Mavericks OS XAs you have probably heard… The next big release Mavericks OS X is coming this autumn!! whoop whoop. Expect to be wowed as apple have rolled out not just a completely new name leaving the animals left in the wild, but an advanced new look and feel to using your Mac.
So what exactly can we expect from OS X Mavericks and what’s new?


What are Mavericks OS X Features?! Here are some of the BEST!



Oh yes, the awaited app that everyone seems to be talking about that will rival Google Maps, iMaps!
You may be thinking, what’s going to be the difference between Google vs Apple? Well only the fact that you can take full advantage of the Mac graphics for clear and crisp images. Not to mention gorgeous views such as flyover mode, which is a realistic 3D photo experience enabling you to ‘fly over your selected cities. iMaps will point out interesting places to visit, with contact details and reviews.
Another exciting feature is the point to point directions, with real time traffic info and updates. iMaps will offer alternative routes and when you’re ready to head off on your journey you can send the map to your iPhone for voice navigation all the way to your destination! pretty cool eh.


Yes iBooks will be finally making an appearance to the Mac club! With over 1.8 million books to read on iBooks you’ll never be at a loss at what to read again!
If you have already downloaded and purchased previous books on your iPhone, iPod and iPad, do not fear as they will automatically appear on your Mac too.


Good old Safari has even been included in the Mavericks update! with easier access to sharing tools while browsing, you can always keep updated with new content and so forth. Safari will now be faster than ever before for quality web browsing. Now with energy saving properties Safari will actually save your Mac battery! now that’s what i’m talking about!

Mavericks OSX Features


A fresh new out look on the calendar was needed and an update it’s definitely had! New powerful features such as an event inspector, local weather forecasting for locations entered on the calendar, and it will even calculated the time it will take you to get to your event.

Displays and Desktop

With now more flexibility in the way you want to organise and work, apple has heard your cry. Apple has made it so there is no primary or secondary display… each screen will come with it’s own tool bar and options, and no matter what screen you are working on the dock is automatically available to you. Open up full screen applications on each display and still have totally separate work spaces.

iCloud Keychain

constantly forgetting your passwords on the web, look no further as iCloud keychain has arrived folks! What does it do? Well remember your keywords of course! It stores usernames and passwords for websites you use on the devices you have approved, with a AES 256- bit encryption everything is kept up to date. This also applies to credit card info as well, so check out is made easier and faster.

So there you have it, an idea of the features you can expect from the new Mavericks OSX by Apple.
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