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How To Upgrade RAM on Mac

Before You Upgrade Your Mac RAM….

Upgrading your Mac RAM can be a bit of a chore. You have to source your RAM chips and wait for them to arrive. Then if you are performing the upgrade yourself, you will have to track down the correct tutorial for your Apple model, get the necessary tools, such as the 00 screw driver and do the ‘Deed’. Hiring a professional Apple genius to carry out the amendments sounds attractive, as it will prevent your cascading forehead sweat beads, but it is a added expense. Plus you would have to book an appointment and take your computer into town or nerve wrackingly send it off in the post. Eeek!

mac RAM

Because of this we want you to be certain the extra hassle is worth it. So before you run off to get your nerdy goggles and latex gloves, first check our our article ‘Do I need to Upgrade My Mac RAM’. Then I urge you to check your current total amount of Mac RAM and your Remaining hard drive Disk Space.


How a Mac Clean Can Help Macs Speed

In short your Mac Disk space, is the area in your hard drive that stores saved files and downloads. The fuller it gets, the more pressure it puts on your Mac RAM. Generally freeing up some GBs of space can give your Mac the speed injection you were looking for.

If you discover your Disk Space is at least half full, then I suggest entertaining a free Mac Cleaner trial. This trial will be able to show you exactly how much space and how many GBs you can free up instantly with a safe deep clean. Often after a professional Mac clean, your computer is zippy fast anyway, preventing your from having the extra hassle and expense of upgrading your Mac RAM.

How To Upgrade RAM on Mac

If you have checked out all of the tips above, then you are reading this section because you have decided to upgrade your Mac RAM. Whoop! Bellow you will learn how I upgraded my MacBook Pros for around $16 each, where I found my RAM chips, how much you can boost your personal RAM by and how I did the upgrade myself…


How Much Can I Upgrade My Mac RAM By?

Different Apple models can handle different amounts of RAM. A model can usually double its RAM. I could only upgrade my Vintage 2007 MacBook Pro from a teeny 2 GB to a respectable 4 GB. Whereas my 2013 MacBook Pro could jump from 4Gb to a juicy 8GB.

Check out this list and find out how much you can boost your Apple Mac RAM by?


Mac RAM Chips Intro…

There are two slots for your RAM, so you will need to find two identical RAM chips. By ‘identical’ I mean the same brand and the same amount of GB each.

Note: The two RAM chips together add up to the total amount of RAM you install into your machine. For example, if your computer has 4GB in total, it is made up of two 2GB RAM chips. If you wish to up grade it to an 8GB, you will need to source two matching 4GB RAM chips.

mac RAM upgrade


Where to Purchase Your Mac RAM Chips

There are two options here… a.) You can purchase two brand new RAM chips, or b.) purchase a good quality second hand pair.

You can purchase RAM chips from various online retailers. I personally brought 2 ‘very good’ second hand Samsung ones from They were brilliantly cheap around $8 per chip.  So including the two identical chips i required, on top of me doing the techy upgrade myself, I upgraded my computers for around $16 each! Serious BARGAIN.

Tip: When buying RAM chips, make sure they are compatible with your Apple Mac model and make sure they are a reliable trustworthy brand. Crucial and Samsung are great.


How to Upgrade Your Mac RAM – Nitty Gritty

If you are at home with poking about with electronics (when the electricity is switched off of course) and feel confident in your abilities, you can easily upgrade your Mac RAM by yourself.

There is a Step-By-Step install Mac RAM Guide here on the Apple website. I personally followed a video tutorial I found on YouTube. Video tutorials got me through the upgrade of both my Vintage 2007 MacBook Pro and my 2013 MacBook Pro, which I pimped from a 4GB to an 8GB.

Once you watch the tutorial videos over and over and have the necessary tools, (tiny 00 screw driver), the upgrade is very straight forward and easy to do. Alternatively, you can let the pros do it for you in a jiffy. Just take your Mac to your nearest Apple genius bar or to a reputable tech shop. It is of course a little extra cost, but you will get peace of mind.

Tip: Every upgraded Apple Mac computer slightly varies and it therefore how you install the Mac RAM chips my slightly vary also. If you are going to follow a guide/video to perform the upgrade yourself, make sure you put in your exact model i.e. MacBook Pro 2013. I would hate for you to open up your beloved computer and then discover the tutorial I totally wrong for you.



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Hi I'm Sophie, Chief Author at I'm a self proclaimed Mac Nerd and try and make it my job to know the latest tips and tricks for my readers. So whether you are a budding Mac geek, or a full blown enthusiast, I hope my guides can get you through smoothly 🙂

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Hi I'm Sophie, Chief Author at I'm a self proclaimed Mac Nerd and try and make it my job to know the latest tips and tricks for my readers. So whether you are a budding Mac geek, or a full blown enthusiast, I hope my guides can get you through smoothly :)