completely new design element! and you won’t be disappointed with Yosemite’s sleek and sophisticated upgrade!

Apple have totally redesigned the look and feel of the software ‘app by app’ and ‘feature by feature’.

OS X yosemite


What can we expect from OS X Yosemites Interface?

  • Ultra thin toolbars for a sense of space.
  • ‘Traffic light’ toolbar buttons upgraded for a slimmer look and with incorporated new features, Close, Minimize and Full screen.
  • The faithful Mac Dock has also had an upgrade. It will now be as Apple put it ‘Iconic and Cleaner’. Ditching the shiny 3D icons we can come so accustomed to. Instead Apple have gone back to basics and picked a flatter more retro graphic feel for their app icons.
  • Interested in the new OS X Font, well you’ve got it! Yosemite’s font has also had an revamp. It is now Mac wide and is supposed to enhance the Mac experience. You’ll notice the new fresh typeface in app windows, menu bars etc.
  • You’ll be happy to know the App’s have been thoughtfully changed in this upgrade. The ones most effected are Safari, Mail, iMessages and plenty more. They don’t just look sleeker, they work a whole lot better too!
  • Notification centre feels more mature and extremely well designed, with more clear and precise structure – we’re all in for a treat.
  • Good old ‘Spotlight’ had a well needed facelift as well. Instead of just popping up in the right hand corner, spotlight appears centre screen and uses sources from Wiki, yes Wiki, and allows you too read documents, send emails and even make a phone call (more on the call feature to come)…


OS X Yosemites Super App Power!

Ooh yes the most beloved App’s are now more power packed then ever! Apple claims they’re more capable and work more efficiently than ever before.

So what changes can we expect?

OS X Yosemite featuresSafari

We already know Safari is the worlds fastest web browser, but it’s just got a whole lot speedier! With the newly improved Javascript Nitro Engine support, it’s now an advanced way to surf the web.

The toolbar is streamline giving you more leeway to see what you are actually viewing, and most importantly it’s been redesigned incredibly well. The toolbar has been integrated with the much needed instant search feature at our fingertips. As if we didn’t already love Safari!

OS X Yosemite overviewMail

A feature I can personally say I’ve been waiting for is to send ridiculously large attachments via mail, and be confident they’ve sent… Apple has answered my prayers and now lets us do this easily. Yosemite Mail is now faster and more efficient than any other OS X upgrade.

OS X Yosemite reviewMessages

If you have an iPhone, you can now send and receive both iMessage and SMS! Dare I say it, but what’s topping up again? Not only will this save on the pennies, but it is massively convenient at the same time!

You can also forget WhatsApp, iMessage now incorporates the same voice message features. Mac Messages and iChat aim to be your one stop shop.

OS X Yosemite appsiCloud

Now store any type of documents/files and easily access them from any device. With the new iCloud drive Apple makes it easy peasy to organize and store precious files to your hearts content.



Mac and iOS ‘The Perfect Couple’ with OS X Yosemite

The perfect couple Mac and iOS are more connected than ever before. Talk about a harmonious relationship. This coupling brings us upgrade features including:

OS X Yosemite phonePhone

Make and receive calls on your Mac. OMG! Perfect if you’re browsing or working on your Mac and your iPhone is nowhere to be seen.


OS X Yosemite new featuresSMS

The feature we’re used too is sending and receiving iMessages on your Mac. Now, OS X Yosemite allows us to send and receive, read and reply with both iMessage and SMS! and the crazy thing is you don’t even need to pick up your iPhone.


Mac OS X YosemiteHandoff

This little clever OS X Yosemite feature makes your Mac remember the last thing you were doing on your iOS device and vice versa. So you can literally just pick up from where you left off on any device. Pretty cool eh?!


Apple OS X YosemiteHotspot Magic

Click on the hotspot feature on your iPhone and with a couple of clicks on your Mac you can get online in no time.

So there you have it, a brief OS X Yosemite feature overview, now to have an inkling of what Apple’s latest system creation holds for us.


Download OS X Yosemite Now… SERIOUSLY!

If you are a self confessed mega Mac Nerdy and just can’t simply wait until Autumn to download OS X Yosemite, then why not become a Apples Beta Program member…? With only a few left until the big unveiling, Apple are completing the final touches to their new pride and joy system update. To ensure it really is the best to date, they have invited the first one million Beta Program members to test drive OS X Yosemite and in return for constructive feedback.

If you would love to find out more on how you can download OS X Yosemite right now, check out our article ‘How o Test Drive Apples OS X Yosemite Pre-Release’.

How to Test Drive Apple OS X Yosemite Pre-Release

With Apple annual OS X system updates always being better than the last, it’s no wonder you are itching to get your hands on the latest version OS X Yosemite! It is due to be officially released to the public in Autumn. Ugh, waiting a few more weeks is harsh I know!

But what if I told you.. “you don’t need to wait that long… you can actually download OS X Yosemite right now?!”

That’s right, pick your jaw up off the floor! Keen Mac nerdy’s have the chance to ‘test drive’ OS X Yosemite.

OS X yosemite

Apple is still in the final stages of completing the highly anticipated new system and is currently inviting mega fans to help sculpt the final version.

So if you fancy yourself as a bit of an Apple Mac boffin and would love to take OS X Yosemite for a spin, review it and submit feedback, maybe even have your ideas injected into the final version, then you can sign up for Apples OS X Yosemite pre-release Beta program.

It is super easy to become a OS X Beta program member. Just sign up here on Apples website. However, the OS X Yosemite pre-release is limited to the first one million members. Sounds like there are endless spots, but we know there a LOT of Mac Nerdy’s out there!


What is Apple’s OS X  Yosemite Beta Program?

Apples ground breaking OS X Yosemite system is formerly released this autumn. But keen to make their new system the best one yet, on top of cramming in as much new innovative features as possible, such as their amazing ‘connect category’ Apple wants one million bits of feedback. To cater for this colossal research experiment, they have developed an OS X Beta program, which allows the first one million members to test drive pre release versions. Your comments, whether they are squealing excited compliments or shouting constructive criticism, will help shape how the final OS X Yosemite is released to the masses.


How To Download OS X Yosemite Now!

Make your colleagues pea green with envy by flaunting Mac Yosemite right under their noses. It is easy peasy to get started. To join Apples OS X Beta program, simply sign up with your unique Apple ID. When the beta software is reading and rearing for you to take it for a spin, you will receive a personal redemption code. This code with than allow you to download and install Apples OS X Yosemite Beta version straight from the Mac App Store.

That’s it really. You will be able to carouse the new version from the comfort of your own Mac and experience the glory before the rest of us. If during your exploration you stumble across an issue that you believe needs addressing, you can report it directly to the Apple, using the handy built-in Feedback Assistant app.


OS X Yosemite Beta – The Small Print…

Before you gallivant off to download the OS X Yosemite pre-release, there are a few things you need to check and understand…

1.) OS X Yosemite Beta Program will only install if your Mac is up-to-date with the latest OS X Mavericks system. If for some crazy reason your Mac is not on trend, you can download Mavericks for free from the Mac App Store.

2.) As OS X Yosemite is not quite perfected yet, as it is still evolving and little changes are being made, if you can, Apple have recommend that you install Yosemite on a secondary Mac. This is because there may be the occasional lurking errors or inaccuracies.

3.) Whether you are installing OS X Yosemite onto a secondary computer or your single pride and joy machine, Apple urge you to back up your computer using the built-in Time Machine. It’s just to be on the safe side. Backing up your computer ensures that no matter what error you come across, or even if you simple don’t prefer Yosemite and would rather return to trusty OS X Mavericks, a back up will ensure you can do this easily and safely.

4.) Take note that the OS X Yosemite Beta Program you will be test driving, is still in development, although on the final chapter. This means that some services and applications may not work quite as well as expect. Some features may even require the iOS 8 to work at its best. unfortunately, this is not being offered along side the OS X Beta program, and my be required to get separately.